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  1. Well May and June were great months for me.... I received IU TP from the VA, SSDI from Social Security, and now FERS Disability from OPM.... I'll be making $700 more a month take home pay than I did while I was working. YES!!!!!!!!
  2. Yeah I know,,, I spent 45 minutes on hold then was hung up onbefore I even spoke to anyone. Then another 30 minutes for them to say that there was nothing they could tell me or do for me. But that's cool I resubmitted my VA &SS letters to them along with justifications for every reason they used to deny me. That and will be adding a letter from my ex supervisor who can't fill my position until I leave the rolls. So even though we do not get along... He's willing to help me when he was not at the begining. I'm attempting to go it without a lawyer. Wish me luck. Doc
  3. Also... I'd like to know if I would be due back pay or not. Does OPM pay you back to the date you stopped working or when you filed? Or do they not pay until after they make a decision like SSDI? I cant find anything on it in the OPM website. Doc
  4. I received notification today at the SS website.... SS granted my SSDI claim the first time up.... Whew... Such a releif... First VA 100% in May and now SSDI in June. The only hurdle left is OPM and they are the ones fighting me the hardest. SS & VA were a walk in the park next to OPM. Anyone have any more reccomendations? Thanks in advance. Doc
  5. John999 & Navy04, Thanks for the assistance and kind words... My back pay just hit the bank :) So I guess it's official... I still can'i beleive that after 6 years of fighting the VA, I place a claim for IU and have the money in the bank in 4 months and 7 days. Doc 100% Permanent and total un-employability 70% Post traumatic stress disorder 20% DJD status post remote avulsion fracture with arthrodesis of the right ankle 20% Sciatic radiculopathy, right lower extremity 10% Sciatic radiculopathy, left lower extremity 10% Right knee strain 10% Irritable bowel syndrome 10% Tinnitus
  6. I reccomend that you submit any and all information weather VA or not. Do not expect anyone to do it for you from the VA. Also do not expect the person performing your C&P exams to do much research on your issues either. So I would bring along copies of any documentation with you to help you show them your reasoning for the C&P. They might not accept it but it has helped me on numerous occasions.You are your own best advocate.... Doc 100% TDIU P&T
  7. Hello all and this is my first post on HADIT.COM. Please bear with me as I learn the ropes around here. My situation is a bit bass ackwards from what most of the posts I have read on this subject since my IU claim with the VA processed faster than my OPM or SS Claims. The friday prior to Memorial Day I was informed that the VA fully developed IU claim I submitted on 01/21/2015 had veen approved at 90% but uped to IU for 100% P&T. (AMAZING TIMEFRAME YEAH) This was up from my previous combined 80% rating from when I filed. I'm a 29 year (with 10 year military buy back) WS wage grade supervisor federal employee that has been out of work on LWOP since 01/05/2015 due to my many medical and mental conditions.(Yeah all us supervisors are a little nuts) I filed for my FERS disability retirement from OPM as well as SSDI from Social Security at the same time as I filed for IU with the VA.. OPM initially denied me about 3 weeks earlier but I have an appeal in now. I just sent OPM and SS a copy of my 100% PT claim letter. Also I am 54 and cannot normally retire from civil service for another year and 1/2 due to my age. I contacted SS to request they place me on their VA IU PT 100% program to speed up things on their end. I have only one more SS C&P in early June. I suffer from a ton of conditions both VA service connected and not. My highest VA rating is 70% for PTSD Ok with all of that said..... What importance/emphasis will OPM & SS place on my IU rating with the VA? What sort of timeframe should I expect from SS? OPM? I hope I covered everythin. Any information / direction in this matter will help a lot. Thanks in advance DocFMF
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