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accepted first try

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I have heard and read the horror stories of being denied over and over again...having to get an attorney and still getting turned away.  I was accepted the first shot!  IN fact, my records states that I am NOT to be called in for any IME's in the future, that my acceptance is permenant.  They have, indeed, left me alone and just pay me every month and put me on Medicare also.  I was only 57 when this happened.  Any advice that you may want, just ask.



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Do you mean the VA means you don't have to have any more IME's to mean C&P Exams?

and also does it correctly state what you mention above?

or does it state your disability is of nature and chronic with no future exams scheduled?

and your disability is Permanent & Total ?

I think age helps in not getting Called up for an exam and the VA Medical records show your getting treated at the VAMC.

However no veteran is safe from a C&P Exam  they can call you up at any giving time...until you reach 20 years or age 69 or some VA Dr says your disability has shown improvement.

I have been TDIU P&T  with no future exams scheduled and disability is of nature Since 2002 /with 2 C&P's in 2001 & DRO Hearing at RO .

I  filed PTSD Claim last year (2015)  and the only C&P they sent me  to was my PTSD C&P Exam, but if they wanted to I'm sure they could send me for my primary disability for an Exam at anytime  and I am over 64.

Every Veteran is different but we all have the same VA & Regs &VA Law to abide by.



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i am in my 1st 60 days since filing for PTSD anything that you recommend? The process is supposed tp be expedited for veterans.

Thanks I am glad for you.

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