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How To Upload Documents To Ebenefits



OK, so went to my pc and created an instruction guide for uploading documents to eBenefits.

How to upload documents to eBenefits

Created 18 July 2014.

Requirements: Scanner, pc and Microsoft Office software.

  1. Place document to be scanned face down on your flatbed scanner or scan feeder facedown.
  2. Select scan feature on the scanner software on your pc.
  3. Select monochrome text, unless you are scanning a photo- then select color photo option.
  4. This should automatically select the 200 x 200 dpi option on your scanner.
  5. This will scan the document as a jpeg file, which is one of the acceptable file formats that eBenefits will accept.
  6. Select save on the scanner software that is on your pc. Suggest you save to your desktop or some easily accessible file folder
  7. Hold your mouse over the selected icon for the scanned document,
  8. Right click to see options, choose open with MICROSOFT OFFICE.
  9. This will open as an M/S Office picture.
  10. Go to tool bar at top and open PICTURE option
  11. Scroll down to RESIZE. Click this option.
  12. Go to right side of screen and select custom width and height, the pc will automatically select 1024 x 768 pixels. Use this if just uploading one or two documents. Select OK.
  13. If uploading many pages, select preferred width and height from the options in # 12.
  14. Select WEB Large, 640 x 480 pixels then select OK.
  15. Then go to top, open file give this new document a name and save in a folder, either your desktop or create a new folder that is easily accessible.
  16. Note: when you save, it will display the default file name, change it to whatever you want and it will also display JPEG file interchange format. Then select OK.

I hope this is not too confusing, but this works for me. Sorry if you are using an Apple device as no experience with them. I use M/S 10 and also have M/S 13 on my pc, and Brother MFCJ875DW scanner with a Brother HL 5370DW laser printer.

Experienced persons may load say 10-12 documents in the top feed scanner and do same thing, but make sure you check each page and give it a name and number. Always make sure that the scanned item is legible.


Vern, aka Hamster ManJ

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you can use PDF creator here:


All you have to do is print what ever document to the PDFCreator print function and save the PDF to you Desktop and then you can move it where ever you want.

I have been using it for 3 years and it is great.

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My version of Office has an option convert any file to .jpg or .pdf. I take it a couple of steps further, which when done once doesn't take much extra time. I set MS Word to its top and bottom margin limits of .5 inch. I then print out a bunch of blank pages with this information at the top and bottom:

Page n of t Certified Mail RRR #:xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

n = page number

t = total pages

x = The little green USPS Certified Mail #

I went to the post office a while back and picked up a handful of both the little stickers with the huge number part of which the USPS gives you back with a post mark when you mail the envelope as well as those green post cards that get signed by the VA and returned. I also mail a copy to myself CM RRR. It was a trick I learned in Communications Law called a "pocket copyright" used for proving when you wrote something, but it works just as well for this purpose. The VA can and does manipulate the "38 CFR assumption of regularity" as a rock to hide behind (possibly UNDER--OK ladies and gentlemen- I'll be nice), so we have to respond with percision. If you give them an out, they will most certainly avail themselves to it. Nothing they do is pro-vet-NOTHING. Here are three recent examples: (1) opiate prescriptions have to be phoned into a VAMC answering machine. Now a vet has to phone it in during normal business hours 8-4 rather than 24/7 as has been the procedure for as long as I can remember--does this help the veterans or the VA employees; (2) No more scheduled appointments--go to the "rapid care clinic" and wait your turn--many of us older vets clearly remember the gaggle that ensues ie. come in at 8 and wait until 4 and if you don't get seen too bad come back some other day--does this help the veterans or the VA employees?; and (3) travel pay will no longer be paid on appointment day--the check will be in the mail(yes I know the other two parts of the saying)-once again the veterans are financing the provision of the benefits we all earned. Possibly #4, the fancy new VA ID cards. We are assured in the letter that brings the new card that no "personally identifiable informaton" is contained in the magnetic stip on the back of the card--then what the hell is the damned thing good for. It has a 10 digit Member ID consisting of which as far as I can tell has not relationship with our claim numbers or SSA #'s; and a PLAN ID# (80840) followed by another 10-digit number. And the icing on the cake is that they are using an 18-year old photo on the card. How many man hours and millions of dollars were spend on this worthless endeavor ? How many new staff members could have been hired?

My dear monitors, If you feel the need to move my post over to the children's table, you won't hurt my feelings.

Semper Fi!

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