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  1. SueEdel


    Does 100% IU P&T qualify under the ten year issue? I am having a difficult time finding an answer to this specific question. "Many DIC claims fall under 100% SC P & T for ten continuous years.....easy to succeed in" Berta
  2. SueEdel


    I've been a SC vet since 1977 with usual claims and such over the years. I was recently awarded on appeal 90% combined and 100% IU. I don't consider my disabilities to be life threatening although they have been seriously life altering due to MST event. I am rated for fibro, agoraphobia, colitis, vertigo going back to 2012. The condition that was turned down twice on claim and appeal is for hypertension. They agree I have it but refuse service connection. 1) Will my spouse still be eligible for DIC since I am at 90% with 100% IU P&T? 2) Attorney did file papers for the hypertens
  3. I do want to give kudos to my attorney Katrina J. Eagle, esq. In 2013 preparing for a NOD I searched through hadit.com to inquire about hiring representation. I narrowed the list down and I sent a summary to 3 separate attorneys to garner some input on my appeal. All 3 agreed it was a solid appeal. After much thought I chose Katrina even though we are in different time zones. She went to bat for me and while preparing the NOD she found an item I hadn't considered as arguable. Appeal took some time however that is a VA system issue not an indicator of the worth of counsel. Decision on
  4. Favorable decision earlier this month. They corrected their errors. At issue for most of us is the length of time it takes. If this had been properly processed they wouldn't need to pay employees to re-do the claim.
  5. I submitted 21-4138. Six well written paragraphs. I contend that once my file was moved from Cleveland to Fargo in 2013 and Fargo called and asked about my employment situation they looked no further than the fact than I maintained some employment. The VA caller stated "I've never heard of anything like that". Basically you work or you don't. I don't believe they looked at this document. In another area of my claim they totally missed two letters of Nexus. Discounted them as unacceptable lay statements. One letter was from a VA doctor. The other for one who has treated me for 20+ years.
  6. I received the refund today in the mail via check. The letter offering other insurance to purchase has not yet arrived.
  7. Indeed. But the raters frequently miss this second section. They used the income level to deny me. When I mentioned to them the sheltered environment the person on the phone taking all the info stated "I never heard of that". Denied. All remedied now but took a long time. If the rater had read this info in 2012 they really could have avoided an appeal.
  8. I just received a phone call from GSA FTS Regional responding to an email and no I don't need to file it. They said they have all the info they need. They stopped the deduction as of today. Refund will be 14-15 months of payment. Letter for additional insurance if desired will arrive in 7-10 days. when I was first disabled in 1977 they offered $1000 insurance and they paid the premiums. So my last purchase was for $9000.
  9. Just wasn't sure this was the correct form. Seems ludicrous.
  10. "Under certain conditions, the basic S-DVI policy provides for a waiver of premiums in case of total disability." After a 2013 decision I applied for the additional $9000 life insurance I was eligible for and because I was at that point denied TDIU premiums were paid directly from my compensation. i am now 100% P&T TDIU. I understand I can get a waiver. When I called the insurance the clerk was rather clipped and curt. They sent me a 29-357. Is this the correct form? Why would they need doctors info and records if the VA inself has declared 100%? This form is asking about
  11. My first big expenditure was bath towels on sale. Less than $100.00. I am still trying to process everything. I do have 90% schedular. 100% P&T TDIU. Due to the way this was finally processed I have two items outstanding from this appeal. They finally decided the appeal and while it was in the works being mailed to me they set up two C&P exams which took place early this month. They have been written but not yet rated. One appears to be headed to non SC (hypertension) and the other fibro appears it will show as a correction in diagnosis.
  12. Wonderful news! I am still trying to absorb all the ramifications of mine from last week. I am so happy for you. My envelope arrived before e-benefits updated. I do still have one outstanding contention and noted due to my e-benefits addiction that a date on the appeal which had been 1/12/14 was changed yesterday to 5/25/17. I am hoping that perhaps we will start seeming many of these long standing appeals resolved soon!
  13. I agree with filing both. I did wonder if the source of your hep c could be the vaccine jet guns that were used at one time in the Navy.
  14. Thanks Tbird. The only big expenditure is a vehicle upgrade. I have a 1998 in very nice shape that is garaged and well tended but need something newer. I will be getting something from perhaps 2013-2015. Otherwise paying bills. Trying to lighten the load we've been carrying for years.
  15. I was hoping that someday I would be able to report success on my claim to this forum. Today I. Am reporting SUCCESS! I tend to be a quiet lurker but garner the info I need and move on with it. This claim was started in 2012 (I've been in system as SC since 1977). The original decision was frankly a garbled up mess that looked like it was written by a fifth grader. It had no rhyme or reason to their findings. According to the documents i am now rated at 90%. I also have TDIU which was first denied because I earned too much money while the regulations state that if you work in a shelt
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