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  1. Hamslice, Hahahaha. Blue Leader Under Fire is too funny. Yes, I'm prepared for a long wait but I'm doing everything in my power to get the VA off their butts! V/r WOLF14
  2. UPDATE. I have confirmed that DFAS has in fact completed my AEW on 13 Aug 2015 and sent it to VA via batch file on 20 Aug 2015. VA of course said that it hasn't been scanned into the system for processing whatever the heck that means???? I also requested a copy of my AEW from DFAS on 18 Aug which has not arrived yet. The 1-800 call Peggy number is useless. Not sure when my Retro will be paid as I can't seem to get anyone on the phone at the 1-800 number that has a clue. I know there are lot's of Vets who have waited a long time for their retro. My thought is if DFAS sends it to VA via batch file then what would need to be scanned in for processing as I'm assuming that the batch file is on disc or computerized. BLUF: This seems fairly straight forward and is not rocket science. Thoughts................... V/r WOLF14
  3. broncovet, Please reference my post on 18 July 2015 on topic-100% Sc+P&t And Retro Questions. I attached a 'snapshot of the award letter. V/r WOLF14
  4. broncovet, AEW= Audit Error Worksheet. I guess DFAS conducts and Audit before they send to VA. Once VA gets it they are supposed to initiate any retro pay due. I do have a ebenefits premium acct. Just not sure where to look for something like this-maybe in payment history? V/r WOLF14
  5. Hello Hadit Experts, Just found out by calling DFAS that my AEW was completed on 13 Aug 2015. I sent in a request for a copy of the AEW of course. Also, I was checking myPay and under "Annual or Changed RAS" there was a RAS for Miscellaneous Credit for a whopping $3.62 minus .54 for Tax= $3.08. The statement effective date reads 13 Aug 2015 (date when DFAS verified my AEW was complete) and the New Pay Due date for the $3.08 was 18 Aug 2015 (today). I logged into my USAA acct and see the deposit of $3.08. The DFAS rep stated that my AEW would be transmitted to VA between 18 Aug 2015 thru 20 Aug 2015. I am expecting a retro of around $31K. Any input on when I may receive the retro due now that the timelines are falling into place? Is there a way to track the movement once its arrives at VA? Thanks Guru's. V/r WOLF14
  6. pete992, Thank you for the clarification. V/r WOLF14
  7. toddt, Thank you for the link. Anyone know of an easy Dependency and Indemnity Compensation Calculator? V/r WOLF14
  8. Hello Hadit Experts, QUESTION: I am 100% SC and P&T, when I finally leave this earth do my dependents continue to receive my SC disability payments from the VA or does the VA stop payments? V/r WOLF14
  9. Hadit experts, Here is a snapshot of the VA letter i just received Friday 17 July 2015 Everything looks good (although I don't agree with the DDD decrease, I will leave it alone as I know I will be back to my doctor often as my back keeps getting worse every day and just continue to build evedince if I ever have to use it for anymore VA exams even though the letter says no further exams). I am now 100% SC P&T with no future exams and Chapter 35/CHAMPVA/Etc. Any experts out there that can attempt to calculate my retro from 90% to 100%? I have no idea when I will see any retro but I'm hoping soon. Also any advice you can provide now that I am 100% SC P&T with no future exams would be much apprecieated.snapshotWOLF14VALETTER100SCPT.pdf Lastly, thank you to all of you for your support and guidance. My family and I thank you so much and thank you for your service. V/r WOLF14
  10. Well, I'm at work but my 11 y/o son told me that the letter came today. I had him send a pic of the first two pages and I like what I can see. He's 11 and does not take good pics on the iphone :( so I'll have to wait until I get home to view it for myself. I will post the findings. Thanks to all for your support on this long road. V/r WOLF14
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