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  1. I have disruptive sleep and wake up but I can't say I'm gasping for air. It happens frequently. I wake up with dry mouth and need to down a glass of water first thing upon waking up. I wonder if that's because I sleep with my mouth open. My husband says I snore. I'm also restless during the day and sometimes nod off at my computer. I telework so nobody is around to observe it but I am not well rested. I'll get the sleep study. Just need to do some research on where to go.
  2. Buck, thank you again for your time and for sharing your knowledge. My MH doctor checked the block on the DBQ indicating I have difficulty falling and staying asleep. He and I have discussed this but I never took it seriously till I joined hadit and did research and now you're terrifying me by telling me it could kill me. My C&P examiner for the PTSD increase asked about my sleep and I told her I have disruptive sleep so I hope its reflected in the evaluation. I will proceed with the sleep study. I had asked previously and nobody answered -- should I have the VAH do the sleep study or
  3. Buck52, so you’re saying a 50% from sleep apnea will get me to 100% assuming PTSD stays at 70%? Will this be total or is this unlikely? How would I file the sleep apnea claim? Secondary to PTSD? Would I open a new claim and does va.gov prompt you if it’s secondary? I haven’t filed new claims for a new condition online. The ptsd increase claim was intuitive.
  4. pacmanx congrats on your rating. You really are your own advocate and I agree with you that the VA doesn't have any standards. I did the C&P exam and my private non-VA doctor's report is an IMO, correct? So between the two I hope the VA connects the dots. I transitioned a lot of my primary health to VAH because I had some issues with my private insurance approving some procedures and I was paying a lot of money out of pocket and out network for healthcare. So, on the sleep study should I request it through my VAH primary care doctor or do it privately? My only concern is t
  5. Fat, I filed the 5103 before I went to the C&P exam because I couldn’t tell by the status if the exam was required. It was requested and then the status said ‘no longer needed’. Not sure if the VA made the decision because of the 5103 or if the exam was used as evidence. The claim was closed in less than 24 hrs of the exam which led me to question how did the examiner complete her evaluation so quickly and how did the VA have enough time to review it and make a decision so quickly after the exam.
  6. Buck52, I had posted in another forum last week that I had the C&P exam last Tuesday and the following day the VA closed the claim and sent a decision letter which I have not received yet. I asked my VSO yesterday if they can provide any details of the decision and have not heard back from them. I don't qualify for TDIU. I have been teleworking for 11 years. My doctor documented this in his report with additional narrative (ie that teleworking allows me to engage in my OCD tendencies) and I also provided this information to the C&P examiner who asked me if I work. My doctor al
  7. Thanks, my PTSD is from combat, not that it matters in this case, but I didn’t make it clear at the beginning. Both my stressors are from combat service in Iraq....the sexual assault became a collateral issue after my military service.
  8. Pacmanx, my doctor checked on my DBQ yes, the veteran is capable of managing his/her finances. Wouldn’t the VA take that under advisement?
  9. In the appeal decision that hamslice posted the veteran’s widow did not allege that the veteran was speeding due to his service connected disability. She alleged that the motor vehicle accident was a suicide and the VA refuted it with evidence from the veteran’s treating doctor.
  10. Broncovet and Buck52 thank you for your feedback. My private non-VA treating physician of 11 years specified high risk behavior broadly in the narrative or nexus part of his report and also documents the sexual trauma in the DBQ. There is no mention of promiscuity and he doesn’t make an inference between the high risk behavior and the sexual assault. He explained in a session to me that the VA rater should understand that high risk behavior is a manifestation of PTSD. I told the C&P examiner that I felt that my promiscuity resulted in the sexual assault. It’s up to the doctor
  11. It's been a while since I took my oath as an Army Officer but I don't remember the part about the motorcycle question. All joking aside, I understand what you are saying about the causal link between risk, motorcycle and accidents but you can also do a risk assessment and mitigate the risk by wearing a helmet. There are no such risk assessments your mind can process against the risk behaviors inherent with these mental disorders and the only real risk mitigation you have is therapy. I read the decision that you posted and noticed it was based on facts, even though the VA empathized w
  12. Hamslice, There is extensive scientific research on the relationship between PTSD and high risk behavior. See enclosed document. I was asking to what extent if any does the VA consider this relationship. With all due respect, just because you don’t agree on a behavior or the relationship of it to PTSD you should at least consider the science first just as much as scientific evidence and not moral judgment should be the VA’s basis for deciding a rating. DSIG nihms867653.pdf
  13. I'm not sure where to post this because it's not MST but is about sexual trauma and is also a sensitive topic. This article details a study that was conducted on Veterans who have PTSD and also exhibit sexual risk behavior https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC4684959/ PTSD can result in high risk behavior such as promiscuity. I'm service connected for PTSD and was sexually assaulted after I was discharged from the military. I was service-connected rated for PTSD at 70% in 2012. The sexual assault happened in 2017. I recently filed for a PTSD increase. In my DBQ and nexus let
  14. Bronco and Buck thanks. I’m not anywhere near TDIU. The VSO and my private doctor who is very familiar with VA claims and only treats vets said that my employment may be a show stopper. I’m hoping that the worsening social impairment, new secondary diagnosis and evidence of 11 years of therapy tips the scale.
  15. jfrei, are you sure this trick works? My claim closed last week. I opened an application for a new claim to increase a current rating and I'm still rated the same. Is it possible I didn't move the needle? How do I delete the application I opened? There is no option in va.gov.
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