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  1. taking 15 credits - I am a freshman! Yea for DEA!
  2. akwidow

    June Roll Call

    counting and watching - received burial benefits Friday...bittersweet.
  3. akwidow

    Dic With Dea Benefits

    I was reading over the DEA application and became confused - again. It says at one point that a person cannot get DIC and receive DEA benefits at the same time. Did I read this wrong? Now I can't find the citation. Berta - did you continue to receive your DIC concurrently while you were receiving DEA benefits for school? Anybody?
  4. hugs, my dear Carlie. Chin up, and hug somebody there, as I am too far away to hug you myself. Give and get back, I always say....
  5. akwidow


    I got your friend message today - thank you! I was out photographing a wedding all day, and now I am beat. Have fun doing wheelies in your new chair ~
  6. I am happy to say I was awarded burial benefits for my late hubby, got the notice in the mail today. No money yet.... He died in 2004, and I won my DIC in 2010. It took a little over three months from application to award for the burial benefits. I am a bit surprised...but maybe it didn't take so long because the amount they will be paying me is under $1500. It is a small award for them. I had received $600 from VA in 2004, $300 for burial and $300 for headstone. One of his good friends had built him a hand made pine coffin....He was laid out in our home for a day as was his faith, so no funeral home. I had no idea how much it meant to me until after he was long buried. No money can replace him, but I have his memory... which I am still fighting in the name of. ...and you folks that are fighting for what is coming to you - Never give up!
  7. I don't remember the details, but I remember you...good luck, and let us know ~
  8. I got another denial letter yesterday. It told me (after apologizing for telling me that hubby was not SC at time of death) that because of the DIC I got from date of death that I don't get the month of death payment. Is this true?
  9. Welcome aboard from Alaska!
  10. I like this find as well. Good job, Carlie. I can see them lowballing the guy though, to minimize the retro.
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