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How do I file for stress related illnesses?

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Hello all, got a question,

I have been dealing with multiple issues that are stress related, for over 20 years.  During my 2nd year on AD I began to develop sleep issues, and from there I had sinus infections seemingly on a monthly basis. My bowels also began to be grumpy, resulting in diahria 3-4 days a week and stomach cramps.  I also started consuming mass quantities of alcohol, mostly Jim Beam, till I passed out.  I even enjoyed a NJP courtesy of said Jim drinking. I'm sure my MH problems began shortly after I fell down a flight of stairs during Boot Camp, in November of 1992.

I do have a printed list of all my VA prescriptions for various NSAIDs over the years, which are medically proven to cause or increase depression. 

I was looking on eBenefits, trying to figure out how to file for these contentions. question is, should I speak to my local VAMC bennies counselor, and have him file the claims?  He's  been pretty good to me so far(got me bumped from 60-80%.

Any guidance suggestions clues or hints would be most welcome and greatly appreciated!

Thanks in advance.

Semper Fi.


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I think you are confusing illnesses that could have a stress related component with stress as a separate disability.

I think you should check the Gulf War regs as to their presumptives, if you are a Gulf War vet( to include Afganistan and Iraq vets) available here under a search .

"I do have a printed list of all my VA prescriptions for various NSAIDs over the years, which are medically proven to cause or increase depression."

VA usually concedes GERD to long term VA prescribed NSAIDS but an MH issue as secondary would need a strong IMO.


If you are not employed has your vet rep advised to file for TDIU?

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Ok, thanks for the info.

Now then, could I file the contentions as SC?

As for the NSAIDS, I took them nearly the whole 6 years I was on AD, before the VA took over.

I will look at the Gulf War regs, but not sure if I qualify, my years of service are 11/92 thru 11/98.


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These are the Gulf War presumptives for any Gulf War, Iraq, Afganistan in country veteran, as defined with the dates ,here:

You can certainly claims any contention you feel would have a nexus to your service but

It pays to not be vague but to claim what you have been diagnosed with already if possible, or if not, try to be specific.

You might have IBS from the GW but I am no doctor on that.

"I'm sure my MH problems began shortly after I fell down a flight of stairs during Boot Camp, in November of 1992."

If you incurred an injury from the fall, that has since, required treatment, and probably would have a NSC rating by now, in your claims file,  that might be something to claim as cause of the disability you have now from it, if at a ratable level.

Any MH issue stemming from that, in my opinion, is a stretch. But that is just my opinion.

I am from the olden days (but  as a civilian)  when the DIs used to punch Marines so hard,while at Attention that they would fall to their knees,or hit the ground backwards.....,as part of their 'training' if the Marine appeared to be 'eye' balling the DI.Or some other sundry reason.

I often wonder how many Marines got TBIs and even internal injuries from their DI s during Boot Camp.( or even PTSD)

My former PC man , in his 50s , was at Parris Island well after the abuse of Marines had been stopped. I pulled out some stuff from the CORPS as we bsed  and the minute he saw a big arial map I have of Parris Island he suddenly became very anxious and told me it had been horrible, even 30 years ago,. If you still have the book they printed up with your picture in it ,when you joined, that map is the center of the book.

It is quite possible your physical SC  problems have caused you MH difficulties but those types of claims need a strong IMO..unless you feel you fall under the 2010 new PTSD regulations.



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From what i understand you dont have to have the illness start in service if its related to GW and you meet the criteria, that say for example, you have IBS now and it may have started in 2010 but you got out in 2008, but since you qualify as a GW vet it is considered presumptive, and as long as you meet the criteria for GW vet and the illness meets the criteria for a GW presumptive illness the nexus is considered there absent any compelling reason outside GW?

From my reading that is what i understand, correct me if i am wrong please.

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What I meant by everything started with the fall down the stairs was that it made me a target for DI ridicule. Then as it caused ongoing problems during the 6 years of my AD, being harassed and threatened because of falling back or out of unit runs.  Not that I was singled out, but the constant threat of being put on report or written up was always there. I even got to enjoy remedial pt for a month at a time, more than once. Which we all know is the cure for slow run times due to injury. 

Add to that trying to do my job while my knees and back hurt.  I'm quite sure if I had served ten years or more back in time I would have been drummed out for malingering or worse. On top of that nobody cared that my body hurt. I wasnt injured in any glorious fashion, combat or auto wreck, or crazy ex-wife, so it was dismissed.


When I was reading your post about the Marine and his reaction to the boot camp book, my heart was racing and my breathing was increasing, and I could feel my stress level shooting for the stars!  I didn't even realize how it was effecting me till I saw my hands shaking. Even now typing this is effecting me I keep misspelling the words.


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