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  1. Just got 100% Scheduled a little about my journey Started in Aug 2018 Bilateral tinnitus 10% - Had a C & P exam-(8/13/2018)- Worked in a Generator Room and Engine room have ringing and roaring noise in both ears-Did on my own PTSD/MST 50%- Happened while on Active Duty- Had C & P exam-(12/10/2018)-Had Nexus letter from my doctor and help from a the local VA Sleep Apnea 50%- Secondary to PTSD/MST- Had C & P Exam-(08/16/2019)- Had Nexus letter from my doctor and a sleep study by the VA Diabetes Mellitus type 2-20%- No C & P Exam-(08/17/2020)-Secondary to PTSD/MST and Sleep Apnea- Had Nexus letter and researched and sent in some supporting Documents Frozen Shoulder -40%-Had a C & P Exam-(12/30/2020)- Secondary to Diabetes- Was being treated for it and researched and sent in some supporting Documents and sent in medical records Peripheral Neuropathy (left lower extremity affecting the femoral Nerve)-20% -No C & P Exam-(7/09/2021)- Secondary to Diabetes- Sent in Copy of my medical records and researched and sent in some supporting Documents Peripheral Neuropathy (left lower extremity affecting the sciatic Nerve)-20% -No C & P Exam-(7/09/2021)- Secondary to Diabetes- Sent in Copy of my medical records and researched and sent in some supporting Documents Peripheral Neuropathy (right lower extremity affecting the femoral Nerve)-20% -No C & P Exam-(7/09/2021)- Secondary to Diabetes- Sent in Copy of my medical records and researched and sent in some supporting Documents Peripheral Neuropathy (right lower extremity affecting the sciatic Nerve)-20% -No C & P Exam-(7/09/2021)- Secondary to Diabetes- Sent in Copy of my medical records and researched and sent in some supporting Documents The dates highlight are the approved dates. Some suggestions: Research what you are submitting, here at HADIT, Google. Submit as many backing documents as you can especially tying in secondary conditions Write a well personal statement ( Describing the issue) Have your spouse/or someone familiar with the issue write a statement Get a good Nexus letter from a Doctor you trust this is the format I used ( Get copies of all medical records and submit copies ( Don't be afraid to highlight parts of the records that my pertain to your issue) Do Not be afraid to ask for help may great veterans here at HADIT are willing to help you along your journey to get what you deserve. Also many local VA centers have support staff to ask questions and guide you along your journey Do Not Give up!! Many Successful stories here
  2. Thanks for the feedback. Makes sense. My first claim for my PTSD 50% was approved 8/16/2019 and I received over 10 grand back pay on 8/30/1019. The latest one closed on Friday 4/10/2020 sleep apnea secondary to PTSD should be a little over 5 grand. I guess just have to wait and see.
  3. Just wondering if anyone knows what the timeline is to receive back pay?
  4. So today I found my claim was approved today for Sleep Apnea secondary for PTSD for 50%. As promised I have attached all the documents I sent in with my claim. This claim took less than a month from when I sent it into approval. I have also included a copy of the nexus my doctor wrote. With the proper research and a good nexus you can win this. I hope my research willhelp other win their claims. High Risk.pdf How PTSD relates to obstructive sleep apnea & cpap therapy.pdf My Statement.pdf Obstructive Sleep Apnea and Posttraumatic Stress Disorder.pdf PTSD and Sleep.pdf PTSD Severity Linked to Higher Risk of Sleep Apnea in Veterans.pdf PTSD symptoms go beyond psychological.pdf Sleeo Study.pdf Sleep and PTSD.pdf Sleep apnea found in 57%.pdf Sleep Disordered Breathing in patients with Post-traumatic Stress Disorder.pdf The National Veteren Sleep Disorder Study.pdf The PTSD and Sleep-Apnea Connection.pdf The PTSD-OSA Paradox.pdf VA sleep study Publication.pdf Nexus.docx
  5. Found out today they approved my claim for Sleep apnea secondary to PTST. Very excited. Will post the links to the studies that I submitted within a few days. Took less than a month for them to decide. Puts me at 80%
  6. Attempting to figure how ratings work when it comes to back pay. Chatted with a few vets and go 2 different answers. Example: Say at the moment I am 60% SC (a 10% and 50% rounded to 60%,) I submitted a claim that has been going on about 16 months and then they approve me another 50% which when rounded brings me to 80%. One vet says I receive the 50% back for the 16 months Example using todays married rates: 50% which is $1795.80 x 15 months which is $26,712 give or take a little The other vet says I get the difference between the 2 example. Total new 80%- old 20" which would be roughly $4,500.32 Nobody can give me a real answer
  7. After a lot of research on the 18th I submitted my claim for Sleep Apnea secondary to PTSD. I waited a while due to the fact I wanted another sleep study done by the VA. Had that completed and placed on a Cpap machine. After doing many months of research I found that many Sleep Apnea secondary to PTSD claims were won by having a nexus letter written by a doctor stating that their PTSD at least likely as not aggravated there Sleep Apnea and that their Sleep Apnea as least likely at not aggravated their PTSD. This is the way my Doctor and my counselor wrote them. I also found 18 studies on PTSD and Sleep apnea . I will keep you all updated and hope to be able to post positive results and then will share with everyone all my links and documents I found as soon as I get a moment to organize them.
  8. Good evening, When submitting a claim how many of you write a personal statement and submit it with the claim?
  9. Just wondering if anyone has granted Sleep Apnea Seconday to PTSD? If so any tips? This is what I have so far. 50% PTSD/MST Had a home sleep study done and was diagnosed with moderate Sleep Apnea with recommendation for cpap. Am in the process of scheduling an on campus Sleep study thru the VA per my PCP's recommendation Have been on meds that cause weight gain xanax for anxiety and atenenol for hypertension Have a letter from my wife stating she notice my snoring and breathing issues when we first moved into gather, this is before I gained weight. Have a letter from a college roommate who live in the same dorm room with me a year after getting out of the service stating I snored badly then. Was in the reserves then so had to keep weight down. Have reoccurring nightmares that interrupt my sleep patterns, Is documented. Have eight documented studies showing that PTSD and sleep apnea are related. Both my PCP and my Therapist both are willing to right nexus letter on my behalf. What else should I get to help my claim? Should I go for hypertension secondary to PTSD first?
  10. Time Frame 1987: When I was in boot camp while running are first PT a fellow recruit tripped in front of me causing me to twist and land hard on my left hip. I remember when attempting to get up being in extreme pain and vomiting due to the pain. There was a Corpsman who was there in the building and he quickly examined me and a decision was made to send me back to the barracks and ice over night and to see how it will be in the morning. I could not walk at that moment and was driven back to the barracks. I remember getting helped undressed and placed in my bottom rack. It was a rough night any movement caused very severe pain and have a bunk mate and his moving around caused even more pain. About 2 in the morning my Company Commander who happened to be on duty moved my bunk mate to an empty rack and slipped my some Tylenol. First think the next morning I was sent in and was seen by a Doctor, his diagnoses was a severe pulled muscle was given a light duty chit and required to rest and pain meds note he was a general medical doctor and not a specialist. No X-ray was taken. After daily trips back in forth to the Hospital and not really making any improvement about 4 weeks I was sent to a specialist. I met this female orthopedic doctor, who was very concerned. After some test she concluded that severally tore my muscle, but what was more interesting was she found that my left leg is shorter than my right by over an inch. I was given decision I either could stay behind to recover and move with a new recruit company, Get medically discharged or attempt to run the last PT test. I chose to run the PT test although did very heavily medicated. This is all well documented in my records. I also have a few accounts of left ankle and hip pain during my Reserve time that is documented. Fast Forward to 2013: While working as a Paramedic was involved in accident that caused very severe left hip and groin pain. Was sent to physical therapy who noticed the hip/groin was very tight and asked if I had any past injuries, after explaining he suggested to the doctor that he thought I had a labral tear and refused to do many of the exercises assigned because of my pain level and the groin kept locking up. After being screw around by work place health and being sent back to work I was walking into a patients home in Dec 2014 and my hip gave out. Again got screwed around with workplace health and finally told them to pound sand and had my personal doctor set me up with an Orthopedic surgeon. In May 2015 The Orthopedic surgeon sent me in for an MRI with contrast and I was found to have a very severe labral tear. I was sent to another surgeon for surgery to repair the tear, which failed. In November 2015 I had a complete left hip replacement. I still have limited range of motion, and continued pain on the left side due to muscle issue. My pelvis has been tilted and I feel the fall started it all. Do you think I have a case?
  11. Toddt it was the VA Why yes Master Chief I do!! Typo!!!!
  12. I had a DBQ done on June 11th and was just wondering if anyone could give me a rough timeline when it should show as submitted in MyVA. Its still listed as requested.
  13. Sorry, I've taken so long to respond have a lot going on. Doc25 I was looking at the DBQ form for hypertension and attempting to figure out how they rate it. If my Doctor writes a nexus letter and fills out the DBQ without having me stop my medications to do the 3-5 day multi readings they would like: and covers the following #1. Current service connected disability. (You have that.) #2. Current diagnosis of condition claimed. (You have that.) #3. Obtain a nexus of opinion that states the minimum threshold as follows: The veteran's claimed condition is "at least as likely as not" (equal to or greater than 50% probability) due to or the result of the veteran's service-connected PTSD. And also states he feels that my diastolic pressure would average above 130 if take off my meds. We have documented proof that on at least five separate occasions when on a very high dose of hypertension meds my diastolic reading has been 110 which we will put in the Nexus letter. What sort of rating could I expect? Thanks for everyone's help
  14. My personal Doctor feels I should file a hypertension claim secondary to my PTSD/MST claim. Looking through my Military medical records it shows that my BP started elevating after the events started both systolic and diastolic numbers. About 3 months after my discharge one of my doctors placed me on bp medications and I have continued taking them. Even while on them my diastolic is always around 82-85. My question is that I am aware that the VA wants a 2-5 day consecutive reading to diagnose hypertension. I have been on hypertension medication now for over 25 years. My personal doctor does not feel comfortable taking me off these medications to get these readings. Unless it is in a very controlled environment where I could be monitored. Strokes run in the family and he does not feel safe taking me off these meds. Will a nexus letter from him explaining the visitation be significant to cover this. He feels that without the medication my diastolic BP would be above 130.
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