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sleep apnea

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needs to be determined as service connected. treatment/documentation while in service?

if not probably won't happen.  Didn't for me until I filed SA as secondary to PTSD. was an automatic approval

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You have one part done, but the easier part, that is getting the VA to say "yep you got sleep apnea".

The hard part is getting it connected to Service.

1) if you have been diagnoses with SA in service or have some medical evidence that points to it in service (ie complaint of sleep issues, snoring, stopping breathing in your SMR).

2) have a SC condition that can cause it.  While much hooplah is made about PTSD and SA being secondary to it, it has been difficult to prove, regardless of the studies.


I would recommend reading and buying Chris Attigs "Put it to sleep" ebook on the subject.  I am just about to where you are.  I am waiting for the VA to diagnose it  and also get it SC connected.

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Navy 6983

How long did it take you for your appointment for the sleep study?

My MH Physiatrist put in for me a sleep study 2 months ago and I still ain't herd anything, I run across her the other day at the VAMC and I ask her about it  she said she would do a ''follow-up''   that was 3 weeks ago still not heard anything?



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Buck, i got seen and was told to get a private one on the VA's dime via the sleep specialist at the VA.

I got that done in March, it was not what he wanted (he wanted split night IN PATIENT not take home).  Late july he finally viewed the results and ordered me to do it in house there, but the earliest appointment was late october if that helps.

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