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  1. Well that sounds better than what I was told on the phone from the VA. They said the same people who do claims for disability do the dependency. Shows what great communication the VA has. Thanks.
  2. How long did it take you guys to get your dependents added? Ebenefits has a completion date on my dependent claim of 2019. WTH? That should be automated since they have all my dependents SSN. This is crazy.
  3. Yes I included my entrance exam as well and my hearing was good then. They just got this wrong and apparently did not read my claim or just had to deny something. maybe they have a mandate from their supervisor to deny at least one thing to see if we will appeal the decision. That is pure speculation but at this point a reasonable one given all the veterans who have had problems. Thanks for the replies
  4. Well I included the fast 10-35 letter which my mos is rated Moderate in the claim. I also included my personal statement which i will paste below. It seems clear to me they screwed this up because their own letter says moderate or high should get connected. They say the ear doctor from my C&P said it was from before I joined the military because i did have tubes in ears when little but I clearly told them to their face my ears started ringing while deployed in iraq. Oh well I guess I need to figure out how to do a CUE since I did not see a link on ebennies. I -------- joined the US A
  5. So mine was about 167 days from actual filing (8-21-16) that is probably what they go by then they combined my second claim with the first so that may have slowed it down a little. I think I had my ducks in a row from all the great info here before filing and some stuff still did not go through. I guess I will need to look into a NOD or CUE for the tinnitus/hearing.
  6. Well got the BBE and got 70% PTSD, 40% Fibromyalgia, Denied hearing loss, Denied Tinnitus. Also got some backpay but it was without my dependents so maybe after that goes through I will get the rest. Thanks to everyone that helped. I will need to continue to fight them on the tinnitus because the examiner had an agenda it looked like to me. Had all the evidence of combat action badge, iraq service, MOS that was considered medium-high for sound, etc. Seems like it would have been a slam dunk but you never know when an examiner will just say it is not service connected and the Rating office
  7. I filed an intent to file 1-18-16 then filed a claim 8-21-16. New DX Oct 2016 so filed another intent to file 10-6-16. Claim filed for this 12-4-16. Both claims have been combined and I have a decision letter on its way. On ebenefits it say I have 70% for fist claim and 40% for second claim. 80% combined. Effective date of first is 1-18-16 and second is 10-6-16. Since this was combined and the second claim was filed within one year of the first intent to file should it have the same effective date of 1-18-16 or is this correct? Maybe it is I just do not know and would like
  8. Well I finally got somewhere at least. 80% combined rating so far but I guess part of my stuff went back to gathering of evidence. My tinnitus must be the problem even though that should be simple one. I did get 70% PTSD and 40% Fibromyalgia. Ebenefits just updated today with that info so when should I receive a BBE and payment? So is part of it going back to gathering of evidence normal? Thanks to everyone who has helped out on the site as I continue to work through this.
  9. Thank you I will wait to see what they say. Then will continue to follow through until all information and rating is correct.
  10. Thanks for the reply but, it does not take a doctor to realize that every medicine and treatment tried does not help my symptoms. You sound like a disgruntled VA employee in my opinion. So dry your eyes snowflake.
  11. Hello. Cant remember if I put my dependents on my FDC? Is that part of the process or will they need to be added after getting SC? Thank you
  12. Works now. Crazy how it goes down and the phone number they had did not work as well.
  13. Well I guess everyone is as confused by this as I am. Hopefully they will give me a decision soon and I can share.
  14. Anybody else getting this error when they try to login to ebennies. Error Code [50]: We have located your DEERS record; however, it appears there may be invalid information on file. You may contact the DMDC/DEERS Support Office (DSO) at 800-538-9552 for assistance. To best assist you, please call when you are at a computer if possible. What the heck does this mean? I never changed any deers stuff. And the phone number does not work
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