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I am thoroughy disgusted. My husband had a C & P exam for ED. This exam was performed by the general C & P examiner and not anyone in urology. No more than they did for the exam, I would not even call it an exam. Well, I received the C & P notes. The more I read, the madder I got. Not one thing he stated in the notes was correct. In fact, there is no way he could have even reviewed my husbands medical files. He may have glanced quickly at a few pages, but I'm reluctant to even say that was done.

The claim was for ED secondary to his service connected meds for PTSD. His records contain numerous statements from his psychiatrist that a given prescription she is giving him has a risk for ED. Well, the C & P notes first states that my husband is service connected for GU, but nothing about being service connected for PTSD. He is not service connected for GU. He also made numerous comments about my husbands prostrate gland problems. My husband does not and has never been treated for any prostrate problems. He indicated that one of the medications that we had stated caused the ED was given to him for prostrate problems. Again, he has no prostrate problems. His psychiatrist gave him this medication for his PTSD symptoms and is documented. He also stated that Dr. ?, his urologist, prescribed this medication for him. Number one, this Dr. ? that he referred to is his psychiatrist, not a urologist. He doesn't even see a urologist. He finally stated that the medication in question can cause ED, but since it was prescribed for prostrate problems, that the ED was not due to meds for PTSD. What a crock. He even stated that this was confirmed by their urology department. How could it be confirmed by their urology department when my husband has never been seen by them.

I am in the process of disputing this doctors entire report with factual and documented information to send to the VARO before they have a chance to deny his claim based on this inaccurate C & P report. I also want this information relayed to someone at the VAMC to show them the type of exam reports he is giving veterans and the type of doctor they have giving C & P exams. I am not sure who at the VAMC I should go to. Our patient advocate is not the person. We have dealt with her before and she doesn't seem to want to help. She wants you to handle the problems yourself. So, who should we go to at the VAMC to report this. My husband is not the only one who has complained about this doctors reports.

Thanks for any guidance you can give me.

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  • HadIt.com Elder

I know its aggravating but you are on the right track. Don't give up and thank you for helping your husband.

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Your statement ¨My husband is not the only one who has complained about this doctors reports." is very true. Iagree totally. Sometimes I was left wondering if they confused which patient they were reporting on after reading some of their notes.

Your husband is very lucky to have you looking into his claim. There were times when I was completely overwhelmed with information that I felt so so lucky to have my wife help me with the reports. I hope he realizes how important you are in his life. Take care OK..


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Thanks Josh and Pete53 for your kind words. I have been 30+ years working with my husband on his claims and when I die I'll probably still be holding in my hand a denial from the VARO. Never thought I could make it through a BVA hearing, but I went in with the attitude that they could kill me but they couldn't eat me. (An old saying). The hearing went well.

By the way. On the C & P exam that I was talking about. After the doctor had copped his attitude with me and talked to me the way he did, he had the audacity to hug me and tell me that he was sorry for the way he had talked to me and treated me. This was after we had walked out of his office. I was in tears because I was so mad and so hurt to be treated in that manner. I didn't say anything at this point because I figured he would really put the screws to my husbands claim. Well. I should have kicked his a?? anyway because of the incompetent report he wrote up. I have had 2 heart attacks myself and several small strokes. I sure don't need his crap.

But, I try and get revenge. I have taken each sentence he wrote in the exam and described the errors, mistakes and downright lies he wrote. I backed all of this up with documentation from his medical records. This will go directly to the VARO before they can make a final decision on his claim using this incompetent report. He also did a C & P exam on my husband for an increase in his skin condition. Haven't gotten that yet. I guess at this point nothing would surprise me that is written in that report. But, before I can send in this letter, I have to wait to get the results from the skin C & P exam.

I am also in the process of trying to find out who I need to talk to at the VAMC about him. I am going to take this report, along with my husbands medical records to them and show them the type of reports he is writing up for veterans. And the VARO is using this as their Bible when making a decision on a claim. Also, I understand that it was a no-no for him to hug me the way he did. Will take that up with the VAMC as well. He should have gone ahead and written up an accurate and honest report for my husband. We would not be at these crossroads now.

Again, thanks for your support.

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I can certainly identify with the frustration you are feeling-

It seems to be that you sure do have enough evidence to go against the C & P-

You could complain via the VA web site as a query under Service Complaint and put attention: Director.But they have not denied the claim yet as the basis of that C & P.

AND- another thought-

when you said you get revenge- I know what you meant-

but I call it- using their words against them!

If the VARO insists that your husband's ED is due to "prostrate" medications for a prostrate problem and wants to continue to hold to that-you can fight this well in the NOD- you made some great points-


you could also file a claim under Sec 1151-

Stating that your husband has never been told of having this condition,it has never been diagnosed in his medical records, yet the VA -by continually medicating him for a condition he doesn't have, has caused him to incur an additional disability- the ED!

If they want to accept this doctor's words like it is based on fact-

you can use that against them.

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i had a c&p dr. say that i have a pacemaker and my tonsils were normal. never had a pacemaker and had my tonsils out 25 years ago. your not alone, i know how you feel. i even had the varo say i put a claim in for allergies to cats and a deviated septum. i never claimed these conditions. i think they got someone elses claim file mixed in with mine.

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  • HadIt.com Elder

A doctor at the VA asked me if I had recovered from my stroke. I never had a stroke. Some other vet's records were mixed in with mine. This has happened before and will probably happen again.

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