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  1. Just received backpay already for ED. Other stuff still pending.
  2. CP exam completed for headaches. Went extremely well. Will standby to standby.
  3. SO update on the claim today; Called the VA and they the VA already had decided on 2 claims (ED and Anatomical loss of use), but he wouldn't tell me the outcome. He also said Migraines secondary to Depression is still pending, which I have a CP tomorrow. They deferred the Sinusitis (gulf war exposure), rhinitis(gulf war exposure), IBS (gulf war exposure), dizziness (reopen) claims for now. Not sure if this is bad or good. Odd thing is, they already deferred them and I just filed the claim about 2 weeks ago. Stay tuned.
  4. Interesting. I’ve only been scheduled for one so far. And yes, in the end, if you have the favorable opinion vs their negative one (of course) you will win, during the initial claim or via appeal.
  5. Interesting, I have never heard of that. I know the completion date estimate doesn't mean that much, and it can change all the time. But, since i sent in the IMO-IME from Ellis, I am wondering did it cover everything they (the VA) wanted to know. We will see.
  6. Interesting enough about this claim, my completion date is set to March 20.2019. I only have one exam scheduled for migraines. I am wondering if this a good or bad thing. I expected them to reach out for more exams trying to counter the IMO-IME. I have 5 claims.
  7. It is on there now. I just got mine not long ago.
  8. So they got me set up for a CP next week with a contractor. It’s only for migraines (with a nurse practitioner). No other exams set up yet for my 4 other claims.
  9. Alright filed the claim today. We will see what happens. Keep you all posted.
  10. Whatever happened with this sinus claim due to environmental exposure??
  11. I am honestly not sure how much weight these will hold. From my research, they only want IMO's from a NP, PA, MD/DO or PhD/Psyd (mental). Now, I could be wrong, but that is what I have gathered.
  12. This is what I am thinking. I took the chance.
  13. Keep us posted. I’ve used an IME/IMO once before on a claim. I submitted it as a “reopening” and was granted the claim with no CP exam after filing the reopening.
  14. They have to consider it by law, as long as it’s reasonable.
  15. So I received my exam today in the mail and will need to contact the clinic for a few corrections. Quick turn around, I had my exam last Wednesday.
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