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  1. I hate to admit this and definitely don't want to put an even further damper on your day but I won TDIU and SSA about a year ago and while I had fun with the money, I'm still left with days that consist of waking up (if I ever fall asleep) forcing myself to eat some sort of breakfast as I'm not motivated to even eat, I then sit at my window and wait for the mail that comes at 10am and after that I just sit there. I would trade all those benefits back if I could just go back to war and live again. Beer drinking was a fun hobby but I didn't enjoy it after the first month anymore. I am 32 and
  2. I just want to add on to this thread that I can not stress what a wonderful tool this site is for guys such as myself that struggle with PTSD. I would not be able to get this information anywhere else as I just flat out wouldn't go in to my VARO or do anything where I thought I might be put in an awkward situation. Going into the admissions office at Stanford as a 32 year old was tough enough. I was so embarassed because I was so nervous I couldn't stop sweating, and that was just some random lady who gave me the University's pamphlet. Yeah its like that lol. But thank you for giving me a
  3. I am 32 years old and currently 100% TDIU mainly for PTSD with other small ailments; back, neck, etc.. I am planning on making a serious attempt at attending college. Everything involved with what I am doing is pretty consistent with PTSD as I was fine one day in my apartment in Wisconsin only to wake up hating my life and wanting to attend Stanford, so I left my fiancee (who was less than faithful come to find out while I was deployed) and moved to California. Going to school has become a new mission of mine and I have no misconceptions as to how hard this is going to be and as to the r
  4. Not questioning you John999 but can you expound upon why my decision is not final? Is it because I'm not P&T, if it is I am SO glad I didn't go in and throw a fit lol.
  5. Yeah I have SSD and I was awarded the TDIU in May2011. I wanted to file a CUE or call a CUE on them but my VFW rep filed an NOD and didn't even know that a person with TDIU could qualify for the S award so Bradley V Peake was not mentioned. I'm going in there tomorrow if I get some complete info on what to do but right now I'm hearing I shouldn't file a CUE and an NOD wasn't right but Bradley V Peake should be on there. I have a VSO rep that I have to speak through their belly for them to hear me so I'm waiting to hear from someone on here as to what should be the proper procedure to fix t
  6. Thats my problem with it is the C&P exams that have been scheduled. No question and nothing was brought up about the ratings. The NOD just said that based on the criteria set forth for the SMC-S award I meet the requirements based on prior findings (or something to that effect was written). 4 days later I have 1 C&P exam a week from today that I have no idea what it is, says MAROTZ CLINIC and I have another one 2 weeks from today that says MH CLINIC. In the Ratings Decision they sent me, in the IU section it lists that none of my other ratings preclude me from work and then go on
  7. If this helps my ratings are as follows 70% PTSD granted 100%TDIU for PTSD 50% Sleep Apnea 20% DDD lower back 10% cervical strain 10% hypertension 10% GERD 10% tinnitus 10% headaches
  8. So, this is now about the 5th time the VFW has not only not helped in my case, but misinformed to the point that I now believe my entire claim is in jeopardy. I was recently awarded 100% TDIU for PTSD and I also have enough ratings besides that that I am close to being schedular. In any case I meet the requirements for SMC-S. When I went to my VFW rep, they had no idea a person with TDIU could get SMC-S. Once she found out it could happen, she decided not to go with what I had said (me being the person who did all the work on these claims with the knowledge you guys have given me) and she
  9. OK...so when I filed for TDIU I was at 80% and decided to file for TDIU based on my DDD in neck and back and for PTSD. DDD in back was increased to 20% and neck stayed at 10% while PTSD went from 30- 70%. The way it was worded was as follows: While the records cite that you contend with chronic cervical spine pain, and have some decreased range of motion of the lumbar spine with increased difficulties with lifting, the objective evidence of record does not show that your cervical and lumbar spine disabilities when considered alone, preclude you from gainful employment. However, the r
  10. Sawgunner, first thing I want to say is I am 31 and recently won SSDI and TDIU. OK, that being said, I have pretty much the same problems as you as far as getting work ie: bad back, bad legs, bad neck, no sleep and bad attitude. You're best bet to getting awarded these things is to open up a claim for PTSD. I think its fair to say that you might qualify based on the recent episode you had at work. I advise opening this claim up as none of your other limitations really warrant TDIU or SSDI at this time. PTSD is real and can stop you dead in your tracks. I would really appreciate if we cou
  11. My SSD claim was denied the first two times because they didnt have all the paperwork for one, and 2, I didnt actually submit the claim until july of 2010. They just backdated it to March of 2009 because that was the last time I got paid by the army. It definitely helps to have a lawyer as he was the one that clued me in to the fact that the SSA didn't have all my files so I probably would've been awarded 3 months after I submitted. Instead I waited until it was in the hearing phase to hire one and then I won a month later.
  12. Unless I misunderstood the benefits page I believe theres more opened up to you if you are schedular as opposed to TDIU. If I'm wrong then by all means let me know.. Most of them are where they should be but a few are still underestimated and I want to get them adjustedwhile I still can file an NOD. Actually I just looked again and it looks like if you are P&T more benefits are opened up. Either way I still want to get my percentages where they should be. Most of them are rated correctly but a few are still underestimated and I want to get them corrected while I can file an NOD.
  13. You know, I never thought about it helping with Insomnia but I can say that after using my CPAP for the last 3 years, I could see where it could help a person focus on there breathing as the air blasts into your mouth or nostrils and could perhaps lull someone to sleep. Its almost like meditation as you just focus on breathing. I suppose anything is worth a shot and the meds they give you for insomnia just make you feel all doped up in the morning. I would be shocked if the VA would dole out the money to get one though before going through every sleep med known to mankind.
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