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Va "every 90 Day Letters" Notification

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Hello everyone, I've been gone for several months recovering from my third foot surgery, lengthy recovery it's just too debilitating, stress meter way up; just to cut to the chase regarding claims, I've explained it all in previous posts but this is my current situation: I have a 40% rating, 30% for PTSD and 10% for service connected combat injury. I submitted a claim for secondary physical problems (left foot serious issue, knee, hip, back problems). Claim for secondary issues submitted 2 years ago, had 2 C&P exams which turned out to be just chats with the VA Doctor, his medical reports state "Inconclusive" contrary to support statements I submitted from my surgeon and additional medical Phycisian's IMO support statements. ..... they tell me this additional claim (secondary issues) it's still in process. I submitted a claim for an increase for PTSD condition last year, I saw a private sector Psychiatrist for 5 months for secondary opinion and IMO support letter which I submitted to VA Regional. My question is: Is having 2 separate claims delaying the process? I submitted all support statements from all Physicians, Surgeons etc. until I had no more to submit. The statement in the VA examiner's report "Inconclusive" makes me ask and wonder; where do we go from here. As far as my PTSD claim for increase goes, the VA keeps sending me letters stating "they are still processing claim, they'll be in touch in 90 days" My VFW Rep. says it is just a matter of being patient, we can't do anything but wait for their decision. Is he correct? Do we just sit and wait who knows how long for a response whether positive or negative? In the meantime the 90 day notices keep coming. I don't know, I just have the premonition that there is something I should be doing to get more info about claims status. I have been undergoing treatment at the Veterans Mental Health for 4 plus years, They are aware of my condition but do not help Vets with support statements. Anyway, suggestions, answers, opinions are appreciated. Thanks a bunch.


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  • HadIt.com Elder

Hey, look at it this way, you're another "90 days" closer to a decision. Sorry, I couldn't resist! Unfortunately they just take forever. Sorry, but I don't know of anyway to expedite your claim(s). It basically takes whatever it takes. Just make sure all your evidence is in and hang in there. If anyone knows more I'm sure they'll jump in shortly.


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The every 90 day letter is compute generated from "Hines" the mega computer in Illonis. They are generated if you have a pending claim in the system. It is a waiting game.

"Don't give up. Don't ever give up." Jimmy V

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If you feel you have fully complied with all evidence requests,unfortunately it becomes a waiting game.

"Inconclusive"-if this was the C & P doc's statement for somethng, the VA will probably consider that opinion as speculative and a strong IMO will overcome it.

"I submitted a claim for an increase for PTSD condition last year, I saw a private sector Psychiatrist for 5 months for secondary opinion and IMO support letter which I submitted to VA Regional."

If this opinion complied with the IMO criteria ere in or IMO frum and the doc gave a full medical rationale for their conclusions that would warrant higher rating, then VA will give that ample consideration.

"(left foot serious issue, knee, hip, back problems)"

What established SC did you claim these as 'secondary to'?

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  • HadIt.com Elder

I agree with Berta but I also wonder if your claim may be hung up somewhere waiting on something like a letter from your VSO, It happened to me and my file sat on an empty desk for 2 years.

You might also call 800 827 1000 and ask for an inquiry as to where your file is.

Good Luck

Veterans deserve real choice for their health care.

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