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  1. I have been on ssdi since 2004. I am now in the process of applying for the state bennies. It seems the state benifits are the hardest to obtain but I will get er done. I thank you all 4 sure. Keep at it because the VA is a rolling coaster that gets you up and down and drove me damn near crazy. Beat them at there own silly game
  2. Thanks Buck for your help, I will have to get the supplemental because we just never know. I just applied for the champva last week so they say 3 to 6 week to get it but it sure is a huge relief getting 100% PT. It took me over 10 years to achieve that. Yep 10 years of total bullshit. Thanks to all hadit members!
  3. Thanks Buck. This would be for my wife. I am 100& permanent and total. I am not sure what I will have to pay out for her.
  4. I got awarded IU P&T. I am trying to find out if my retro will start June 1 or july 1. THANKS ALL!!!!!!!!!!!
  5. Hi all and thanks for your time Helping me! But I still am trying to find out if a authorizer is the same as a singnature needed to sign off on a retro over $25,000. I know I will have to wait for the BBE to find out. I like other people in this same situation is dieing to find out NOW LOL. THANKS again! Les
  6. I found out on Thursday this week from e-benefits That I am being paid at the 100% rate and considered to be totally and permanently disabled due to your service- connected disabilities then it goes on to say the veterans service rep submitted your claim to an authorizer who will review the va's decision to ensure it's accuracy. Does this mean my claim needs a authorizer singnature as in a large retro? Thanks for helping
  7. Is there anyway I can get a second opinion from the va?
  8. I ask this because I had one for my c&ps And they we both bad results. I am 80% and never had a bad c&p.
  9. Glad to hear that Kelly, Some of us do live pay day to pay day so I do hope my post helped people know there deposit may come a day or two early. Thanks to all who coment. Have a great weekend all! Les
  10. Hi everyone. It is now 11/29/14 2:22 am. I just checked my account and I got my deposit. I thought I would get my disability pay today instead of Monday 12/01/14. So if your paydate is 12/01/2014 and have direct deposit you should get yours today if your bank releases it today. Thanks for all who responded and all have a great weekend! LES
  11. I was thinking it would post to my account by Saturday Thanks to all that posted
  12. I am on disability benefit I thought maybe that is different date. But I thank you for your responce
  13. Thank you for your reply but I know it is either Friday or Saturday not monday
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