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It's All In Our Head?

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simple fly


this was on col dan's site..pisses me off

To: Ed Gentry, thefirstcav@ yahoo.com, or is it Larry Gentry?

VSO's like you give veteran advocacy a bad name….Thank you Dr Gentry for your medical diagnosis

You know so much more than the thousands of Dr's who have studied PTSD for years.

You surely don't work for the VA? Although you sound like you do. You have anger issues, recommend

You seek treatment for your PTSD

See Gentry's remarks below

"None of these men were depressed, sad

or disturbed in Vietnam. Yet today they are either getting PTSD money

or applying for it. These men are criminals. I am glad that my

Congressional testimony helped get the VA to require a lot more

evidence before they approve a PTSD claim. I am just waiting for the

day real soon when the FBI begins investigating fraudulent PTSD claimants."

From: Ed Gentry

To: disabled-veterans@ yahoogroups. com

Sent: Friday, February 13, 2009 9:40 PM

Subject: [disabled-veterans] Re: A nutty idea: Give the PH medal for wartime disability

--- In disabled-veterans@ yahoogroups. com, "Allan Pederson"

<allanp@...> wrote: Ed: You are wrong! PTSD is definitely a mental

disorder, but these men/women are not nuts! I pity the Veterans who

have to work with you as a VA Service Officer. Allan

People who want others to believe that they are perpetually mentally

ill are nuts.

People who enjoy spending decades living in the past are nuts.

People who love sympathy, enjoy having their family members feel sorry

for them, use their PTSD to avoid working and responsibility, are nuts.

People who were having a great time in Vietnam, getting laid, doing

drugs, popping caps and rabble-rousing, only to claim 20-30 years

later that all of that fun is now depressing to them: are nuts. I know

men today who were in my unit. None of these men were depressed, sad

or disturbed in Vietnam. Yet today they are either getting PTSD money

or applying for it. These men are criminals. I am glad that my

Congressional testimony helped get the VA to require a lot more

evidence before they approve a PTSD claim. I am just waiting for the

day real soon when the FBI begins investigating fraudulent PTSD claimants.

As for pity, I tell the vets I work with not to seek pity but to get

their act together and become men again. Vietnam, Iraq and war are too

small and too brief a part of a soldier's life to make it his entire

life. Pitying is for punks.

American soldiers and American veterans are supposed to be strong,

heroic, decent and solid. They are supposed to be men, not girly-men.

They are not supposed to be whiny sissies and putrid little punks

begging for sympathy and welfare, which is was PTSD checks are.


Allan, I agree with Ed. Millions upon millions of dollars are sucked

out of the VA budget every year by a bunch of lazy guys who have

perfectly full and healthy bodies. Their only complaint is that they

can't work, sleep, eat, xxxx or party because they keep remembering

about an experience they had over thirty years ago in Vietnam.

I have a question for you, Allan. Do you think the VA would be able to

give more and better care to wounded vets with physical disabilities

and missing body parts if the lazy PTSD welfare kings would get jobs

and stop leeching off the VA's budget?

Or how about this question: Do you think wounded and injured vets

wouldn't have to wait so long for appointments if the doctors and

staff didn't have to spend so much time with crybabies and sissies

who's only complaints are bad memories they don't want to forget if

they can get paid with PTSD to keep those memories?

Allan, the PTSD leeches have been a terrible drain on the VA system.

They eat up money, time, services and resources. These men with full

and healthy bodies are the scum who rob much-needed care from men who

were physically injured or wounded. And what makes these scumbags even

worse is that they not only don't give a damn about stealing time,

money and care from men like you, they also want a xxxxxxx medal for

being looney!!!!

Allan, your biggest enemy in Vietnam may have been Charlie. But the

guys that are making it harder for the truly disabled in the VA system

are the xxxxxxx PTSD punks who are getting attention and money because

being physically healthy they can cry and whine the loudest!

Allan, you need to take off those rose colored glasses you're wearing

and start seeing reality. Ed is right about PTSD being nothing more

than welfare for assholes who don't want to get jobs and work like

honest people.


Les(in MN

Edited by simple fly
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Well, whoever this is.....they disgust me.

Me to, I'm not gonna let it get me down. Don't you either.

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  • HadIt.com Elder

Ed, if we ever meet allow me to explain my life in the latter part of my service, and after service. I had an onset of my issues since the time of the occurrence and have tried to deal with this thing on my own for years, before taking medications and the whole gambit. It was the VA doctor whom brought me to the reality of PTSD. I tried to tough it out as you say, but after my near death suicide attempt and living through it, I guess someone that needs help should get it. I have real issues that are physical as well as PTSD and depression. There are two issues I don't even claim. Something that has cost me jobs, and relationships is something I need to deal with. I have a job and an education. I don't so much want any money, all I want is for someone to understand, and acknowledge. PTSD has been around a long time, in WWII in 1943 more men were discharged for mental health issues than they took in that year. Vietnam was an exercise in Eugenics where they tried to take the poorest in society and their deaths would be no great loss. Of course no one would advocate for the poor Vets, after all the draft is over. I have a civilian friend that went to Iraq for 6 months that came back with PTSD. The number of suicides speak for themselves, the only difference is the stigma is wearing off. Of course there are ignorant, sad, and lazy VSO's who never call you back even though they take your money gladly to "represent" you in the form of dues. That is why we are getting the attorneys involved, because only a true advocate should represent veterans. Now, the VA system is seriously protracted ordeal, with many barriers, and stumbling blocks that is completely adversarial in nature. If you can make it through that, and a VSO like Mr. Gentry than most likely you have a real problem. Maybe some have faked it, but not as many as one might have us believe. It's like not understanding a back problem until you have one. You sir, are a "tool" and should go advocate for Industrial Pollutor's, or for the gambling industry so you can feel good in the morning knowing your skills are not going to waste. Please do us all a favor and cease speaking about Vets at all, because you sir: Are part of the problem.

Edited by MikeR
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