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Missouri (Mo): St. Louis

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St. Louis Regional Office

This topic was created to try to help veterans who use this regional office. It is designed to offer a way for them to possibly help each other or band together to possibly get services improved.

When commenting in this topic, please try to do so constructively.

1. Mention reason for interacting with this regional office;

2. Give your pro/con on this interaction;

3. Without betraying private information, try to offer information or warnings that might be helpful to others when dealing with this office.

4. Please do not give names, phone numbers or addresses of specific persons at this office. If you do so, the post will be deleted.

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Worst office ever! They are very rude on the phone. Act like they know your file but if you ask specific information they just say "what were you told?" I think they just hired a guy off the street to talk on the phone who has no idea what is really going on.

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When I went to the St. Louis RO for a video conferance on my appeal for EED. Basicly we were treated good by the staff working there and they answered questions that were asked about the conferance as far as they could.

The guards (rent a cop?) found a pair of sissores that my wife has in her purse (1 1/2 inches long) and said that she could not bring them in. So she asked if she could throw them in the trash can and was told no! My attorney told her to give them to him and he walked out to his car and put them in the trunk. Then the guard let us in.

As I said the staff there treated us fair but the Judge at the video hearing was not very understanding or polite at all. But he was in Washington so what do you expect.

When I went for my hearing the get my disabality the the hearing officer was polite, fair, and listened to me, my wife and my attorneys before he told me I won my case and got my SC on my back. The only thing we disagreed on was the effective date and that was the reason for the video conferance.

On the St. Louis RO I had an overall experance that was average to above average.

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Substandard!! They are so untruthful it is pathetic! I had requested my complete C-File numerous times as they had all of my records they said " they were working on it but I had to make an appointment to see it and get the records I needed!" So I drive the 157 miles one way and they say "Sorry our copy machine is broken!"

WTF a 4 story building and they only have one copier!!!

Finally after much persuasing on my part they said I could "look at it and mark any pages I didn't have!" BUT only with a staff member watching me (like I might add or delete something, WHATEVER!)

BUT after about 1 hour they said "WE ARE NOT PAYING OUR STAFF TO WATCH YOU LOOK AT YOUR FILE!" I was unglued and asked to speak to the Director, and they said , they would copy everything and send me it all via mail, but he was unavailable...I left a note for director, and got records within like a week...wonder if this was everything though??

The voc rehab dept is a joke like 4 counselors as they kept leaving or going somewhere else...I am still waiting 4 years for the office equiptment they promised me.

Plus I have to stop at least 3 or 4 times going that distance, get out stretch, walk around my car...and the gas! WOW they are jokes there. Never can keep the womens vet coordinators. Like 6 in 8 years. Plus they take records by the boxes and suitcases, and computers home with them!! No wonder our SS#'s get out to the public. Terrible NON accountability!!

So many family and friends work there. Like a vet, works there, and he has his wife working there, and both their daughters, and his mother-in-law, and some non vet friends...No wonder these positions are never posted!! I am sure if by chance they were, it would be a formality only, and the friend or family member would get the job.

The few people that were decent no longer work there, as they had to transfer out to Tn or le let go. (They were helping vets, so the bonuses went down) so good bye to them.

Sorry I had to tell some of the TRUTH, FACTS regarding this place!

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I've requested files from STL and got nothing. Recently when I call they have started telling me my file is incomplete and I haven't filled out required documentation, which is crap because I have the mail receipts saying they signed for them! This building needs to burn! The VA is crap! I just want one person to help me, I am doing everything I can!

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