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100% P&t For Ptsd And Voc Rehab


Hello Everyone,

First of all I would like to thank EVERYONE who has taken the time to respond to my numerous questions in the past. I have had nothing but very informative and caring responses from the users on this board, and your comments have always helped me work through whatever issue it is I was dealing with at the time. Having said that I have a new question that I would like to present to the Hadit community. I am currently rated as 100% P&T for Major Depressive Disorder w/Anxiety Attacks AND PTSD, as well as SMC for other disabilities totaling approximately 60% (Sleep Apnea @ 50%, Tinnitus @ 10%, other disabilities at approx 10%). I was initially granted an award of 10% back in 1999 when I initially separated from the USMC, and I was attending Nursing School through the Vocational Rehabilitation program from around 2002-2004 when I had to drop out due to medical reasons. Shortly thereafter (approx 2005) my rating was increased to 100% P&T for PTSD and SMC was added for the additional 50%+. I did not return to my Nursing School due to the fact that I could not continue my clinical rotations while on narcotic pain meds that I am still taking today due to degenerative disc disease in my spine. I would like to add that the increase in my disability in 2005 was back dated to 1999, as it was found that these conditions existed during my time in service. I spoke with my VA Therapist about a year ago who stated that although I would never be able to work full-time ever again due to the severity of my PTSD, they did believe that I would at some point be able to pursue part-time employment at some point in the future. After much prayer and personal introspection I have realized that I believe I could pursue a career as a Patisserie/Bakery Chef decorating cakes out of my home on a part-time basis. Working out of my own home would allow me to pursue some type of gainful employment while working in an environment that would allow me to avoid the stressors and situations that aggravate/cause my PTSD and anxiety attacks. While it would be impossible to explain the nature of my disabilities, and how they keep me from being able to pursue gainful employment suffice it to say that I am unable to manage interpersonal and professional relationships with people in a working environment, and being around crowds causes severe panic attacks/feelings of being suffocated and my life being in danger. The ONLY way I can work would be in a situation where there are NOT a lot of people and I am NOT under direct supervision from an individual, AND I have a place that I can retreat to when things begin to get crazy. This is why working from home is such an ideal situation. Believe it or not, my Vocational Rehabilitation counselor was actually open to the idea of pursuing my education for the purpose of opening my own home based cake decorating business given the uniqueness of my disabilities, providing I could get signed off by my VA doctors stating that they feel I could handle the stressors of such a situation. OK...HERE IS MY QUESTION..Am I putting my 100% P&T at risk by applying for Voc Rehab? Can they take away my rating just for applying for Voc Rehab? Can I work part-time from my house and still maintain my 100% P&T rating? What are your recommendations regarding this whole situation? Once again, I thank you for your time and I realize that there are endless possibilities and answers to this question. Please answer the question to the best of your ability, and feel free to email me or ask me here should you require any further information.

Sincerely Yours,

Jeff Crockett

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Welcome to Hadit.

Help us out .

When you make a post this long break it down into some paragraphs

with some space in between.

If not - you might not get many answers.

Not meaning to come down on you so quick in the game

but take a moment and look it over again, people will loose interest in it quick.


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For clarification, are you SC'd for mental health at a scheduler 100 percent plus additional SC'd disabilities ?

Have you ever considered doing some volunteer work in an environment that would be suitable

to your disabilities ?

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Hey, Jeff - congrats on the 100% P&T and on the wishes to work. First I agree w/carlie, try to break up your posts with paragraphs or breaks. I can't tell you how often I don't respond, to posts, due to the fact I have difficulty reading those that are one extended sentence and those posters, unfortunately, lose my particular insight which can often be very much their loss.

I love the culinary arts!!! I attended a small community college culinary arts program, way back, in the early 90's. I only need to do an externship for my degree but don't need it cuz I have nothing to prove, to anyone. My PTSD claim dates back to 1989 and after a lengthy appeal process I'm 100% P&T, for PTSD, since 1989, so I'm protected, completely.

A "Patisserie/Bakery Chef," decorating cakes, out of my home, on a part-time basis career could workout. Bear in mind that P&T is really only protected after 20 yrs at 100%. If married I'd make it my wife's business, thereby making it a family business/sheltered workshop. You would be free to do your artistic craft but she would run it and must be more involved in the "business" aspect than you.

Is your "need" an artistic one or a financial one??? With 100% + SMC and SSDI, which you should also be receiving, you should be financially comfortable, so I hope it's artistic. We all wish to work!! We need to be productive. You might consider doing volunteer work. Perhaps doing cakes at "cost" for those who have minimal income. This way you could feel good about your art/work, while learning more and perfecting your skills and expanding your exposure in that field. I cooked for "meals on wheels," for a while, until I realized the sh*t they were serving the elderly, of which I'm now one of them. I won't get started on that subject.

Anyway, good luck!!! Personally, I wouldn't risk losing my VA comp, which you could be doing.


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Hi Guys,

Sorry about the long post...I will tone it down in the future with more breaks. Let me start by answering the specific questions I was asked:

Charlie asked the following questions:

1. For clarification, are you SC'd for mental health at a scheduler 100 percent plus additional SC'd disabilities?

answer: I am 100% P & T Schedular for PTSD PLUS additional SC'd disabilities at around 60%.

2. Have you ever considered doing some volunteer work in an environment that would be suitable

to your disabilities?

answer: I do volunteer work at my church on Sundays doing various things that I am able to do with the disabilities that I have.

Philip Rogers also asked the following:

1. Is your "need" an artistic one or a financial one???

answer: While I do receive both SSDI and my 100% + SMC from the VA I am raising 4 children and my wife is only able to work a few hours a day due to the nature of her employment and the fact that we only have one car. We are able to get by, but money is tight and we could use more of it to do a little more "thriving" and a little less "surviving"...

2. Anyway, good luck!!! Personally, I wouldn't risk losing my VA comp, which you could be doing.

answer: THIS is why I am here...I'm trying to find out what I need to do to best protect myself from losing my P&T status.

Keep in mind that my VA Psychiatrist has written in my medical records that it is her opinion that I will NEVER be able to work full-time EVER again due to the nature of my PTSD/Anxiety disorder and Major Depression. She has further stated that I would be able to pursue part-time work at some time, but that successful completion of such work should NOT be construed as an indication that my PTSD has been cured or lessened.

She stated that just because I am doing good in one particular area does NOT mean that my PTSD has improved or changed in any way for the better. I am hoping that these kinds of entries in my medical records would offer me some kind of protection from revocation of my P&T status.

My biggest question I guess is whether or not I should just wait to apply for Voc Rehab until my 20 years has passed. As much as it would KILL me to wait that long, I would be willing to do it if it is the only way to protect my status. I just can't believe that the VA would rather have me sit around and do nothing while they pay me rather than try to work at least part-time and be a productive member of society. Keep in mind that I could NEVER work a "Normal" job. The only way I could work at all is if it was a job that was either out of my home, or done in an environment where I was by myself or around only a few people at a time!

Anyways, thanks for your help...There are so many extenuating circumstances to my situation, and I managed to read quite a few articles last night regarding how my specific case SHOULD be protected from revocation of benefits in any way...But in the end I guess it is just a crap shoot isn't it?

Thanks again for your time, and I look forward to hearing from you all in the very near future!


Jeff Crockett

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