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Not Sure Where To Turn

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I have been on this site for a while but new to posting. I am 90% disabled for PTSD and Bipolar II Mixed and currently going through a hard time. In the past I was turned down for TDIU and SSD because nothing in my records stated I couldn't work just my condition is guarded. I have no place in the area to get an IMO since I live in the booneys. My VA treating doctor and social worker have recently wrote short letters that may or may not help my case. They were reluctant to do so. I just left my last job because stress and panic it caused me on the job due to my PTSD. I was wondering if I can (appropriate) to share my two letters and get oppinions on how it may help or not help my case? The letters are about a half a page put together. I've been able to get employment but not maintain it. Thanks.

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Appropriate? Sure. I don't see anything wrong with it and many here do so they can get an opinion just as you seek. Just redact what personal information you don't feel comfortable allowing other to know.

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Thanks for the quick response. I didn't know where else to go to get an opinion. Below are the two letters redacted.


___ is under my care over a year. He is treated for PTSD and bipolar disorder mixed type. He reports he is experiencing severe anxiety at work and difficulty concentrating at work. As a result his perormance at work has suffered. This is affecting his self esteem. Since his move to __________ he has alreay changed his job twice. Because of his emotional problems cause by his psychiatric issues he is unable to hold on to a job and perform satisfactory. Considering the chronicity of the conditon prognosis is guarded.

Social Worker

This letter is to inform you that I have been working with _____ in individual therpy for over a year. He is also participating with medication management with (above Dr). He has been diagnoses with chronic PTSD, as well as Bipolar Disoder mixed. At this writing, the veteran continues to struggle with moderate to severe symptoms, resulting in serious impariment in individual, social, and occupational functioning. Problems with excessive anxiety, panic attacks, mood liability, poor concentration, memory problems, social impariment, and irritability contribute to reduce reliability and productivity on the job. In addition, ____ has difficulty adapting to stressful situations, making it difficult to manage the day to day stressors of work. This has been reflected in his ongoing attempts to maintain employment, which has led to multiple changes in postions and job duties, in attempt to accommodate his ongoing problems. Also, the vulnerability for increased symptoms remains high, especially under times of increased stress. Even with treatment to date, symptoms have remained chronic and at least moderate to severe. Prognosis is guarded, due to the veteran's fragile functional status, as well as his progression of symptoms to date.

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You can go on line to VONAPP and fill out a request for increase

in your SC'd conditions, request IU on a 21-8940

and fax in copies of the statements.

Some people may make a choice to also follow up the above with a

hard copy in the mail - certified RRR, or if you were close to the RO

you could hand deliver this and get a date stamped copy.

The VA will more likely than not schedule you for a C&P exam to help

determine the current level of disability.

What ever is done will take plenty of time - most likely at least a year

or more before you get any answer.

Good luck.




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Carlie and wdroberson thanks for your replies. Charlie I have applied through my service officer as you directed already I appreciate this information. Wdroberson or anyone I feel the same way having the word guarded in the letter. But what about the doctor stateing that "I can't hold onto a job" (maintaining) this would mean even in a guarded state? This sounds definate to me and is exactly what TDIU is meant to address. What do you think any hope there how about for SSD purposes (I do have an attorney for the ssd).

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I am 90% disabled for PTSD and Bipolar II Mixed and currently going through a hard time.


Please clarify you SC'd condition/s and update your profile at Hadit

with the correct percentage.

Mental Health disability's (not necessarily inclusive of eating disorders)

do not comp at the 80 OR 90 percent evaluation levels.

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