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Hla-B27 And Degenerative Joint Disease In My Spine

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Im not sure where to start I will give it a shot. Ok back in Aug 2010 I ended up having my first case of Uveitis, I ended getting treated for it at the VA and it ended up getting cleared up. I had a few more flare ups between Aug 2010 and then this Oct I had a really bad flare up and had to go back to the optometrist for more eye drops, he was concerned and had some blood work done. When the blood work came back I ended up testing positive with HLA-B27. When I had my comp exam back in 2008 they diagnosed me with service connected degenerative joint disease in my spine and a joint in my shoulder(both rated at 0%). I also had claimed hip pains and was told it was just pain that was radiating from my spine. The Optometrist said that their is strong evidence that I have an autoimmune disease. Alot of this points to Spondyloarthropathy. He is sending me to see a rheumatologist soon. I was wondering if anyone could tell me what to expect when I see the rheumatologist. I would also appreciate any suggestions anyone could give me on if they think this could be service connected and what steps should I take from here including what I should get from the rheumatologist to help with the claim. Another important note should be that I do have a comp exam coming up soon ( This was scheduled before the problems with the Uveitis came back and the blood work was done.) and I was wondering if the examiner doesnt bring it up when he is asking about my back if I should bring this up because I had filed for an increase because it has gotten a lot worse in the last 3 years.


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I have spondolytis DJD moderate as of now. I am being treated at the VA by a team of rumotologist (sp) the first visit exam was very thorough for me with MRI ,xray, and blood work. then an exam with a doc where they check all of my joints and what hurts and stuff like that.

I often ask what is this caused by and always get the answer we don't know. But having the HLA marker in your blood is pretty consistent for most if not all. They also keep telling me it is hereditary.

I am on pain meds for this and trust me it can hurt like the dickins and can pop up out of nowhere at least for me. The hip pain is a real bugger when it acts up and makes driving uncomfortable.

I am already 100% for my heart and am getting SMC-s so I have not claimed this. Recently the VA wants me to start injection of a drug called Ebroson (sp) the kind the golfer Milkenson pitches on tv but it weakens your ability to fight disease and my private cardio doc will not approve it for me.

Good luck with your claim if you do file and let us know how it goes!!

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