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What Does The Historic Va Court Ruling Mean For Veterans?

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Most of us are taking the "wait and see what the VA will do" attitude. If the past history is any indicator, I really do not see any real changes come from this. The VA goes its own way, and is famous for "snubbing" congress. Congressional inquiries rarely, if ever, produce any real results. If the VA can snub congress, why would they not likewise snub the courts?

Here is an example of Shinseki defying congress:


The VA is a train wreck, out of control. It will take a "new engineer" to have any hope of fixing the VA, as Shinseki is just along for the ride, and has no intention of following congress intent.

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It is ironic to note that a Judge has now ruled the VA has some serious problems. Now remember that Office of Inspector General has continously for over 12 years pointed out serious problems to Congress. At any House Veterans Affairs or Senate Veterans Affairs Hearings , the VA has always taken the stand of we are doing a fine job and we will change the areas you bring to our attention.

Ok fine, please tell me why is there over 1,000,000 claims backlogged? If the VA is taking the reports , the hearings and now another Judges rulings seriously then why is the Board of Veteran Appeals remanding ,,,,REMANDING OVER 80% of the Veterans Appeals back to the Regional Offices for mistakes , oversights or wrong decisions , illegal decisions by the Regional Offices which could have been done correctly the first time around.

It is the arrogance of the VA Regional Offices and the incredible incompetence of its personnel......... Howbeit that someone is giving the orders from alot higher than the Regional Managers ,,,,,,,,,,and I mean way higher, that some well meaning Regional Office personnel are made to be Whistle Blowers and can't do anything to change a corrupted wheel of government , sworn to take care of our Nations finest......its Veterans.

I think Bronco and Berta in the comments section, said it right ,,,,,They do not care about the Constitution ,,,,,or Due Process ... why should the VA care about the 38 CFR's , the M21's , or any other law that would award any Veteran his legal and well presented claim. Even if it is supported by sound medical evidence, the entire denial process ,,,is illegal but using up something most of us Veterans and their Widows and families do not have and that is TIME. Just look at the posters saying how long they have fought for their benefits. Years and Years......I know I am one fighting the gigantic wheel of VA Regional Office Abuse.

Remember,,,,,,, the old saying Delay Delay Delay ,,,,Deny Deny Deny ,,,,, until they Die , Die , Die. It is a proven tactic the VA Regional Offices know so well. The sad thing is that it works and the VA knows it works , so they are incredibly protective of it.

Forget whose in the White House. It is the Regional Offices that know how to fight anyone in the elected positions , whether it is Republican, or Democrats. The problem has not changed in the last half century. the VA is out of control and must eventually be totally dismantled and DESTROYED before any positive steps to help and I mean really help our Veterans can be started. The law says one thing , but the VA.......... they do whatever they want. As for me.......NEVER GIVE UP . God Bless, C.C.

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