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  1. Hello All! So, I was initially 50% for PTSD and during my appeal I applied to VR&E as my therapist convinced me I should persue it and thought I would be a great candidate. I told her I wanted to become a therapist and she thought I would be great at it. She has worked with me for 2 years in both individual and group counseling and feels I have alot of wisdom and insight in trauma. Anyway, I saw VRE counselor last summer he said I definitely qualified as I had a severe work handicap and he said they would in no way pay for me to work in the psychology field due to my mental health history.
  2. I just got off the phone with my lawyer. The DRO called her today and told her they awarded me 100% SC P&T for PTSD!. So I guess it was a good thing afterall! I'm in shock! I cant believe this great outcome!
  3. With VA They can't give you two Mental ratings/only One! That's what I don't get....Why did they add the Mental disorder if I'm already rated for PTSD and they can only rate me for one mental disorder? It seems like more work? They have me service connected for PTSD already so why would they initiate another disability in the same category? The C & P seems to say it is hard to differentiate what is influencing what cause my problems are all psych related. Are they trying to just combine all my problems into one mental disorder category? For psych stuff you only get 10, 30, 50, 70 or 1
  4. Wow! That is awesome! Congratulations! How can you work though? I don't get that? Is it in a family business or something? I havent been able to work since 2012 because of my stuff and still fighting for the proper assessment.
  5. Hey Buck. Thanks for responding. I'm still confused though. My only VA disability is PTSD and that was rated at 50%. I filed an appeal for an increase and TDIU just in case they don't give me 100%. I've been on SSDI since 2012. I'm not sure what SSDI is for exactly...PTSD or Mental Disorder...I dont know. VA Homeless advocate helped me file that years ago. I guess I dont understand how the Mental Disorder new thing fits in. Are they trying to help me by getting that service connected as well? But I thought you could only get a rating on one mental condition. I'm really confused.
  6. I currently have an appeal for an increase in my PTSD rating and TDIU. I noticed today that the RO has added mental disorder in the pending disabilities section as NEW. Is this a good thing or a bad thing? I never filed for this they just initiated it. Will this help or hurt? It seems alot of confusion in deciding my appeal stems from my mental problems and PTSD that cant be differentiated.
  7. I don't know what to think now with my appeal....The DRO ordered a new DBQ but just reviewing hospital records from April hospitalization....no exam with me present. That was completed a week or so ago. Today on ebennies i noticed in my appeal that they added mental disorder as part of the appeal with today's file date. Is this a good thing? What does this mean?
  8. Yes...last summer..None of this is good tho... I've lost everything since I started getting flashbacks in 2011...I have no quality of life anymore. I wish I would have never remembered any of this and I could have continued living the decent life I had managed to assemble....my home, my husband, my children, my work......all gone since spring 2013. Im glad that my intial DRO granted the decision in my favor but the decision is not accurate with the facts of my disability. I never saw this exam until a couple days ago though, that's why I posted it....her remarks are causing problems now with t
  9. Good question Buck. I ask myself that alot. WHY was I arrested at the scene? FUBAR!!! Assault and Battery I believe. I was covered in blood......and the assailant was too....I fought for my LIFE! He was trying to kill me...That's what people never talk about with rape and I dont get it....my rape experience was extremely violent and rageful,......Granted he wasnt as messed up as I was, but I guess they just wanted to remove us from the scene in the barracks and then question us separately. When they arrived I definitely was not hysterical...I was totally depleted...couldnt even speak....utterl
  10. Hey Buck. I appreciate you taking the time to read over it. Yh...I was infuriated after I read the exam....so much bullshit adlibbing and lies! She didnt even get any of the rape information correct either....there was no incident in Kentucky at all....the rape occurred in Virginia in May 1989....cops came and rape report was filed....and like I said...I was handcuffed and arrested ! then sent back to my permanent duty station at Ft. Hood where my NCO took pictures documenting how messed up I was and the doctors gave me painkillers and sent me home on medical leave for 2 weeks only to be shuff
  11. That is the thing though....there is no documented evidence of any mental health diagnosis prior to me serving other than my own confession of a suicide attempt at 15. I didnt have any diagnosis of anything until after I served. In 1993 after I managed to talk myself out of the state institution....still crazy as hell...I walked 15 miles barefoot to the Baltimore VA Hospital twice and they refused to help me....I dont have a rating for mental health....I heard you could only file for one mental health condition or something like that so I chose the PTSD cuz the reality is after the rape I tota
  12. Hi Seminoles. Thanks for taking your time and reading over it. Im a nervous wreck right now....literally shaking. It was really difficult to post that. It took all my nerves. There are many problems with this exam. Many inconsistencies on the examiners part and straight out lies as well. I guess first off I just wanted to post it and see what people thought about the exam and its contents and their opinions on ratings outcomes then I would clarify things. I agree your points about mental health issues and childhood abuse are pertinent and need to be clarified. I had a very difficult childhood
  13. . Other, if any: No response provided. 3. Stressors ------------ Describe one or more specific stressor event(s) the Veteran considers traumatic (may be pre-military, military, or post-military): a. Stressor #1: Rape in 1989 Does this stressor meet Criterion A (i.e., is it adequate to support the diagnosis of PTSD)? [X] Yes [ ] No Is the stressor related to the Veteran's fear of hostile military or terrorist activity? [ ] Yes [X] No If no, explain: not related to military conflict Is the stressor related to personal assault, e.g. military sexual trauma? [X] Yes [ ] No If yes, please describe t
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