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  1. akwidow

    Dic With Dea Benefits

    I was reading over the DEA application and became confused - again. It says at one point that a person cannot get DIC and receive DEA benefits at the same time. Did I read this wrong? Now I can't find the citation. Berta - did you continue to receive your DIC concurrently while you were receiving DEA benefits for school? Anybody?
  2. hugs, my dear Carlie. Chin up, and hug somebody there, as I am too far away to hug you myself. Give and get back, I always say....
  3. I got your friend message today - thank you! I was out photographing a wedding all day, and now I am beat. Have fun doing wheelies in your new chair ~
  4. I am happy to say I was awarded burial benefits for my late hubby, got the notice in the mail today. No money yet.... He died in 2004, and I won my DIC in 2010. It took a little over three months from application to award for the burial benefits. I am a bit surprised...but maybe it didn't take so long because the amount they will be paying me is under $1500. It is a small award for them. I had received $600 from VA in 2004, $300 for burial and $300 for headstone. One of his good friends had built him a hand made pine coffin....He was laid out in our home for a day as was his faith, so no funeral home. I had no idea how much it meant to me until after he was long buried. No money can replace him, but I have his memory... which I am still fighting in the name of. ...and you folks that are fighting for what is coming to you - Never give up!
  5. I don't remember the details, but I remember you...good luck, and let us know ~
  6. I got another denial letter yesterday. It told me (after apologizing for telling me that hubby was not SC at time of death) that because of the DIC I got from date of death that I don't get the month of death payment. Is this true?
  7. I like this find as well. Good job, Carlie. I can see them lowballing the guy though, to minimize the retro.
  8. All I can say is - WOW!!! 30% over 29 years? Way to go!
  9. It took six years and three denials for me to win my claim. If you had all that proof filed about your masto, they probably did not read it. Did they list it on the SOC? If it is not listed, they did not read it. Never give up a claim if you have proof you have a legitimate claim, IMHO. Never never never give up! You have one year from date of denial to file your NOD. They like it that you postpone things, because if you miss deadlines, you are out of luck. More folks will chime in.
  10. They finally ajudicated mine...a 2004 case, in 2010. Try to do something to make your brain focus elsewhere for your own good. Maybe a good deed for someone else will help you forget while you wait. I put it away in my head as much as I could when I was in limbo, and after all the work was done, and as I never thought I would win, even though I had a good case - it helped me deal with the waiting. Good luck ~
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