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  1. Just received my total and permanent rating for fibromyalgia and PTSD! I had letter from my providers stating that each was static and permanent! My vet rep notified me this morning but I am still waiting for the official documents from the VA!
  2. Just received my notification T&P approval thru my vet rep! I had a letter from my provider saying that my fibromyalgia and PTSD were static and permanent. I am still waiting to get the official document from the VA in the mail!
  3. I agree make sure you document everything! I have also been through acupuncture but that was useless for me!
  4. Hi everyone! Sorry I have been signed off for so long! I have been on Lyrica for several months and I am having decent results. I still have pain but it is not the level it was before this all started. I have never seen a rheumatogist for the fibromyalgia. I was diagnosed by by primary care doctor and by the pain clinic NP. I am currently rated at 50% for the fibromyalgia. I had DBQ's filled out by my primary doctor and that was enough for my claim. My pain provider told me to excercise until I sweat and also keep my mood up! There is new studies by the VA that show antidepressants helping also so don't be surprised if they recommend that also. As a VA RN I would tell you to try one med at a time and see how it goes because they can always add something a few visits later.
  5. Yes Ray I was diagnosed probably about 2 years ago. They have me on the upper limits of Lyrica but my pain still runs around a five. If there is change in weather or I have been overactive it will go to a 6 or 7. Sorry about the late reply.
  6. Flyfisher still here! Seems like pending claims are stuck in a machine somewhere! I am 100% and still trying for permanent status on a couple of conditions. Love this site! I am ready for summer and fishing on the boat! Welcome Home Everyone and good luck!
  7. The pain is chronic and widespread. Most often and including compensation regs you need to have pain located in several pressure points on your body. Example pressure points are front / back of neck,elbows, upper/lower back, top of legs right your butt and knees. Other symptoms can be sleep problems . Fibro is often associated with depression , anxiety and PTSD . You can have pain but if you don't have pain in those pressure points then it's hard for diagnosis to be made. For service connection you have to have pain in a certain amount of those pressure points. There is a lot of good info on the internet. I am a RN so if I can be of further assistance let me know. NOT professional advice just a little help from a fellow vet! LOL That's my disclaimer.
  8. I am a Registered Nurse and I made no bonus! But you look at my leadership and you see $10,000 bonuses. It is sad that some of those who got the bonuses lied to get it and also put veterans lives at risk. 98% of new veterans got a new patient appointment within thirty days!!! Go call your local doctor and see how soon they can get you in as a new patient! I am proud to say I work for the VA and I am proud to serve my fellow veterans!!!
  9. Fibromyalgia is one of the presumptive conditions of the gulf war syndrome. I didn't even have a rheumatologist diagnose me and I was approved first time. I now see a pain specialist routinely and I on medication which has helped some not a complete cure.
  10. This is a really good article that shows "hidden list" in a whole new light. As a VA employee I get up every morning ready to go to work because I love my job helping fellow veterans. NEJMp1406767 - My Hidden List (3).pdf
  11. I already have a combined 100% service connected for several health issues. When applying for permanent rating should I link it to specific diagnosis on the statement in support of claim. Or should i just make a basic statement like " I am writing to request a permanent rating" and let them decide which diagnosis I am referring to. I just dont want to write too little or too much. Any help on this matter would be appreciated.
  12. I am going to put in for P&T disability. Is it a good idea to get a lawyer to assist with this? Does someone have the contact information to a lawyer that helped them out with this same issue. I would like to get some names to contact.
  13. Yes it says since there is the likelihood of improvement the assigned evaluation is not considered permanent and is subject to future review examination. So even though it is a chronic and no cure known it is not considered permanent? No need to appeal this decision of non permanent?
  14. I just recently got my 100% service connected disability granted. What kind of letter or proof do I have, to show, so that my children can get tuition assistance. Do you have a request to be granted P&T or is this something the VA decides on thier own? Any help that anyone can give me would be greatly appreciated. I am service connected for PTSD,migraine headaches and Fibromyalgia all of which have been chronic conditions. The PTSD I have been in treatment for 10 years and the fibromyalgia is a chronic disease with no known cure.
  15. I never saw a rheumatologist. I saw my NP in primary care who first diagnosed me then she referred to the pain clinic where I saw another NP who again diagnosed me with fibromyalgia. I had blood work completed to rule out arthritis. I was also sent to physical therapy where they gave me excercises to do on my own. I was started on Gabapentin and they had me at really high doses and then my feet swelled up twice thier normal size which is a side effect. Then she put me on Lyrica and just increased that on my last visit. I can see some improvement as far as pain going to real high level but my pain remains in the 4-5 range which is better than it was. I was in Desert Storm so fibromyalgia is part of the Persian Gulf syndrome. I was told by vet rep that service connection for fibromyalgia was granted and just found out today via e-benefits that my claim has went backward to the need further review. I had some other claims in with my fibromyalgia that when he looked were deferred so I am guessing that is what is from. I went from my claim ending in June to now could be as late as November. When you go to see a provider they will definitely test you for trigger points pain which is the only real way to diagnose fibromyalgia. If you have any further questions let me know.
  16. Once I get my claim back I will get in touch with you and let you know what they said in the rating decision.
  17. Just found out my claim for Fibromyalgia has been granted but I dont know yet the percentage. They saying right now that my claim bruxism and headaches are deferred even though it is the last phase before the claim is closed and info mailed.
  18. I agree he is very expensive. I have used local doctors and have taken in articles from studies and research to show them. I know this is not always available but a quick google search will usually come up with some good articles. I also tell them right up front it has to say "as least likely as not" if the are agreeable with my medical issue that I am requesting the IME for. It is alot less expensive and most doctor have the experience and medical background education to offer a good statement. The problem is some doctors are not necessarily "pro vet" but if you talk to them and give them a good background they have offered me two great statements to help my claims. Just dont give up!!!!
  19. Prayers go out those military families and civilian familes affected by the terrible storms in Oklahoma!

  20. I had a root canal completed on a tooth that died while I was active duty. That same tooth has caused problems since I got out. The VA dentist had to redrill it and clean it out because it was turning black after the root canal that was completed in the service. Then my regular doctor had to put a crown on it because the tooth became brittle and broke. Then I had to have oral surgery to clean out an infection that developed after the crown placement. Now I am having problems with the bone and they are recommending a implant or denture. Can I get service connected for this problem?
  21. Does anyone have medical evidence or research they would be willing to share related to fibromyalgia secondary to PTSD?
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