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  1. Yeah I hope I don’t have to file an NOD. Surely a DRO would approve before an appeal. Someone needs to file a lawsuit. How the hell does this go on?
  2. She said it was natural progression of the condition and not aggravated by burn pits(rhinitis and sinusitis). Ellis says otherwise.
  3. His credentials are on his exam that you get. Front page
  4. My CP exams for sinusitis, rhinitis, and IBS uploaded today into Blue Button. The Nurse practitioner found me favorable for IBS, but sinusitis and rhinitis "not favorable". I guess we will see how the Ellis IMO holds up to this.
  5. Ok, called the WH hotline and that was way easier than going through IRIS. I’ll sit back and wait now.
  6. I finally got it faxed over. I had technical problems with the IRIS site filing a complaint. I am not sure how to find out if it actually went through when I tried to send the complaint in.
  7. I just tried to fax it but it was busy. Shocker. I will try again
  8. I’ll check out the CUE templates and get it going tomorrow!
  9. The IMO was for everything I claimed. They have only decided on 3 out of 6 disabilities so far. I have the CP for the last 3 conditions this week.
  10. I just looked at the award letter again, it never specifically mentioned Ellis Clinic. So Possibly I should file the complaint now before they "Va" screws up my next part of the claim.
  11. My Ellis IMO will be involved in the next 3 disabilities to be decided soon (I have a CP exam this week). How do I file an IRIS complaint and what is it? Thanks!
  12. Yes I’m not concerned but just curious. However, I’ll be upset if it’s not listed in this next decision after my last 3 claims are finalized.
  13. I just recently received a decision (award) on part of my claim. I noticed on the letter that they sent me telling me what evidence they reviewed, it did not have my IMO listed on the list. Does this mean they did not consider it? I did receive a favorable CP exam, and I also sent in a nexus statement from my treating doctor as well. I also went to see Dr. Ellis also. The Ellis/treating doc records were not listed. This has me concerned that my next claims that will be decided might be at risk. Thoughts? Would this have been a CUE if denied? Thanks
  14. I have 3 CP exams next week. IBS, Sinusitis, and rhinitis. Standby to standby. This should be the last of exams for this claim.
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