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P & T For Ptsd

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I just received my Notice of Award for SS disability. I'm assuming it is for PTSD which I have a 100% VA rating which is not permanent. I think they are going to be calling me in for a C & P in the next few months to see if my condition has changed.

Will the SS disability carry any weight for my case to be P & T and should I file a claim for P & T now or just wait until they call me in for the C & P?

Anything else I should or shouldn't do at this point?


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You say you think you are going to be called in for a C&P??? Do you know why? Have you received a notice?

Do you currently work?

You could always submit the SSA award notice now...just make sure that it was awarded for your PTSD if that is what you are seeking the P&T for.

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Purple--No I don't work and haven't worked since January of 2008.

When I was awarded the 100% for PTSD I had just started attending the 6 month Coping Skills classes for PTSD at the local VA. About 2 months into the class I had a C & P exam because I had requested am increase from 50%.

The examiner stated "He has severe symptoms and is participating actively in treatment at the VA PTSD clinic. He is still early in treatment so is not possible at this time to make a realistic assessment in how our treatment might diminish the present high level of PTSD symptoms. His present level of symptom reporting would keep him from being able to function effectively in gainful employment."

In the RO's decision they state "since there is a likelihood of improvement, the assigned evaluation is not condsidered permanent and is subject to a future review examination."

At the last Coping Skills class I told the moderator Dr. XXXX, that I felt I was "still in Box 1 and felt I didn't accomplish anything." [This should be in his notes and at the VA]

Last week I had the moderator, Dr. XXXX write a letter for me. It was very wordy but he did say "he received group therapy for this disorder from March through October 2008. Veteran had psychological testing of PTSD symptoms administered at the beginning and end of his participatiion in group psychotherapy, which did not reflect an improvement in PTSD symptoms over that time period. He continues to receive psychiatric services from our clinic beginning in February 2008."

I have also had my medication increased to 5 mg of Prazosin and 150 mg of Sertaline in the last couple of months.

So I feel my PTSD has actually worsened and I should be granted Permanent. Of course I also worry they will try to decrease my rating too.

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That's the risk of asking for a new C&P..you open yourself up to reduction. Not saying that to scare you; merely stating a fact. Be sure your doc will write you a strong letter in your favor if this is what you want to pursue.

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  • HadIt.com Elder

What I tell people to do is to appeal a denial of Chapter 35 benefits when they get 100% or TDIU and they are not granted the P&T status. This way you don't have to start from scratch. You just send in more evidence of being permanently disabled. That is how I got P&T within one year of getting TDIU. I appealed the denial of Chapter 35. By the time you get your claim reviewed enough time has passed to get P&T.

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