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  1. Since the rule has passed that veterans will get 100% for ALS. What does the veteran do to make sure thay will get 100%? Will it be automatically for those who have ALS? Thanks Marti:)
  2. Marti

    Automatic 100%

    I just found out today that ZenArcher has passed away from this horrible disease...Oct.14....6 years fighting!
  3. I was just wondering how many vets on hadit...have ALS
  4. Marti

    Automatic 100%

    I heard this bill was to be signed this month..has anyone heard different or do they know why it is taking a minute? Thanks
  5. Hello I am new :D I was Dig.with ALS in Dec. of 2009. I got my 30% and had my C&P exam beginning of Jan. I don't know If I will get 100% with SMC. I walk with a cane, my left is worse then my right, I can not walk up stairs without asst. ,can not get up off floor. I have no reflex in my legs and arms, and my hands are weak. I have no bulbar sign...I was wondering if there is anyone out there that would know or have a general idea. I have the PVA in ATL helping me I am just waiting and curious!!! Oh and I really can't work because my body gets very fatigue...Yuck Thanks Martina
  6. Marti

    Question About Blue Water Sailor?

    Thanks EVERYONE....let the search begin... Marti
  7. Need to know if any blue water sailors got any benefits for Agent orange claims...i am helping a Vet with his claim...The problem is that he was on a ship that was not on record...secret shhhh! so basically the Navy has no records of the Ship..USS.Estes in 1966-67...He claims that they set foot in Saigon and he also was sprayed twice by Agent Orange on Ship...but no records...Also on top of that the VA can't find medical records...go figure!!! This Vet has prostate cancer and Type II diabetes...He needs benefits...and aid.....What should I do to get records or can I...All I am doing is getting all of his paper together and we got a lawyer..I just need records!!!! Thank you Marti:ph34r:
  8. Marti

    An 54

    What is sad is that our Goverenment has no problem spending more on war then our sick vets....Oh lord I could go on:angry: ...To tell you the truth I would give a extra of my tax money if I knew it was going to them...
  9. Marti

    An 54

    hey darling...I am helping a Vet to get his benefits and he was in the blue water navy. He has prostate cancer and Diabetes...Does this include him? I need to know this so I can help him out...he can't do much and I am his legs..before mine die too! LOL Thank you Marti A helping Vet her self:wink:
  10. Marti

    Automatic 100%

    So does anyone know if this Proposed Rule is Final.....If so when, or does it go into effect? Marti
  11. Marti

    Automatic 100%

    Hey Zen Will it go automatically to 100% if you have only been diagnosed at 30%....and to the time you were diagnosed? Thanks Marti
  12. Hello Does anyone know how long it will take after my QTC exams are sent to the VA? I just talked to QTC and they are going to expedite my report...I have ALS Thanks Marti
  13. Hello.... I got a respond from the IRIS... "After review of your files, we see that your claim has progressed to "Pending Authorization" as of April 2, 2010." Would anyone know how long this takes? :D I am ready to pay off my medical bills... Thanks Marti
  14. I tried to find out from the PVA.. He told me wait until you get the rating decision. Law says until you get the rating it is not allowed to be discussed.. I thought they already had a decision? Now I am really confused!
  15. I wish I knew :D . I have amyotrophic lateral sclerosis...I never got a copy of my C&P exam, which I asked for...so I am clueless...
  16. You need to find a good neurologist....to bad u don't live near Atlanta:) Good Luck to you TOO! :D
  17. Hey Art It took 2 years and 4 nerve and muscle conduction test....lots of blood work and MRIs...and muscle biopsy. Did your Doctor mention ALS? It is a hard disease to determine so maybe your doctor is looking for something else then ALS before he give you a diagnosis. Are you seeing VA doctors?
  18. Art Are you seeing a neurologist? marti
  19. Yes I do.....It started in 97 while I was in the Army. It is slow mover...thank god. I have good days and bad ones. It has only affected my legs and hands. Marti :D
  20. Does anyone know what % a spouse can use on the 911 GI bill? Marti
  21. I was diagnosed December 1st had a c&p exam Jan.1st......30% without my spouse and child isn't cutting it....Oh also if someone reads this! I put in a claim in 2008 and not knowing at the time I had ALS, It took two years for the doctors to figure out what I had and I was wondering if I would get retro pay for those two years. I will survive Marti
  22. Marti

    How Much Longer

    Hello Pete, I live in ATL..I am working with the PVA! They a doing a great job! I am just waiting on the QTC.. Do you have ALS? Also do you think they will retro pay me make for those two year which I didn't have an actual diagnoses. The neurologist I've seen those years where debating on ALS or some other diseases which they tested for were negative. I will survive Marti
  23. Marti

    February Roll Call

    Waiting for warm weather B) but doing good I will survive Marti

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