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Process Question

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As I've stated on a few other posts I submitted an expedited claim for 5 conditions last month. I'm wondering what the process is if I want to submit a separate expedited claim for a different condition. I'm concerned about timing and the overall process and am asking for advice.

I'm a long time service connected Diabetic (33+ years). Unrelated to my existing claim, I have had issues with a high resting pulse rate, occasional irregular heart beat (several times a day the irregular heart beat makes me cough). I've noticed some additional changes recently where my feet swell and my blood pressure which was always 120/80 has been inching up over the last year+ (and on medication it is around 130/88). Looking to rule out causes for another secondary condition the VA scheduled and performed a CT scan which noted I have an enlarged heart. The Dr. that read the CT suggested I see a cardiologist but of course my primary care PA decided that a EKG was enough for now. So I made an appointment next week to see a cardiologist outside the VA.

So my question is: If the cardiologist notes some sort of heart related disease, does it make sense to wait and file for a secondary rating (until current claims are decided) or is there a mechanism to start a new claim that won't impact the current timeline for my current expedited claim?


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Im not 100% on this but im pretty sure that if you have a current pending claim regardless if its fdc, standard or "expedited" and you submit another claim what happens it that if the new claim gets rolled into it. So even if you are at preparation for decision on the first claim and you submit a new claim you wont get a decision on the new one until the second one reaches that point.

This is also why if you are in a hurry to get a claim decided and you submit a request for your c-file (which is handled as a claim) it can hold up the actual compensation claim as well.

In my opinion as long as you are getting treatment that is the most important part for the moment.

In the meantime, go to ebenefits, go into the compensation claim and "start a new claim" so that you can lock down your EED date for retro payments for the cardiology claim (claim). start to collect all the info now, sworn declarations (from yourself, friends, family, etc.).

once you get the meeting with the cardiologist and find out whats going on, if its not good ask the doc if it relates to any of your current conditions. If so ask him if he would mind writing up a ime report and fill out the dbq linking the issue to your current SC (also make sure he/she understands the importance of the words "more likely than not). Let he/she know that the VA is very stingy with these things and often the only way to get them to do the right hting is to hold their hand and the best way is through the words of board certified specialists like himself/herself, etc.

If you do all that then you already have the retro date locked down with a "intent to file" that is automatically created when you start a comp claim online. and once you have all the evidence you need submit it.

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