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Student Loan Discharge

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I am new here wasn't sure which forum this goes in. I got my student loans discharged in Dec. of 2014. I am a 100% s/c P&T since Aug. of 2000 I paid off one loan about 2400, it was my understanding I will be refunded to Aug of 2000. My question is how do I figue how much the refund will be? Or if it is worth worrying about. -Thank you in advance, joe :unsure:

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Why would you worry. Apparently you are getting a refund. Unless you are in a hurry to spend it, sit back and relax, take it easy and put the knowledge you gained from going to school to work. :smile:

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I agree with statements above. I paid thousands on my student loans and was granted Student Loan Discharge last summer. I was so happy to have all that loan forgiven, that I need not even worry about the thousands that I had paid. Sometimes just good to get a little, and run!!!

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About the only way I know how to calculate that is for you to go to your bank statements and see how much you paid. Its unclear whether you will get both principal and interest refunded, and Im not even sure you will get either.

I had student loans paid off, and I can not even get the student loan people to "take off my credit report" the delinquicies from the period where my student loans were to be forgiven, because it took them more than a 2 years to forgive my student loans. I had to fight them tooth and nail, also, to get my student loans forgiven even tho the regulations clearly said they should be.

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Just to add, a Student Loan Waiver, by which a VA doctor or any doctor has checked off the P & T box, can become good evidence of a P & T status for a VA TDIU claim ,if the disability is SC.

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I think you had an entirely valid question. This site is full of questions of people asking how much they will get for certain percentages of disability, how much they should get retro, etc. I don't see this concern as any different from those. And I don't think you should have to settle for being happy that the rest of your loans are discharged, if they actually owe you a refund for payments, especially as we don't even know how much you paid in the interim (that should be refunded) and how much they discharged.

Under the old policy (for applications filed prior to July 2013) when you filed for disability waiver on student loans they told you to continue to make payments until you were notified of your temporary status. Once you receive the permanent status, they should refund any amounts you paid since the time they have determined you were disabled.

The new policies are available online, if you filed after July 2013.


What Happens If I Apply Based On VA Determination Of Unemployability Due To Service-Connected Disability?

The Department will evaluate the required documentation you submit and either approve or deny your TPD discharge request.


If the Department approves your discharge request, we will notify you and the holders of your loans and/or TEACH Grant service obligation of the approval. We will also instruct the loan holders to return any loan payments received on or after your disability date to the person who made the payments. For this purpose, your “disability date” is the effective date of the VA’s determination that you were unemployable due to a service-connected disability.

After being notified that the Department has approved your discharge request, your loan holders will discharge your loans.

If you don't have a record of what you paid since August 2000, you should be able to create an account on the loan holder's website and get a statement of payments.

You are wise to start checking out what you should get. This process, like all Government programs does not always go as smoothly as it should. So it is best to know where you should stand.

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