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Anybody here take Cymbalta? I was approved by the VA, finally after begging my VA Primary Care Provider to send me to mental health after none of the other stuff helped me with pain.

Will it help with severe pain and what interactions should I be warned about with it as I also take Oxycodone? Mental Health also gave me Xanax but warned me of its addiction. I tried taking it with Oxycodone, noway Jose will I do that again, that combination causes me to sleep. I don't know how long it takes to get it in my system so I just might wait on the Cymbalta. I pray it helps with all this pain in my spine I have now.

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Medications that works for one person may not work for another.

I had a bad reaction to Cymbalta that put me in the hospital for a week. I was taking Gabapentin and my new mental health doctor switched me to Cymbalta and told me it was better than Gabapentin and it would replace some of my other medications. I was in so much pain after a few days of taking Cymbalta I ended up in the emergency room and then the hospital kept me for a week. I was nauseated, vomiting, chills, stomach pain, chest pain, and diarrhea. I had to be put on an IV for dehydration and low potassium.

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powwel long time no read bud. How have you been? It is kind of a crap shoot. I have been on the Gabepentin, Lyrica, Cymbalta, Abien, Xanax, combinations and have had so so results. The Gab and Lyr caused some weight gain so I stopped those and the rest well kind of a flattened effect. I think honestly the combination of heat, ice, tens has been more successful than the neuro meds. Heh I did finally get the new pain cream from my new VA doc, so happens that the pain cream with capsicum does exist, imagine that. Still experimenting with that and see if it offers better results.

I have asked for surgical consults and well the VA's stance is forcing me on the MOVE program and telling me they will send me to Houston but as a waste because they won't touch me since I am overweight and too young. Its all a process and a waiting game. Most times I realize it is not for my benefit.

Private doc is going to do an anesthetic disco gram and possibly a lower lumbar fusion. Anyways off topic.

I think between Gabapentin and Cymbalta the Gab took a longer time to figure out it wasn't effective on me. Cymbalta I felt flattened but no less pain relief. They warn about the low sex drive and arousal problems but I didn't have that issue with the Cymbalta. Granted each person's body chemistry and reactions with other meds and scripts do play a part. It is worth a try IMO, some people have good responses with it.

Best of Luck.

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  • Moderator

I would ask MH about all the pain meds you take or my pcp about mixing them?...all people have a different reaction to a drug...that is why the DR's go to school for years to learn...I myself don't trust the VA D'rs so I do research on this! this is very important don't do trial & error!



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Say it isn't so, you don't trust your VA doc? :wacko: I think some of us are in the same boat. The key to most everything in life is to do your homework and research. Theres know excuse not to. It is your life we are talking about here.

I didn't mean to take a trial and error approach per say, more like a informed trial and error if so to speak. I guess that is not any better is it. Just take multiple avenues of research and facts and then decide what is worth the risk for the benefit you get. :mellow:

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  • HadIt.com Elder

I used the hot stuff on my back and it seemed fine. That night hours later it started to burn like hell. I had to get up at 2am and wash it off the best I could. A podiatrist told me to rub it on my feet. That is one of the worst ideas in the world. That is like rubbing it on your private parts. The herb Turmeric is supposed to be good for inflammation. Pretty cheap. If you have herniated disc in your neck or back most of this stuff is not really going to help that much at least not in my case. Some live with herniated discs and experience little pain and others are incapacitated. Why?


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John you made me laugh. Only because you reminded me of a prank that has been played on me and the favor returned. Won't ever happen again though. Icy hot in the drawers. Holy Balls Man. Never will I forget that one.

You really have to wash your hands VERY well. It's not funny in the least. I have taken to wearing disposable gloves when I use the Capsium based one. I mean really, you will have tears no joke. JME&O :ohmy:

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With the Neuro meds I so wish that they could have a medication that would work for everyone. I mean, really. It is just pain receptors right. Maybe one day there will an implant and chip where you can control and manage your pain with using your iPhone X2000

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