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varicose veins

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I have been filing for comp and pension for varicose veins as well as secondary conditions which was tact on to my high blood pressure and cardiovascular  issues also noted in my military records, and being treated while on active duty, I have been currently being treated for this condition since 2006 by the VA, I have been submitting claims to the Comp and pension, been denied for 8 years up until now I have my first comp and pension exam, it only took 9 years to get them to see me for a service connected issue. Her report was due 9 days ago and still she has not even wrote anything to the comp and pension board. I have a fear she will defer this to someone else and I will have to be seen all over again, even through she is a specialist in this field as a cardiovascular doctor. I went through this same issue when I filed a claim for Malaria currently that says NSC but yet I contracted it during the 70's while in the Marines and so recorded in my military records, but that's a different issue.

Is there a reason why she is not responding to the deadline? Hell I had to stand butt naked in front of her so she could measure my veins, can't get compression hose from the VA unless I'm 10% service connected for this condition, hell you can't get them if you are 0 % either. These are not cheap on the outside to buy. The VA determined that I need to wear a 20/30 compression stockings.

Any help in this matter would be nice, thank you

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Well I was turned down for my varicose veins claim, for some reason they turned it down before the comp and pension doctors Exam notes ever made to the claims office up at Portland, Oregon. Also they added that I was claiming Gulf War Syndrome, Seizure Disorders From Anthrax Vaccines, Exposure to Depleted Uranium, and get this also says Exposure to Agent Orange, I have never even said anything concerning these claims. How all this ended up in my Comp and Pension claim for varicose veins claim I have no ideal, anyway they said Not Service Connected. I'm at that point in writing to the local congressman. Her notes does not state anything about the items I have mentioned above but I had a second comp and pension doctor look at her notes and from what he can read I should have received a service connected claim for Varicose veins.  

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could you put up there reason and bases for the denial?

be sure cover your name & SS number.

I see your SC AT 40%?

Also be sure you have that medical report from the ''other Dr that did the other C&P stating you should be SC for V.V...(.that's important evidence)


Sounds like maybe they were looking at some other veteran files? not sure why the C&P Examiner never filed a report?  The rating board should have requested that report.  if she never filed it then this Exam can be retaken  and at your request & request a different Examiner  (state your reason)!!

If you can prove the rating board never looked/read your C&P this could be a CUE on there part

You need to send in a NOD notice of disagreement (if you haven't already)?




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There is some medical association between malaria and cardiovascular problems.

I think they should have SCed the malaria too if it was at a compensable rating years ago. Or even at SC at 0%.

You might want to consider filing an IRIS complaint.Obviously something went wrong at your RO to end up with a denial for conditions you did not even claim.

Was that second C & P doctor giving you a formal C & P exam, or just offered his/her opinion.



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I have my claim at work since I work for the VA, I will bring it home, and post what transpired in her notes, as for the second opinion for the notes all I wanted to do is get a second look to see why it was turned down at Portland. He did NOT re-examined me for the claim in question. But when you look at my section under says disabilities Portland added those claims in that I have mentioned above. The agent Orange really got me I don't remember ever being sprayed in the jungle, hell I came in the Marines in 1975, they stopped spraying in 1972. is there a standard form to file for a NOD notice of disagreement ? I don't see that in the VA forms listing here at work. I was also told I need to wait until I receive my denial letter first. The Marine Corps is really famous for not keeping good medical records I see allot of that here. I went to jungle school in the Philippines and since the base closure the Subic bay Navel base hospital it's almost nearly impossible to get records, because most if not all were destroyed or missing. I see allot of NO Records Found/Located.



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This was her final statement at the end of her notes: I think this is what killed it,  This is what she wrote at the end. (Medical Opinion) As per above HTN is not a risk factor for the development of varicose veins, nor is it the treatment of HTN. Thus it is less likely than not that the veterans current varicose veins are proximately due to or the result of his service. The condition claimed is less likely than not ( less than 50% probability) proximately due to or the result of the veterans service connected condition.


What is really weird is that e-benefits added under disability's new claims that I have NOT nor have I ever mention or claimed for. It was like someone just added these in for the hell of it.

Gulf War Syndrome

Seizure Disorders From Anthrax Vaccines

Exposure To Depleted Uranium

Exposure To Agent Orange

And last but least Anxiety claim.

Which they all were listed as NOT SERVICE CONNECTED.


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