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  1. Have a few questions about a possible claim. I was in the Navy back in the 87-90. During boot camp while running our first PT another recruit slipped and fell in front of me causing me to trip over him. I twisted my left hip causing excruciating pain. I remember being helped back to the barracks and originally told to sleep it off. I remember being on the bottom bunk and anytime the bunk moved being in extreme pain. The company commander that was doing the night watch actually came in and had a few of the recruits split the bed apart in the middle of the night do to all the pain I was in. The pain was in the left groin area and radiated to my left hip. I was then sent to the on base hospital, I saw a doctor who says it was just a groin pull and gave me some pain medication and was placed on light duty. Moving ahead about 2 weeks after a few followups, and never getting an x-ray I was sent to a Orthopedic Doctor on base. At first she treated it the same way as just a stubborn muscle pull. After a few weeks of seeing no improvement she decided to run a few test, having me walk straight lines. She noticed I favor my right side. She did some measuring and found that my left leg is almost 1/2 inch longer than my right leg. I was given a lift for my shoe and was given an option of going home or pushing thru the pain and attempting to pass the last PT test .NO X-RAY was ever completed. I stayed in passed the test highly medicated but I passed. During my years in the military I struggled to finish PT runs due to pain in the left hip/groin. I never had issues before I ran many road races and played baseball and soccer during high school years with no issues have documentation to prove that. Have had issues with the left hip through the years. Moving on a few years Oct 2013 I worked as a paramedic and was involved in a significant ambulance accident. While being treated for lower back pain I started developing left hip pain. The doctor and physical therapist stated they felt my left hip was very tight, mentioned my military incident and they felt it could be scar tissue from the pull. Filed a claim in 2014 with the VA and was denied with no rating exam completed. Moving on to May 2015 things were getting worse was sent to s specialist and was found to have a very serious labral tear in my hip. Went in and had a scope surgery done and the Surgeon noted I had three tears one small one on top of the hip and 2 very severe tears at the bottom of the hip near the groin. He stated he wasn't sure if the surgery would last do to the damage and felt that the tears most likely were there from a past injury and the crash just aggravated them. Unfortunately the surgery failed and on Nov 2015 I had my left hip replaced. My question is with the new information from the surgeons should I file a new claim? And if so what should I claim? On going hip issues: Still walk with a limp. Get very tired with walking Still have muscular issues with the left hip Still have pain and discomfort at times with the left hip Any help or comments would be greatly appreciated. Thank you all for your service.

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