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Ortho And Ptsd Tommorw

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I've got ortho C & P for my left knee followed quickly by the one for PTSD. I am filling out forms tonight, all advice to this site and my personal e-mail appreciated, my first trip for either.

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I've got ortho C & P for my left knee followed quickly by the one for PTSD. I am filling out forms tonight, all advice to this site and my personal e-mail appreciated, my first trip for either.

Few points on PTSD exam 1) Do not go out of your way to look good or impress anyone....dress as you normally would on a "down" day and act accordingly. 2) Make sure not to be over-friendly....do not make eye contact with the doc and keep the friendly chat to a minimum. 3) Do not highlite any of your good days or good behavior...only talk about your "worst" days and do not even hint that there are good ones. 4) Your childhood was GREAT...your parents were GREAT...you got plenty of hugs as a child, etc.... give one hint about an abusive past and your SC is gone.

I know this may sound a little like working the system, but the system is set up to help you fail. No one-time exam can give an accurate account of your PTSD and anything in your favor will be ignored in favor of anything against you ('tis the VARO way). Think of it as more of a testimony in a criminal case then an exam.... only speak of things that help your case and plead the fifth on everything else:-)

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  • HadIt.com Elder
On left knee C&P the key thing is your ROM (Range of Motion) or flexion as they call it. Pain wasn't used as a factor on my left knee OA C&P exam.

Also on your knee, make them determine whether or not you have Arthritis in your knee as this is an additional 10 % to the 30% they may award......Also after the C&P , I would find a good ORTH for a IMO on this , as the VA will try to low ball you, it is always best to get one ahead of time.

This will in the long run save you a lot of headache dealing with the VA.

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Appreciate the good posts so far - hadn't considered the arthritis on the knee, I'll bet they can find good evidence of that!

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Got through these yesterday and haven't a clue how they'll turn out - but then I am the worlds foremost anxiety ridden pessimist.

The ortho doc was an older fellow who was very easy-going and comforting. Seemed to know what he was doing. I mentioned the possibility of arthritis and he chuckled once and said something like "no doubt". I asked him about it later and he seemed to feel it was a foregone conclusion due to my being an old geezer of 47.

They took a couple of x-rays and everyone was true to the guidelines on the exam room wall, spelling out what NOT to speak to a C & P claimant about.

I spent a few hours at the zoo to help my wife look after my 2.5 year-old granddaughter and her friend - didn't want to go, but just took it as a mission of mercy for her and the kids. I hobbled through the next night of work and the C & P.

I believe my Psych exam was handled by a psychologist. We ran over time because my short answers are other peoples epics. She left me worried by suggesting at the end that I might have Asperger's syndrome, I wonder if she's turning that in as a formal diagnosis and how long it will take me to get throught that!

I now have ROI requests in for 4 different C & P's from the 15th to the 26th and haven't gotten the first one yet. My HealtheVet has a note that the examiner has placed my audiogram on Vista apps (whatever that is) and I have no idea how to access it - probably not supposed to!

Here's one for ya! She asked me what I would do if I found myself stranded in the Denver airport (we were in Vancouver, Wa.) with only a dollar bill.

I didn't have a clue - said "probably buy a Coke".

I'd give somebodys right arm for a clue to what's cooking. I wouldn't know who might have any info this early, especially anyone who'd be willing to share it with me!

She did say I was putting myself at a disadvantage by not looking at people, given my hearing disability. I agree. In retrospect, I might should have asked her to stand up then raised my head and looked her in the eye. Of the last two people I've done so, one ran off and the other was next to wetting himself, became cautious and carefully worded a soft departure statement reminiscent of someone trying to excuse themselves and back away from an armed mugger. I was just seeing if I recognized the person who spoke to me in both cases.

I'm not that ugly or big, but "contact sports" have left a shelf of calcium over my eyes like a neanderthal and eyebrows that are naturally "hawkish". It's been noted that if I looked a person in the eye and told them I was going to burn their house down tonight, they'd grab a few things and leave town with no forwarding address. Actually when I was young people told me I looked like Burt Reynolds - if anyone made such a comparison now they probably add "on crack".

but I digress...

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