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C&p Today

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Guest Ryan


Hey all, had my second c&p today for an appeal from the original that this lady from india, who could hardly speak english did on me, and basically called me a liar, quoting me as saying I had a bunch of symptoms before deployment, that I hadn't.

I really got into it, a week ago with, another seemingly snotty dr. that was supposto do my exam for the appeal. It ended with a reappointment for today that I just got done with.

I made it clear to everyone that I'm not going to take on the character of being a scammer for benefits, that of which was what I was being made into from the original exam, and I verbally threatened to sue for defamation. Today the doc I saw had a pretty good head on his shoulders, and was able to articulate what I was saying about my symptoms. We shall see what the decision is though. I just don't trust any of 'em. You guys know what I mean.

I'm already servce connected, from the first exam, for combat related ptsd, to include anxiety and depression, but was given the shaft and got 10%.

SSD rubberstamped my claim almost a year and a half ago. 9 months after I stopped working without an exam. It's a good thing, or I'd been on the street.

How in the hell do they really expect people to deal with all this crap, and stay civil when a guys plate is already full from the very thing that he's there for? I've been on pins and needles for three days worrying about this, making sure that I kept every trick I could think of right out front in my mind just so I would keep a cool head. (rant over)

Once again I think it went pretty good today, but we'll see.

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You can get a copy of your C&P and I suggest doing so,

that way you know exactly what the examiner states.

Good luck.


Carlie passed away in November 2015 she is missed.

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  • HadIt.com Elder

I do not believe it is possible for someone to be 10% Ptsd

Veterans deserve real choice for their health care.

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I agree because even with just the diagnosis of PTSD you would have to have the symptoms for the diagnosis which are grave in themselves. If you haven't yet get a copy of your medical records. If you have a good relationship with your shrink maybe he/she can print them out right there for ya. That's what I usually do to bypass the beaurocratic hogwash. I then highlight the documented symptoms and other things that would indicate the level of impairment according to the rating shedule.

If you haven't yet seen the rating shedule for PTSD you should take a look at it and see what rating you should qualify for with the symptoms in your file. It also doesn't hurt to ask for a SPECIFIC rating after you see what rating you should be at. Sometimes being specific with the VA helps.


I do not believe it is possible for someone to be 10% Ptsd
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That is correct but we were just confused how someone could be rated 10%. Seems anyone with PTSD would be worse off than 10% disabling.


The Schedule allows SC at:


10 %

30 %

50 %

70 %

100 %

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