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Rhetoric Getting To Accusatory And Less Helpfull

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Guest Jim S.


One goal of this forum is to provide a place for Veterans, Wives of Vets, Children of Vets, and faimily and friends of Vets and even those who are not, to find help, assistance and support for their dealings with the VA. Think of it as a place of refuge such as a church, where one is not questioned why they are here, but how we can help one another.

If we questioned everyones reasons for coming to this forum, then I doubt anyone would get any help. Look at it this way, even if someone has an alterier motive that one might disapprove of, the information provided, may well help some one looking on who can use the information in a constructive way that you would.

Not every one who posts on this forum is going to agree or be able to help to everyones satisfaction, but their may be some who do and are helped, no one can say.

By reading facts not in evidence, is no more no less than what we are claiming of the VA. We should hold ourselves above this approach and accept everything on it's face as correct, unless proven otherwise.

Do you cut off the hand that is outstrecthed to you in friendship, just because you do not like the rings on the fingers of that hand?

Please turn the rhetoric down, it is hurting me as much as it does the person it is pointed to. This is not directed at anyone person, but a reminder to all, especially during this season of Thanksgiving and of kindness to our fellow man.

Blessed are the seasons for they shall replinish the Earth and nourish the Souls of Men and Women everywhere.

Jim S. ;)

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Jim, I saw your posting and I agree. I came here seeking help and maybe some direction. I thank those who have taken my problem to heart, and for what is is and the kindess and advice from those who gave it. I see it has now turned into 'nail me to the wall' for some reason. God bless each and every vet out here, no matter what war they served in. You are all special people. Thank God for each and every one that came back alive, and my heart breaks for those families whose son, daughter, brother, sister, or however related, or friends did not. I make it a special point each Memorial Day and Veteran's day to contact the people I know that are Vets, especially war vets, and thank them from the bottom of my heart for what they gave to our country and of themselves. No one has any deeper respect from me than a Vet, and especially a War Vet.

My dad was a WWII vet, and was at the Battle of the Buldge. I remember while he was alive and a documentary would come on tv about the battle, he would tell us, all four daughters, about it from beginnin to end; and it stands out in my mind that he told us once that one night the 'bibwacked' as he called it in a cemetary wherever they were, and when he awoke at dawn, he found he had slept on Florence Nightengales grave!

God Bless you all


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To Phubai70

My husband was in B-2/501st 101 Airborne in Nam, during the time of Hamburger Hill. He also as i stated on another area, wore the 1 Calvary Patch on his uniform, along with the Screaming Eagle on the other arm, and another patch I remember was a blue and white patch that had an upturned swoard that said 'Follow Me"

His name is listed on the B-2/501st Memorial Page as having Passed away since the war.

God Bless you and keep you safe.


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Guest phubai70

To Gail - I was with C-2/501 all of 1970. Hamburger Hill was 1969.

We had Ripcord in the same area a year later. I can't find B-2/501

memorial page. Condolences and may God Bless...

Chuck Rimbey

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Jim I apologized to Gail for taking the low road and questioning her situation. I won't go edit those posts because if I read them again, I want to be reminded about what I did to her. On the other hand, somehow you decided to start a new topic about the situation, so..... have a Happy Thanksgiving.

I suppose I was just upset because I was looking for help with my own problems, this time of year is no good for me. Anniversary dates are hell. I guess I'm still adjusting to the new board and less frequent posts. Again no excuse for what I did in Gail's thread.

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