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Digitized Records

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WV Server posted:

My records are digitized and have been since day one my Doc even log onto a DOD site to se my AF records. I was told by my RO that they can even do a word search when your records are digitized.

end quote.

Does anyone know if this has/is happening VA wide? Shinseki promised to digitize our records many, many moons ago, and all I heard about is one glitch after another...abandoned projects, wasted money, etc.

I could see how this is a VERY BIG DEAL, if VA could "do a word search". My file is 1500 pages long, and, no doubt, they dont want to read all or even most of these 1500 pages. However, if they could do a search such as "At least as likely as not"...this should lead to my c and p exam, especially one in 2007 that VA "forgot" about.

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  • HadIt.com Elder

I am not sure why some have there records digitized and some don't, maybe its just random who ever gets there records digitized ?

For those of you who are pending claims you guys better request to go see your c-file before a lot of records get lost. (due to the change over ditized)


DITIZED or not its better to have copies of everything and date stamp if you possibly can and date you actually got to view your c-file.

if you go to your RO to view your c-file and its not there then ask for a form called ''report of contact'' date stamped sign by a VSO

Always take important documents with you to a DRO Hearing never on a smart phone or computer ''like

ARng11 mention they won't let you use it or neither will they look at it (Bring your papers with you) any new medical evidence to help support your claim.



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Not only do I have my SMR digitized I also have the entire SMR copied (hard copy) at home! You are your own advocate so you need to make sure you have what you need to prove your claim!

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