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  1. Hello I am new here. The question I have is Last year I finally got my V.A. rating of 90% 70% PTSD/TBI SC Sleep apnea secondary 0% not service connected 50% migraines SC 30% for total knee replacement SC Midline scar patella SC 0% 20% neck SC 10% Arthritis SC So I filed a NOD with a DRO to review it has been 10 months since I filed, last month the va called a set up a c&p for the following items Knee , sleep apnea, and the ptsd/TBI. the exams where done so what I was wondering will I have to meet with the dro or will they just make a decision. I am rated at 90% now and also should I file for IU.
  2. Hello, I have a question after a few years of waiting I was finally granted a rating of 90% 70% for ptsd/tbi SC Sleep apnea secondary to ptsd/tbi 0% not service connected 50% for migraines SC 30% for total knee replacement SC 20% for neck SC 10% for arthritics SC Mid line scar patella service connected 0% I filed a NOD for the knee and the Ptsd/tbi and the sleep apnea it has been 10 month the V.A. call and set up a C&P exam for the items I list in the NOD when I filed the NOD I asked for a DRO instead of the traditional route, After the last C&P will I have a meeting with the DRO or will he/she decide and let me know by letter. I was also thinking about filing for IU but not sure if I should. Right now I get 1888.00 a month if I got IU should I expect I have no kids but I do have a wife.
  3. Hello I am rated at 90% 70% ptsd/tbi 50% migraines 30% total knee replacement 20% neck 10% arutritics no sure of spelling total rating 90% monthly amount $1888.00 Question I have is should I try for IU I have not worked since june 2015 due to hitting a customer. If I apllied and got it would my monthly go up and how much.
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