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  1. I went today for a C&P exam for my left shoulder that I injured while in the service. I recently had surgery actually one month ago for this nagging injury and they said that I had to wait six months to get evaluated. I put in this claim back in June 2012 now it's getting delayed further. How will they go about giving me a fair evaluation for this? I have been seeing the VA ortho dr and he said I was a candidate for surgery,so I had it done. Any input would be appreciated
  2. Key Psychiatric Doctor Rejects Name Change for PTSD http://www.pbs.org/newshour/rundown/2012/05/key-psychiatric-doctor-rejects-name-change-for-ptsd.html
  3. Just received a letter from my RO stating that the va office will try to resolve my NOD for an increase for my PTSD and TDIU. I have a pending appeal on the evaluation of my service connected PTSD and was denied entitlement to TDIU. My rating is 50% for PTSD and I have a 10% rating for tinnitis. I know I do not meet the requirements. My VSO wrote please accept this statement as NOD on the issue of entitlement to TDIU on both an extra schedular basis and pending the outcome of the pending appeal on evaluation of service connected PTSD. My case for an increase was denied by the DRO originally, won"t thet probably come up with the same decision? My C&P Doc stated that I was unemployable, did they over ride his decision? On my statement of case under evidence they listed my va exam dated 11-29-11, this was the day I had my psych exam, but my medical exam was on 12-01-11, they did not list that one under evidence and that's when the Doc put on my report that I was unemployable due to PTSD. Any thoughts?
  4. thanks for your input, that's what i really had in mind. are you suggesting that I have an attorney present at my hearing?
  5. I was was just recently denied an increase for PTSD from 50 to 70% and at the same time I had filed for TDIU consideration as I am receiving SSD but not solely on PTSD. SSD took into consideration my DDD issues also. I thought if I received the increase I stood a good chance for TDIU. My C&P Doc put in his report that I was unemployable due to my PTSD, but the DRO denied it. I have put in an appeal. I have other conditions for which I have yet to file for. I have DDD of the back and spinal stenosis of the neck which is under consideration for surgery, lower lumbrosacral radicolopathy and degenerative joint disease of the left foot all of which I had issues with while I was on active duty many years ago. I have been in treatment for most of these issues at the va and in private practice. I also stated and it's in my records that I had some pre-existing issues with my back. What do you think my chances are if I file a claim? Stever 50% PTSD 10% Tinnitis
  6. Thanks for the input, I knew with only 50% I didn't meet the requirements, that's why I put in for IU with the hope I would get an increase to 70%.since I am on SSD. Stever
  7. Talked to vso and he said everything is right on my claim, I guess I was barking up the wrong tree, I still don't understand it. As stated I'll try to send more info later and have you all look at it Stever
  8. Thanks Berta and Pete I will provide more information later, Thanks to you I noticed on the SOC RE: Evidence they have only my Psychiatric exam dated 11-29-11 but not the C&P exam that I had on 12-01-11 with the general Doctor who stated in his report that I was Unemployable.There is no mention of this what so ever.Could this be an error on va's side? Did they not read this follow up report.This was disturbing because they said that your claim for TDIU was denied because the evidence does not show you are unable to secure or follow a substanially gainful occupation as a result of service connected disabilities. This is what that Dr said. The review of the patient's clinical record and the personal medical history indicate that this patient is unable to continue performing activities consistent with his work experience and prior training in order to maintain a gainful employment. The patient is unemployable at least as likely as not secondary to mental changes secondary to exposure to traumatic events during the Vietnam war. Stever PS more to follow
  9. Received my envelope recently and needed time to think about claims. As I reported earlier I have a 50% rating for PTSD and since I do receive disability from social security I put in for TDIU.I don't think SS gave disability on PTSD alone, I just wanted to mention that. I also had a claim in for tinnitis which was granted so now I am at 60%. I was denied an increase in PTSD because they noted my degree of PTSD to them continues to most closely correspond with a 50% evaluations based on my symptoms and feelings.I felt my C&P went very well, my VSO also stated he thought the intern wrote up a good report, the only exception was she rated my gaf at 57 when it's been consistently lower around 50.I continue to take meds and go weekly to group therapy.I mentioned that I have limited social contact with the exception that I enjoy meeting weekly with other Vets and they made mention of that so I got blackballed for that statement.What I meant was that we PTSD vets look forward to group. I thought I had a good case for uneployability, plenty of employer documentation and C&P doc stated that I was unemployable due to my PTSD. I did file an NOD, so now I'll have a long wait. Any input or encouragement would be appreciated. Stever
  10. Hey, David didn't I just see you today? Welcome to Hadit. Your Friend Stever
  11. Yes Berta I did check yes, I remember you told me that a while back. The va has copies of my ssd records, I'll keep you posted as soon as I hear something. Stever
  12. I am rated 50% for PTSD and also have a claim in for tinnitis which I filed for back in October of 2010. I have been waiting for this claim for tinnitis to be acted upon for awhile, I had a C&P done in January of 2011. I read the report and the medical opinion was favorable that my hearing loss and tinnitis was service connected but still haven't heard about my claim. I received ssd for my ptsd in May so I went and filed for IU back in June of 2011. I'll try and make this as short as I can. The following is what what stated on my C&P report that I had in Dec 2011.They had me see the Audiologist, Physh and Medical The review of this patient's clinical record and the personal medical history indicate that this patient is unable to continue performing activities consistent with his work experience and prior training in order to maintain a gainful employment. The patient is unemployable at least as likely as not secondary to mental changes secondary to exposure to traumatic events during the vietnam war. I had an intern that did my C&P for PTSD which she confirmed my ptsd diagnosis Axis I PTSD & MDD, Recurrent, Moderate Axis II No Diagnosis Axis III Refer to medical chart. Axis IV Occupational problems, exposure to trauma, limited social support Axis V GAF = 57 Her write up was pretty good I just think my gaf should have been around 50 where it has been all along. My claim since they have read the report is moving along quickly. With all I have read about TDIU I don't have a clue as to how this is going to turn out..Can you give me some ideas? I recently read Carlie's piece on the extra scheduler case.I was hoping that they would bump up my PTSD to 70% is this possible? I'm also on Meds and go to group counseling weekly with combat vietnam vets and see my DR. regularly.
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