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I Have 3 Letters Written On My Behalf.



I have 3 letter written in reference to my claim for left hip/lower back DDD and hip snap syndrome.

1 From a chriopractor, 1 from an orthopedic nurse pratitioner, and 1 from a physical therapist.

I posted earlier that my claim had been denied for lack of proof..... So the next time I go to the VA I will have my military physical therapy records as well as a list of the first meds I was ever prescribed for my hip, plus my 3 new letters.

I am also getting my mother and a friend to write letters stating the change they have noticed over the years. My sister has promised to write a letter as well.

How much help will all of this stuff be?

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  • HadIt.com Elder

The letter from professionals should help and I think the others could also. However what is usually needed to close the deal is a letter from MD that states they have reviewed your medical records, it is their opinion that you had something that caused the injury or aggravated in your Service. It has caused you problems since you left and a current diagnosis and if you are not working a statement as to if you will ever be able to work

Good Luck

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  • Moderator

To have value, these letters should use the phrase, "Veterans condition.......... at least as likely as not due to military service"

To have any chance at VA benefits, you always need these things:

1. Other than dishonorable discharge.

2. Medical documentation of a disorder or disease..continuity of treatment. You are almost never going to get any compensation for pain, for example, if you dont tell your doctor about it, regardless of how bad the pain might be. "Sucking it up" and bearing the pain will cost you your benefits. You have to KEEP going to the doctor..not just once..and keep complaining about the pain.

3. A nexus. No that is not a car, and it is not a company that does legal reports. A Nexus means a connection of your current disease or condition to military service.

Usually that means your doctor needs to say, "Veterans ....... condition at least as likely as not due to military service."

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  • HadIt.com Elder

You have to have a medical professional spell out the connection between your injuries or illness and your military service. The VA won't connect the dots. You can have all the evidence in the world but unless your doctor makes the nexus between service and your injury nothing happens. The VA will find someway to create daylight between your service and you injuries unless you have a good nexus statement from a doctor.

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All three letter will state that the chronic problems I have today are "at least as likely as not related to my military service".

I messed up my hip in 1998 in AIT and again in 2003 at Ft. Eustis. The doctor said bursitus and took no xrays. The PT at Eustis made note of me having back problems. "scoliosis".

The letter that I have in hand now with 2 more to follow states that he belives my injury is at least as likely as not to have caused DDD and hip snap syndrome as opposed to bursitus.

With that said....

How much weight will these letters carry? The ortopedic NP is awsome!! But he is not an MD. DO I need to plan a trip to Maryland to see DR. Bash or am I ok with the letters I have?

The expense is beginning to add up. Today I finished up 4 weeks of physical therapy and the head PT stated that she want's to see me for AT LEAST 2 more weeks. I see the ortopedic again on the 19th and will likely receive another 2 weeks to include treatment for my neck which is messed up because of the DDD per the first chriopractor I saw.

I work full time and have health insurance but EACH time I see a MD,NP,PT or chriopractor I have to pay a $35 co-pay. Thats $35 per PT secession!!!! I have been going 3 times per week for one month now and I am looking at 2 more weeks and mabey a month. Thats $105 per week in co-pays just for the physical therapy!!!!

I have be receving civi treatment now off and on sence 2004.

I will have paied between $600 and $800 in co-pays for the PT alone this spring and more to the other docs.. Over $1K in total.

I have a heel lift, take meds, and muscle relaxers at night to help me sleep. "I have had a hard time sleeping for some time in part due to the pain".

I have been thinking alot lately about going to someone for depression that I"m sure I have but I just don't have enough money to pay for all the medical co-pays.

Now I'm just venting............ :D

So what do you think guys...?

I have been denied for not having enough proof. I managed to locate my military PT records from Eustis and my prescriptions list from AIT that shows anti-inflammatories,a nd now I have the civilian medical records.. I just don't know what more they want/need.

Do I have enough?

Can I do more?

What say ye?

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  • HadIt.com Elder
I messed up my hip in 1998 in AIT and again in 2003 at Ft. Eustis. The doctor said bursitus and took no xrays. The PT at Eustis made note of me having back problems. "scoliosis".

If your claim was in front of me, I'd be more interested in how the "scoliosis" statement was noted by the PT. Does your military records have an doctor that diagnosis such? Scoliosis is an congenital condition and I see the VBA denying your claim on basis.

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  • Moderator


The letters need to have precise wording in order to get benefits. For example, "Veterans condition could be a result of military service" will net you zero benefits. The Veterans Doc report must state, "Veterans condition is at least as likely as not caused by militray service" or "most likely".

"could be" or "might be" are considered speculative and mean you will be denied.

The VA is not interested in treating the Veterans conditions, they are interested in forcing the Veteran into compliance with their standards. Its the VA way or the hiway.

Even if the VA way is unsafe, for example:


Rather than fix the contaminated equipment problem, the Va chooses instead:

1. Deny it, or minimize it saying that it is isolated and wont happen again.

2. And, hire a bunch more lawyers to do damage control to fight Veterans who have been infected with diseases which are the VA's faulty procedures forced on Veterans.

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Did you file a Notice of Disagreement ( NOD ) after the VA denied your claim? The extra IMO evidence should then be submitted with the NOD. In addition, you are unable to find any paperwork when you received treatment while on active duty?? Can you try again? A Line of Duty slip helped my case.

You did receive a C&P exam done by the VA too right? Did you get a copy? All these pieces need to come together and a good NOD should be typed up.

Good luck!

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  • HadIt.com Elder

I think you probably need to get your SMR's and go see doctor Bash or someone like him. You need someone to review all your medical records and to tie it together and do the things that Pete and Bronc have said about a nexus. It is like going to court. You need to prove with evidence that your injuries are sevice connected. Dr. Bash is going to be your lawyer to that extent. Negotiate Bash's price.

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I have to agree with John and poolguy I had to IMO but they were from my treating physcians. I would think the same way we question a NP giving us an exam would the VA us the same tactic. If not bash you ortho doctor talk with him as every one said its evidence then connecting it to your injury. Look up BVA cases they can give you ideas of what it takes to win.

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