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  1. Thank You SIR ! ! ! ! ! Yes that is the form i will fill out and submitt to the regional office Ron
  2. Hello I was awarded 100% PTSD P&T and tinnitus and hearing loss, im now currently married again I would like to add my family as dependence on to my benefits. Its been less than 1 year since my award. I'm confused, do i use form 21-526 or another form or are there other I need for each person? ? ? I have marriage certificate and birth and ss cards for all, just need to be sure what from to fill out. do I just mail them in or bring them to the regional office for processing. Is there anything else i need to bring and or form i need to complete And how long does it take before they start payments for the increase for the family ? ? ? ? Thank you for your time and help and guidance please. Bless All Marinevet1
  3. marinevet1

    Being 100% P/t

    Fellow Veteran's I WAS AWARDED 100% ssdi and Christmas day 2010 all funds arrived in to my bank account from the VA I was awarded 100% PTSD, 10% Tinnitus and 20% Hearing loss for a total of 130% Permanent & Total Disability for life. I'm gratful I service my country as a Marine in Da Nang back in 69/70 did my time and am now paying the price for my service. At lease im set for the future with both SSDI and P&T disablity. Dont ever give up in your hopes to obtain both. I was persistance and hard headed just like and Marine in the end won my case in 357 days to funds arrived xmas day 2010 from the Los Angeles Regional VA Office. Now I'm now back on my feet, no longer homeless on the street thanks to the VA help and my service to my country paying me back now. NO matter what your issues are, there is always light at the end of the tunnel and a future. Its keeping your Dog in the fight that wins in the end. PTSD is not a cureable problem it only managed my meds and classes I attend for PTSD weekly Only a word of advise to all. Be lucky we have what we do and dont ever feel your left out in the street. Because im a example of one of the thousand who had nothing on the edge of dying and my country came to my aid gave me new life. Both SSDI and the VA made correct to me. So hang in there the best you can and have faith..never give up God helps the correct and righteous Semper Fi Recon Ron
  4. Yes I did it and they advised me they were going to the same thing, put them all into the same claim. Did all my C&P's together than rated and completed them all the same time also. Good Luck
  5. I will check in to it and also read read my rating info again, Thanks for all the info you all provided MarineVet1
  6. Hello I was awarded 100% PTSD 20% hearing loss 10% tinnitus I have ssdi and filed for TDIU but was given 100% P&T Does than mean I get this the rest of my life Where can I find information about P&T Is it perminate, tempertary ? Do I have exams in the future? Thanks
  7. marinevet1

    I Won It All

    Letter came today 100% P&T final rating 100% PTSD 20% Hearing Loss 10% TInnitus 12 months back pay
  8. marinevet1

    I Won It All

    Yes it read 100% PTSD 20% Hearing loss 10% Tinnitus Happy New Year MarineVet1
  9. marinevet1

    I Won It All

    THANKS to everybody on this site GOD BLESS YOU ALL ! Ron
  10. marinevet1

    I Won It All

    Today Christmas I wont it all. Sitting in my bank account a very very large sum of money deposited I wont TDIU & 100% I want to thank all who helped me and very much and send a THANK YOU TO BERTA You inspired me to do the TDIU claim before ratiing I will get back to help others after the holiday What a Christmas gift from the LORD on today christmas day The money was transferred at 1:33 A.M. xmas day into my account. I thank and wish everybody a happy holiday and Happy New Year MARINEVET 1
  11. marinevet1

    Question Please

    Thank You Yes the whole case was done in 364 days from the filing date to rated finished date yes rating was done in 11 days for all 3 C&P's PTSD, Malaria, Hearing and tinnitus here at the Los Angeles RO. Now waiting for final letter and funds to arrive thanks. YES i have direct deposit from SSDI so its already in place, and i will take your advise and keep and eyes out on my account and the letter also Thanks to everybody who provided me assistance for helping make the process move so fast and smoothly and for Carrie for her help also she's a great attorney. And to Berta for your kindness and help in adivse for the TDIU info i submitted as part of my claim. Now to relax and enjoy a good Christmas its been a lonmg time in coming
  12. Need some past experience help. I had 3 C&P's November 2nd 2010, they went into rating in Los Angeles December 7th and when i called the 800 number today I was told my case was rated the 21st. My Questions is? What happens after rating and how soon do they mail me the results and how soon do they disburse funds. The women said they mail out notiification soon but do they answer this fast out of rating department She said she couldt give me the rating information since it was just rated over the phone. I had to be notificed by mail to recieve it. Is this true or when can I call to get it. Merry Christmas Happy New Year Thanks for your replies
  13. marinevet1

    C&p Exam Question

    You need to see the result of what the doctor wrote from the C&P Hard to tell unless your conditioned became wrose than your last C&P and the review of your medical records by the raters. Until to soon to give any kind of reply back for it. Same with me I seen the C&P for my PTSD after reading it and figured out it looks that the doctor put me in the 70% rating but my case it at rating now so soon I will have the results and know. Good Luck.
  14. marinevet1

    2Hr 13Min Ptsd C&p Exam

    Yeah My PTSD was 3 hours and 3 written Exam test Combat Exposure Scale and MMPI and PCL of my 3 C&P exam. the Malaria was 1 hour and the audio metrices was 1 hour 30 minutes PLus the fact of answering questions but the Psy doctor did it by the book exacty like i read it from the Manual Good Luck.. 34 days later here in Los Angeles it alreay at the rating team it went into rating 34 days after C&P December 7th it started now to see how long it takes for them to be done I heard it take 14 to 27 days that make it a early January completion. Take Care Bless have a Happy Holiday MarineVet1
  15. Enclosed is a copy of my C&P results PCP doctor listed the following URGENCY: STATUS: COMPLETED SUBJECT: Statement for Claim DEPARTMENT OF VETERANS AFFAIRS GREATER LOS ANGELES HEALTHCARE SYSTEM 11301 Wilshire Blvd. Los Angeles, California, 90073 Statement for Mr. XXXXXXXX XXXXXXXX Mr. XXXXX XXXXXX served a standard tour(8/69-9/70) in Vietnam as a Combat Medic, he left the service as a Lance Corporal. Although listed as a rifleman,he served as the combat medic for his assigned unit. During this period of time he saw and treated many of his fellow soldiers for severe injuries including lost limbs, decapitations, and destroyed bodies. He also witnessed the deaths of many of his fellow soldiers. To care for these wounded soldiers,he exposed himself to enemy fire, exploding grenades, machine gun fire while under enemy assaults. Mr. XXXXX performed valiantly in his capacity as a well trained Marine. After leaving the military, he has continued to have nightmares, flashbacks and feeling of guilt about his Vietnam experience. He also continues to have emotional numbing with profound sadness and depression. While coming to the Veteran's Affairs hospital he has also been treated for Migraine Headaches, Traumatic Arthritis associated with jumping out of helicopters with a heavy load of equipment and medical supplies, Hypertension,controlled with medication ringing in the ears associated with close proximity to loud noises and PTSD. He has actively participated in the PTSD treatment programs, his mentors are pleased with his performance. While in country he was treated for an episode of Malaria, his condition remains stable. MR.XXXX XXXXX is on time for his appointments and takes his medication as prescribed. The following conditions should be connected to his military service: Agent Orange Exposure Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, combined w/ Bipolar Disorder Hypertension Traumatic arthritis, pain in the right shoulder and neck Tinnitus Malaria Erectile Dysfunction, has elevation of the HGB A1C, w/ early Diabetes , as a by product of taking medication for HTN and possible Agent Orange Exposure Made part of my Medical file of the VA This is followed by my C&P Exam November , 2010 Los Angeles LOCAL TITLE: COMPENSATION & PENSION EXAMINATION REPORT STANDARD TITLE: C & P EXAMINATION NOTE DATE OF NOTE: NOV 02, 2010@13:43 ENTRY DATE: NOV 02, 2010@13:44:43 AUTHOR: XXXXXXXXXXX E EXP COSIGNER: URGENCY: STATUS: COMPLETED C-FILE WAS: Reviewed MEDICAL RECORDS WERE: Reviewed OTHER MATERIAL REVIEWED: Psychometric Tests and Questionnaires, DD-214, Other Records/Documents WAS THERE OUTPATIENT TREATMENT FOR A MENTAL DISORDER? Yes DATE(S) OF OUTPATIENT TREATMENT: Began outpatient treatment in 2009 after and began medications and psychotherapy; began VA treatment at West LA and Sepulveda in 12/2009. CONDITION(S) AND LOCATION OF TREATMENT: Bipolar disorder; Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder; Chronic SUMMARY OF CURRENT TREATMENT FOR A MENTAL DISORDER: Veteran is part of the psychosocial group treatment module at the POST, at VA West Los Angeles Medical Center and also is managed by Dr. Warren-psychiatrist from POST. He attends groups twice weekly, Medic PTSD and is compliant with medication by his report, notes from his psychiatric record also indicate his compliance with treatment. CURRENT TREATMENT(S): Anti-manic MEDICATION SIDE EFFECT(S): Drowsiness, Fatigue, weight gain GROUP THERAPY: Yes INDIVIDUAL PSYCHOTHERAPY: Yes EFFECTIVENESS OF THERAPY: fair ---------------- Veteran was staioned in Da Nang, Vietnam attatched to 1st Marine Div., 1st Recon Battalion, Charlie company 2nd platoon, team 1; MOS was 0311 and 8651-primarily Recon: carrying medical supplies, save lives at all expense, exposed to serious injury, called medi vacs and give morphine; saw and killed VC; save soldier lives; DATE(S) OF SERVICE: 4/1969-09/70 BRANCH OF SERVICE: Marine Corps HIGHEST RANK OBTAINED: E3 TYPE OF DISCHARGE: Honorable RANK AT DISCHARGE: E3 MILITARY OCCUPATIONAL SPECIALTY: MOS: and 0311; Rifleman; 8651 Reconnaissance medic, went on patrols and fire-fights, called in artillery strikes; cobra and naval gunships in Da Nang; DECORATIONS AND MEDALS AWARDED: Combat Action Ribbon; Cross of Gallantry w/ Palm Frame; Presidential Unit of Citattion; National Defense Service Medal; Vietnam Campaign Medal; Good Conduct Medal DISCIPLINARY INFRACTIONS AND ADJUSTMENT PROBLEMS: None. DID THE VETERAN HAVE COMBAT EXPERIENCE: Yes WERE COMBAT WOUNDS SUSTAINED: No LOCATION AND DATE OF COMBAT EXPERIENCE: Da Nang 11/17/69 to 07/30/70; INSIGHT: Patient understands that he/she has a problem. DOES THE PATIENT HAVE SLEEP IMPAIRMENT? Yes COMMENTS AND DESCRIPTION OF EXTENT SLEEP IMPAIRMENT INTERFERES WITH DAILY ACTIVITY: Veteran sleeps irregularly, has frequent dreams, flashbacks which causes interrupted sleep; early insomnia, has problem falling asleep, takes 1-2 hours to fall asleep; sleep is not restful, is fatigued, feels as if he's been fighting in his sleep; TYPE OF HALLUCINATIONS: None DOES THE PATIENT HAVE INAPPROPRIATE BEHAVIOR? Yes INTERPRETS PROVERBS APPROPRIATELY? Yes DOES THE PATIENT HAVE OBSESSIVE/RITUALISTIC BEHAVIOR? No DOES THE PATIENT HAVE PANIC ATTACKS? Yes ------------- STRESSOR EVENT(S) THE VET FOUND PARTICULARLY TRAUMATIC: Combat experience DESCRIPTION OF STRESSOR: Combat experience DATE AND LOCATION: 11/1969 to 07/1970 Da Nang Vietnam. TRAUMA OCCURRED: During Military Service INTENSE FEAR: Yes FEELING OF HELPLESSNESS: Yes FEELING OF HORROR: Yes OTHER REACTION: Yes DESCRIBE OTHER: Dissociation ADDITIONAL COMMENTS: Veteran served as a medic in Vietnam combat zones, with multiple exposures to seriously wounded, dying soldiers that he attempted to save. Witnessed horrific trauma involving severed limbs, gun shots wounds and multiple injuries. TRAUMA EXPOSURE TESTING ----------------------- TESTING FOR TRAUMA EXPOSURE VETERAN HAS UNDERGONE: Combat Exposure Scale, Trauma Questionnaire RESULTS OF IDENTIFIED TRAUMA EXPOSURE TESTING: Veteran experienced intensely traumatic combat episodes as a medic in Vietnam as evidenced by his documented receipt of the Combat Action Ribbon which corroroborates his DD-214 citation as well as his report of extreme combat trauma while serving as medic in Vietnam between 1969-1970; He also received the Cross of Gallantry with Palm and Frame and the Presidential Unit of Citation. OVERALL LEVEL OF TRAUMATIC STRESS EXPOSURE: High PTSD SYMPTOMS ------------- PERSISTENT RE-EXPERIENCING THE TRAUMATIC EVENT BY: multi times per month PERSISTENT AVOIDANCE OF STIMULI ASSOCIATED WITH THE TRAUMA AND NUMBING OF GENERAL RESPONSIVENESS: Efforts to avoid thoughts, feelings, or conversations associated with the trauma, Efforts to avoid activities, places, or people that arouse recollections of the trauma, Inability to recall an important aspect of the trauma, Markedly diminished interest or participation in significant activities, Feeling of detachment or estrangement from others, Restricted range of affect Sense of a foreshortened future PERSISTENT SYMPTOMS OF INCREASED AROUSAL: Difficulty falling or staying asleep, Irritability or outbursts of anger, Hypervigilance, Exaggerated startle response, reliving experiences. THE DISTURBANCE CAUSES CLINICALLY SIGNIFICANT DISTRESS OR IMPAIRMENT IN SOCIAL, OCCUPATIONAL OR OTHER IMPORTANT AREAS OF FUNCTIONING: Yes DESCRIPTION OF THE ONSET OF SYMPTOMS: Chronic FREQUENCY, SEVERITY AND DURATION OF PTSD SYMPTOMS FOUND: Veteran experiences severe symptoms of PTSD that occur weekly and that have lasted for 40 years. Upon examination, Veteran reports that he is bothered at least several days each week by intrusive, avoidant and hyperarousal symptoms of post-traumatic stress. DOES THE VETERAN MEET THE DSM-IV CRITERIA FOR A DIAGNOSIS OF PTSD? Yes AXIS I: 309.81 PTSD-chronic, 296.00 Bipolar NOS Moderate to severe IF ANY ADDITIONAL MENTAL DISORDERS HAVE BEEN DIAGNOSED, EXPLANATION OF HOW THE SYMPTOMS ARE RELATED TO OR ARE PART OF EACH MENTAL DISORDER: The symptoms of PTSD and Bipolar depression do overlap to a large extent particularly as it relates to unrelenting presence of persistent, bothersome, intrusive symptoms of re-experienced thoughts, images and feelings associated with the trauma and hypervigilance manifesting as insomnia and startle response, It appears in this case that the veteran is experiencing both chronic anxiety and a significant, complex mood disorder, hence both diagnoses are indicated. SYMPTOMS ARE RELATED TO OR ARE PART OF EACH MENTAL DISORDER: The symptoms of PTSD and Bipolar depression do overlap to a large extent particularly as it relates to unrelenting presence of persistent, bothersome, intrusive symptoms of re-experienced thoughts, images and feelings associated with the trauma and hypervigilance manifesting as insomnia and startle response, It appears in this case that the veteran is experiencing both chronic anxiety and a significant, complex mood disorder, hence both diagnoses are indicated. AXIS II: 799.99 AXIS III: Degenerative Disk; Malaria AXIS IV: Heavy Extreme Combat Exposure AXIS V: GLOBAL ASSESSMENT OF FUNCTIONING ---------------------------------------- SCORE: 45 TIME FRAME: Current functioning Combat Exposure Scale Score: 32 INTERVIEW-BASED DIAGNOSTIC INSTRUMENTS FOR PTSD: PTSD Symptom Scale QUANTITATIVE PSYCHOMETRIC ASSESSMENT OF PTSD SYMPTOM SEVERITY: PTSD Checklist for Combat and Non-Combat Trauma, Trauma Symptom Inventory PSYCHOMETRIC ASSESSMENT SCORES: Veteran was administered The PTSD Checklist (PCL), which is a 17- item questionnaire also designed to assess symptoms associated with combat related PTSD. On this administration of the PCL scale, he obtained a score of 68, which exceeds the score of 50 that is consistent with a diagnosis of PTSD in military populations. Of note, he reported within the past month being very bothered by disturbing memories, thoughts and images of his combat experiences, feeling cut off from other people, avoiding activities or situations because they remind him of stressful military experiences, being super-alert, watchful and on-guard, feeling irritable and having angry outbursts, feeling jumpy and being easily startled, insomnia and feeling emotionally numb. Additionally, he was also administered the Trauma Symptom Inventory, a 100-item questionnaire designed to appraise symptoms of posttraumatic stress disorder, clinical depression, affect regulation and dysfunctional behavior. He produced a valid, interpretable profile, with no exaggeration of unusual symptoms. There were clinically significant elevations on the Tension Reduction Behaviors (T = 93), Intrusive Experiences (T = 98) and Defensive Avoidance (T = 83) and Dissociation (T = 86) scales. He also meets criteria for PTSd based on PTSD Symptom Scale (Foa) as evidenced by at least one re-experiencing symptom (nightmares), three avoidance symptoms (avoiding, thoughts, feelings, detachment from others) and two hyperarousal symptoms (insomnia and pronounced irritability). Thank You

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