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  1. I’ve sent all my private medical records to the VA a few days ago. But the kicker is the diagnosis outside the VA doesn’t matter. It’s a diagnosis.
  2. Yes the Fibro and foot increase was in person. Interesting enough, the feet increase DBQ was enough for them to give me an increase without an exam?
  3. Looking for opinions on this one. I applied for CFS/Fibro presumptively and was denied (Shocker I know). This letter is so comical. Basically they are denying me for not being diagnosed at the VA? They also mention the conditions are not chronic but I have sent them private treatment records that were treatment records for 10 months? I attached it for review. What is interesting is how can I be connected for IBS presumptively and not this? I have a diagnosis for all these conditions. Obviously, I am going to submit the claim for an HLR. They beat around the bush but never mentioned I DONT have a diagnosis. Thoughts?Mail_Redacted.pdf
  4. I reached out to my VSO and the claim is now in the Prep for notification. They denied my sinusitis and rhinitis but approved IBS at 30 percent. So my end result was Migraines- 50 Dizziness- Denied IBS- 30 ED- SMC-K Rhinitis/Sinus-Denied So I will file for a HLR on the sinus/rhinitis because i already have a positive medical opinion from the Ellis Clinic. I am now 90 percent from 60 after this claim. End game, was it worth the trip up there, plus 500 dollars for exam, and 110 for the hotel room over night? HELL YES.
  5. SOOO. I filed the CUE during my claim and called the hotline making a complaint. WOW, that really worked. They approve an NOD on a separate issue in 30 days. They called me from the VA in Columbia, SC and told me that the office in Waco, Texas is working on my claim now. I spoke to a Congressional Liaison on the phone and explained my CUE wasn't for me NOD but for my current claim. They thought it was for the NOD. So he was going to relay that info to whomever he needs to. Either way, the NOD was worked out in my favor, really fast.
  6. Claim is still pending. CP exam was on May 7. Standing by.
  7. Yeah I hope I don’t have to file an NOD. Surely a DRO would approve before an appeal. Someone needs to file a lawsuit. How the hell does this go on?
  8. She said it was natural progression of the condition and not aggravated by burn pits(rhinitis and sinusitis). Ellis says otherwise.
  9. His credentials are on his exam that you get. Front page
  10. My CP exams for sinusitis, rhinitis, and IBS uploaded today into Blue Button. The Nurse practitioner found me favorable for IBS, but sinusitis and rhinitis "not favorable". I guess we will see how the Ellis IMO holds up to this.
  11. Ok, called the WH hotline and that was way easier than going through IRIS. I’ll sit back and wait now.
  12. I finally got it faxed over. I had technical problems with the IRIS site filing a complaint. I am not sure how to find out if it actually went through when I tried to send the complaint in.
  13. I just tried to fax it but it was busy. Shocker. I will try again
  14. I’ll check out the CUE templates and get it going tomorrow!
  15. The IMO was for everything I claimed. They have only decided on 3 out of 6 disabilities so far. I have the CP for the last 3 conditions this week.
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