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Claim Worked From Afar....

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I received a call today from the VA in North Dakota. Apparently someone there working my case which normally is handled in Cleveland area. Very nice, polite--just had some questions. They state they did not receive info from one doctor (which I mailed myself signature required). I mailed two packages--one from each doctor on July 6. They were signed for on in Cleveland at VA July 10. Good news is that they did not misplace the larger of the two (218 pages). VA rep told me that I now have 3 binders of documents. I made copies of the document they were missing (2nd time this happened this claim) and mailed it again--signature required.

He also asked about me applying for unemployability when I was still working. I told him I am working 10 hours per week in a family business which is a sheltered environment-so I still qualify--as I would not otherwise be working. He was unaware of that concept and said he would have to talk to a rater. They will be sending my employer a form to fill out.

I also see on e-benefits they are requesting info from social security. I assume that is for a close end claim I had with SSI from the 1990s.

Anyhow--they interrupted my day--I handled the BS, post office mailing, and at least I know that my claim is actually getting some attention--even if it is in North Dakota. Anyone else find claims are being processed out of state?

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Regional Offices often "broker" claims to other Regional Offices that are not as busy. When a case is brokered it is usually worked "as somewhat" of a priority, in so much as there is an expected turn around time for when a case will be returned to it's home office.

They will need the Employment Verification form filled out, even though it is a family business, just as they expect self-employed to fill out the form for themself. It is verification of income, time worked and lost hours as well. They will request either medical records from SS or they can request income statements, in this case it could be either, or, both.

Good luck on the claim, it's looks like there is movement. Each time there is movement there also comes delay, as the claim is suspended pending receipt of the evidence requested. In my opinion it will be a while before any decision is made.

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Ebenefits today had a new date of completion---08/2014 - 02/2015. They seem to be waiting for something from Cleveland. Hopefully it is just the recently requested TDIU documents and perhaps the documentation from one doctor which they seemed to have lost 4 times. I've mailed it in 3 times. The doctor mailed it in 2. Mine are signature required---although if they can't find it in their piles---it does me no good.

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Received an email from my VSO this week and she said that it appeared that they were sending my records regarding hypertension to be reviewed in Cleveland. The same day I received notice to report to Cleveland for another C&P which I have to assume is for the hypertension. When I had my 2 C&P exams last year in October and November I remarked to my spouse that it was odd that they never took my BP as it is part of my claim. So will be driving 2.5 hours to Cleveland area to have them take my BP even though there is a clinic just 10 miles away and another 55 miles away. I am happy to report because it is again movement on the claim--however, it seems like they wasted some money not including this last year--I believe travel pay is over $100.

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I am also surprised the VARO did not have your exam ordered by a contracted examiner right in your hometown area. It does seem odd to me also, but take the travel pay and make a trip and have a nice dinner or lunch out. How long does it take to review your meds and take 3 blood pressure readings? Good luck, at least there is movement on your claim.

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