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C&p Exam Appointment

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Good afternoon,

I received a call from the Ft Worth VA to schedule me for a C&P exam for a claim that I filed...I'm currently receiving 80% disability. I have not filed another claim for anything so I was puzzled and asked what it was for and they stated it was for my sleep apnea and migraines in which I receive 50% for sleep apnea and 30% for the migraines. I was puzzled to say the least however I asked what I needed to bring as I have private insurance from my husband's job and Tricare as well and the person told me nothing. I asked if he would like me to bring my meds and he said yes, if I would like but I didn't need to. My question is, is this normal and what should I expect they told me they have to get this done as quickly as possible because they only have a 30 day turn around. This is new to me and I am very confused, I'm new to the process. Please advise.



MSgt (ret) USAF

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The VA can request veterans come back to be reevaluated for various reasons. After 5, 10, and 20 years, your ratings will receive additional levels of protection and thus less risk of re-evaluation. P&T and TDIU status can also be beneficial to reduce risk of re-evaluation. If you have shown sustained improvement or if your conditions have worsened, they may also ask for re-evaluation. If your ratings were deemed 'temporary', like after having a surgery, they may ask you to come back for re-evaluation.

If the C&P results indicate a potential to reduce your rating, they will notify you in writing and you will have a time period to contest it.

Do your homework on this - it can help: I recommend you review your medical records since you received your current ratings for each condition. Look at the rating criteria and the DBQ. When you go to the C&P, be sure to take with you copies of any documentation that can help justify your rating be maintained.

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i agree. the va caller might not even actually have known it was a re-eval and it might have just showed up under a C&P for a claim in the system, which it kindof is. i would bring in the same documentation you had for the original awards as well as anything new. slap er down on the table. you will or SHOULD see on your ebennies schedule which "clinic" its at, ie mental health, neurology, etc.

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