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Is This The Norm?

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I have a few questions regarding the competence of the examiners. I sent in my claim with all the appropriate documentation obtained mostly through the DVA. In the evidence submitted was a letter of dismissal from the Office of Personnel Management. The letter stated that the primary reason I was being retired was my service connected condition. I received my denial and in the first paragraph it stated that there had been no changes in my quality of life. In order be upgrade for compensation I would need to been hospitalized numerous times or an interruption in my employment. Well I guess a loss of one’s career is not an interruption? This was the first paragraph, to include the second and third made less sense. I filed new additional evidence and spoon feed the best I could. My fear is that they won’t even read this new evidence. It was very apparent that they didn’t read the first claim submitted. I really don’t know much about the claim process, but I could have done a better denial than the one I received. Is it time for a congressional or attorney? How could anyone get any result from such an agency! Any ideas on how to make them actually read the evidence sent? Please let me know and thanks.

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  • HadIt.com Elder

Well said Rockhound. Kellan- drop back an punt. Your are in the first round or so of a 12 round fight- so don't exhaust yourself into a coma now. Your case whether adjudicated wrongfully or not is going at about the same pace and accuracy as most of ours. Good luck Kellan.

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I would like to thank all of you for the advice and concerns regarding my case. I am truly blessed with all of the support you have given me! I guess I was a little naïve in thinking that this would be easy or at least something I could do by myself. I do get about a third of what I use to make, but the money is not the issue. It’s a matter of principal now and that’s my driving force. Now if I was an illegal alien I would have people breaking their back to give me free legal services, (A little cynicism for the old job!). I’ll keep everyone informed and start therapy with a civilian psychologist, considering I have exhausted my 8 treatments with the DVA. Again, thank you and happy holidays!

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