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  • Moderator

I Just wanted to mention to everyone using the VA for there medical care.

Make sure they do things right, if your not sure? go get your progress Notes and read up on them it could very well save your life.

if you don't hear back from your Dr or medical team WITHIN A REASONABLE TIME LIKE 20/30 DAYS I suggest you to seek outside medical opinions and deal with the VA later its your health and possibly your life that is at stake. so rather or not your seeking compensation benefits or just seeking medical help its very important to stay on top of the VA ass.....and save yours!



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You are absolutely right Buck.

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  • Content Curator/HadIt.com Elder


That is some wise advice.

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Great post Buck, if I could add to it, I would like to tell veterans to take a HARD look at your current problem list, the codes associated with your problems and see if the accurately reflect what you have. It seems the VA has a tendency to minimize and downplay the injuries and ilnesses. WHY because if a veteran is just listed with a very generic code such as " back pain" which is more of a symptom than a diagnosed injury or disease, and they really have spinal injury, nerve damage, radiocopathy, ect, it limits the care options for the veteran, and I firmly believe it is tied in with the Compensation side of the VA.

If you know that your problem list codes dont match what you have, confront your primary care team, ask them why it dfoesnt match?

It can all affect you in ways you would not think. Heres one example. Ok you go file for SS. You go before the judge, and she reads the VA med records and notes. Your primary doctor has your back condition, listed as " back pain" . What you really have though is spinal stenosis, Degenerative Disk Disease, spondylolysis theses , ect. The judge is going to go by WHAT IS WRITTEN IN YOUR MEDICAL RECORDS. you can talk until your blue in the face, telling about your pain, the pain meds your on, the fact that you cant touch your toes, you use a heating pad, you cant stand very long , you cant sit very long, you cant walk far, you cant , you cant , you cant.

WELL YOU KNOW WHAT? THE JUDGE DOES NOT CARE!!! Judges by nature are very data oriented. They go by what they can read. So if your doctor is sticking it to you, to deny care, and save the VA money, by manipulating the data, you will lose your SS claim, you will get lowballed on or lose your VA disability claims, and you will be denied care.

Your health problems can and will likely become worse, because you are being denied treatment based on a lie.


PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE, download all of your vamc medical records, read all of the notes, read all of the active problem lists, compare them with what you know you have.

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Heres a more detailed description of how the scam works.

You go to your primary complaining of increased back pain, and let them know that you have had accidents that have likely aggravated your back injury, ect. Doctor orders xray just as an appeasement, and says everything is A OK. You go pick up your rx of painkillers and go home. months later you go complain again and request further diagnostic tests such as an MRI. You are then informed that you do not meet the criteria for an MRI. Well why dont you meet the criteria, well you dont meet the criteria, because the xray you initially recieved was pencilwhipped into a abomination of facts . . The medical notes will likely say something like "theres a little arthritis" or " theres VERY MILD degeneration of the disk area. Ok now your are stuck in a pickle. You are denied care and further testing, based on the initial lie you were told.

You suffer possibly needlessly because there likely are procedures and treatments available, which you are being systematically denied.

Now things have come to a boil. The VA is getting a flashlight shined up thier rectum, because of the massive amount of narcotic pain killers they have been prescribing, in lieu of more comprehensive, more appropriate, more effective, more expensive treatment options. So in the end, the veterans are getting cut off the pain meds, AND denied treatment. It is just sickening.

its like the old saying...... heads they win , tales we lose.

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  • Moderator

Well one of my reasons I posted this Jbasser the hadit moderator and hadit radio show host the basser hour with jerrel, J mention this on his show last week,

And I can see exactly what he meant.

When you go get an x ray or MRI ...if you may have a small spot on your lung or your heart is swelled up on the right side ect,,ect,, and the Dr's don't catch it...but finally lets you now months later.....this happens all the time!

things like this that is concern for your health.

This is why we all need to check the blue button or get your medical records after you see the Dr's...go get a cup coffee or go shop in the patriot store for 30 mins or so.... then go ask for your medical records,

the Dr has to sign off on the computer about your exam before he/she sees the next patient WHEN THE DR PUTS IT IN THE COMPUTER THEN IT AUTO GOES TO RECORDS!

so be sure and get your medical records and read them and keep them in a safe place.

I started me a Medical file as well a claim file.


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  • Moderator

It would help if you educate yourself about your disability or condition/condition's ( research the internet!

as to have more understanding about your medical condition with what the Dr's tell you!

I believe some of the VA Dr's think were all stupid or idiots and they don't have to answer to anyone!

some of the Dr anyway..not all VA Dr Just some are ok and love there job to be a healer!

but some don't give a rats behind....were just a number to them.



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Also, you can get a copy of xrays and MRI on a CD, which you can actually view on your home computer,. you have to open a file on the disc called RSVS. it is the one in capital letter. It opens an execution file, and lets you view and enhance the MRI images. then you can print, copy, do whatever you want. You can also burn a disc from the original copy on your home computer .

If you want the VA to make a copy, go to release of records, get a request, then go to cashier, pay 7.77 and they will make and give or mail you a copy.

If you want to learn to read your MRI, theres you tube videos explaining the basics.

I think by the time im done, I will be a half assed doctor and a half assed lawyer but I wont be lied to anymore.

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  • Moderator


Good Point!

My spouse got her CD MRI's and the'' Close-up MRI'' of her Back from VAMC, and we put it in the computer but were unable to understand/read it? this is where medical education comes in handy!

but she will take it to her private Dr & go over it.


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I already knew what my problem was, because an outside doctor told me with just xrays, but the VA denied, denied, denied, and refused an MRI. Finally after bitvh, moan, and complain long enough I got the MRI. Things have gotten worse, and they STILL try to deny. The radiologist wont speak to me, the patient advocate plays stupid, the director of the hospital is ducking me, and I dont thing the chief of staff speaks english.

Other than all that, my VA is one fine medical institution

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Im praying that an employee at this VA comes forward and blows the whistle. After informing this person that I begged for 3 years to get an MRI, I was informed that this person at one time worked " upstairs" and was being forced to engage in data manipulation.

This person could not do it, and requested transfer, and was moved. Some good people are being forced to do bad things at the VAMCs.

I told this person abt this forum, . Im not going to say any more because I dont want to jeopardize thier job.

Those of you who believe in prayer, plz pray that this person has courage to come forward, if it is the right time, and will be effective.

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  • Content Curator/HadIt.com Elder

A "GOOD" doctor knows that many conditions may not show up on an x-ray will show up on an MRI. A previous primary care doctor outright refused to write a referral to the ultra-sacred MRI. I talked with the patient representative and then got a different doctor. They were also very hesitant, but first sent me for some x-rays. After they saw signs of degeneration, they started realizing maybe this veteran really does have the problems he has been complaining about. The MRI results came back and proved exactly what I had been saying all along.

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  • Moderator


Email Bob or call

just try to keep it simple Like

Mr VA Sectary

My name is ***** ****** SS ###-##-####I am a,Gulf War? or Vietnam Veteran? and proudly served, however I been having some medical issues with my VAMC . (Address)

With all due respect please investagate my VAMC, I been trying 3 years for MRI'S and my PCP refuses me, I had a outside private X-Ray with speclist and it revealed **** I can present this evidence if you need it?

The VA Radiologist refuses to speak to me upon my request after an MRI was competed!

I Have seen the Patient Advocate and Chief of Staff on this matter and receive no results;

I am not the only Veteran getting denied for this very important test.

Mr VA Sectary Please investigate this matter as time will allow as my health is not good and I am very concerned & not only for me but my fellow Veterans as well.

Thank you for looking into this Issue.


***** * ******

Or something similar ?


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