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Stem Cell Treatment For Veterans

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Hello All,

As many of you know the problems with Chemical Exposures , is the amount of damage done to the Central Nervous System, The Lungs, The Heart, The Colon , Rheumatoid Arthritis , Eyes ,,,, just for a few. I am in contact with some friends that are having Stem Cell Treatment done and as long as it is dealing with the above issues there has been some very positive results. The treatments are now available in the United States but only recently and still questioned by many as to whether they work or not. Governor Perry has also been thru the treatments. I have one friend that took a daughter to Panama and unfortunately the treatment was tried on a bladder disease and it did not work. The above dieseases I listed though have had successful stories. The treatments are about $25000 for the United States and around $20000 in Panama and Korea is a about $18000. I have another friend that leaves Tuesday for Stem Cell treatment for his heart.

I am seriously considering it as I am not going to do a Lung and Heart transplant for many reasons as you can imagine. I was wondering if there are any Veterans that have used this and is there a way to get the VA to pay for this? Are there any programs that a Veteran might qualify for treatment that is outside of VA? Hopefully this will open up some alternative care and sharing some experiences or thoughts about this new treatment. I have reached a point of the diseases and suffered now to the point that I am tired, and somewhat desparate. Oh yes this is not using aborted fetuses parts so lets get this off the political screen as I would not consider it if it was. NEVER GIVE UP . God Bless, C.C.

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I am currently working with Veterans in Pain for stem cell treatment at greatly reduced or free (depending on income).  I’m in the intake process now.  There are a lot of hoops to jump through, imaging you HAVE to have and them\n they set you up with a doc to approve/disapprove the treatment.  They work with other non profits to help cover travel and such expenses.  There are at least 6 groups in the nation providing this you can find them with a simple search on “veterans stem cell therapy”.  
I’ll let you know if I get into treatment and how it works.  I’m 90% service connected and fused S1-T4, C4-5-6, both knees disclocated, prosthetic right jaw…multiple FX’s.  I’m a mess.  But I’m hoping!

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Well, no, never give up.  "ONE" way is to get the treatments paid for alone or in part, with your medicare/medicare advantage plan if you are over 65.  I got medicare part b (medicare advantage) for just such purposes.  

Another way to get VA to pay for it is through community health care, and this will likely require a referral from your PCP (your va doc).  

You could/should also consider contacting, say the Cleveland Clinic or other "cutting edge" hospitals, like that.  

Yea, it may be a lot of trouble to go to Cleveland Clinic, but, you indicated a possibility of a "lung and heart transplant", which could well mean you could pass without some cutting edge treatments, such as stem cell or others.  

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Hello All,

This is very discouraging but I thought I was going to have a problem from the forum getting an answer as this treatment is new in the United States and not many people have gone outside the US for treatement. All of the people I know that have had it done are not Veterans.

Now I kinda feel like the guinea pig for the Veteran community on this and I just don't know if I have the funds available for it. Yes, I am kind of stuck behind the 8ball on this one and really don't have an answer. I can't be the only veteran out there that is looking at this treatment am I???

As always though , I will NEVER GIVE UP. God Bless, C.C.

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