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  1. This is some good information. I have the same disabilities, but from Social Security effective date 2008. I am already rated 100% IU on the VA side. Again good for us. It really helps me also. Ron
  2. I was just awarded TDIU on April 9th. I received a copy of the rating codes from my Lawyer. It also states no future exams. Its been almost two months, and the VARO is still working my claim, to send me the letter of the rating decision, and retro pay. My effective date is April 07. Is this timelimit normal to receive letter, and retro pay? Thanks
  3. MY EED for SSDI WAS feb 07. I quit my job in Jan 07. My EED date for SSDI again was Feb 07, and my TDIU date is Mar 07. It was a blessing to receive the infomation from Lawyer. I was denied TDIU, AND I appeal the decision with the DRO Process and he overturned my decision with the back date of 07. I have been waiting ALMOST Two months on my backpay, and the letter awarding me TDIU. When I call to request an update its in the final stages of beening complete.
  4. I was just awarded TDIU on April 9th, 2010 after 5 years of trying to prove that I quit my job due to my disabilities. I had about three c and p exams. Once I was awarded SSDI in 07 for PTSD, depression, and substance abuse disorder. I requested TDIU again based on new evidence by vocational rehab, doctors notes, and a lot of pray they just gave me TDIU with an effective date of 9 April 07. I quit my JOB in JAN 07. Never give up read the info from regs and apply it in the doctors office in the computer. This is your evidence, no ONE knows what you go through on a daily basis, so TELL YOUR STORY HOW YOU SEE IT FROM YOUR EYES. I hurt every day from my 20 years of service. Fight for your money you well deserve it. RLH 1984-2004 US ARMY INFANTRY 90% TDIU
  5. rhill357

    Gw1 Vet?

  6. File a claim for PTSD. The process is slow, however for your service you will be compensated. Dont lose hope. Thanks for your service.
  7. I am 90 percent sc, receiving SSDI, and I have a NOD waiting for response from VA. I do believe if you receive SSDI, it has some weight to be considerd for IU. I went to a Lawyer to fight also due to my PTSD. The VA do some strange things sometimes when they know you have a good case for IU. I recommend finding a good Lawyer. Keep fighting, and good luck.
  8. I was denied TDIU in 07. They informed me there was not enough evidence to award me IU. Since then I was awarded SSA.
  9. they denied tdiu the first time I applied. VA reported it was not enough evidence to award me IU.
  10. I am serviced connected 90 percent. I filed for TDIU in 07 based on PTSD 50%, and I received Social Security in Jan 09. for PTSD, depression, and Substance abuse disorder. I just received infomation from the VA I have severe Sleep Apnea (new claim). I filed the new evidence with the VA for service connected. What are my chances of beening approved for TDIU or just plain out 100 percent due to the rating schedule of 90 percent, plus 50 percent from Sleep Apnea is 100 percent total . Should I wait for the decision on IU, or file a new claim for 100 percent based on new evidence? Thanks
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