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Va Numbers "dont Add Up"

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  • Moderator

They must be using "VA math".

Consider, for example, the VA's "benefit claim inventory", here:


According to VA, on July 31,2012, the claims inventory was 883,930 (this was dubbed the Million man backlog, for good reason)

Then, on April 18, 2015, the claims inventory shrunk to 450,381 (about half).

However, with the backlog "halved", few, if any, of us have seen a real reduction in the time to process our claims in the past 3 years. For many of us, in fact, the wait is worse, especially with appeals. Other Veterans have noticed their claim on ebenefits "dropped" without a decision...just "poof" hit the delete key and its gone, with Veterans wondering what happened to their claim.

So, why would the numbers look so good if we are not seeing the results?

The only thing that makes sense is VA "faking" the numbers..again. Why are the numbers being "faked" again (as what happened in the VBA which ultimately resulted in the "resignation" of Shinseki? The faking is likely driven by executive bonuses, where VA execs collect bonuses based on the numbers, and no one checks to see if they are real or fake. Here is the "most likely as not" method they are faked:

1. Claims "dropped" from ebeneifts, which are not completed, just eliminated. This does not help Veterans, but only delays benefits or results in no decision at all, ever, which is worse. A delayed decision is better than no decision.

2. Claims denied en masse. This has caused the appeal backlog to soar from about 1 to 1.5 years, which is now closer to about 4 years..and growing.

3. VSO's "sitting" on claims and appeals. Count on your VSO to cooperate with VA and reduce the backlog. How, by not sending your claim, or delaying your appeal.

4. Dates of claims are faked by RO's, or the RO simply stuffs the paper claim in an area where it wont be "counted"...some hidden file cabinet or boxes in the basement, like what happened in Philadelphia, according to that VAOIG report.

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  • HadIt.com Elder

VA Dog and Pony show. Who knows how many claims are out there. Certainly not the VA

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They tried to turn my 2 claims, that were pending for 2 1/2 years without any acknowledgement at all from VA (except Peggy said they had them)

by filing a "new " claim for me last April.

The problem with that was that I had already won the "new claim" in 1997. (a New DIC claim)

I get DIC under 3 separate theories, death due to AO IHD, death due to DMII AO, and death by VA.(1151)

I emailed the IG about it. They took the "new claim' off their radar.

They are definitely manipulating the backlog figures just as they manipulate the FTCA and 1151 statistics.

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The convoluted process is not understandable to many and when they simplify the process then we will see results.

I sometimes wonder if the VA truly understands its own process.

The wait time for Appeals is horrible.

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  • Moderator

Yea..and I also had a claim "dropped" from ebenefits from 2012...no adjutication, just dropped. And, where is the form where I applied for benefits? Its probably not in the RBA, but instead the shredder bin.

I read much of the Philadelphia VAOIG report, which makes it clear: The VA is still shredding our claims (or stuffing them in a box in storage somewhere) or even putting them in other Veterans files. They are faking dates, and nothing happens when they do this. Heads should have rolled when the VAOIG issued its report.

Instead, the VAOIG made "recommendations" where the VARO "concurred" on most issues, then it was back to business as usual.

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