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  1. Cat let me explain something to you, don’t listen to anyone else, not attorneys not service providers, listen to your own body and share with Vets like us. I am 100% T&P and I did it myself after all help told me to just stop at 60% got to anyone you need to get a diagnosis, have the VA scan your outside docs or use self reporting. This is very important for you to do and it’s this, write detailed letters of what the conditions cause you and how. Understand and document how it effects you at work and doing day to day things. Don’t hold back. Discuss your letters and concerns with your primary. Ask your primary to discuss and make not for your visit of what you say in your letters.
  2. It’s not as cut and dry as can you work, Social Security standards is how you do it. It’s all based on occupational standards. Example if I need to take frequent breaks due to multiple disabilities, if the job says I only get two 15 minute breaks but because of my conditions I must take frequent breaks or get up and move around. In this scenario I’m not allowed something that others are not, it would prevent me from accomplishing the goal and work expectations on a given day, Social Security declared that that makes me disabled. So it’s what’s needed for you to work just like everyone else. So when you have your exams you need to explain to the examiner your actual limitations
  3. Word of advice, us a Social Security attorney from the start. My attorney communicated that I likely would never had to go to Social Security appeals if I had not tried to do it myself first. I was on Disability from the IRS and SSDI still said no. I appealed and eventually got an oral board. So save yourself the trouble and hire the Attorney before you even do Social Security medical exams. They are worse the a C&P
  4. I got SSDI and I’m just 90%. The funny part is Social Security granted me disability for Gulf War Illness.
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