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Put in for PTSD Increase and SMC L

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  • HadIt.com Elder

This is confusing to say the least!

I read this and looks like us vietnam vets are out or do not qualify for A-A


To qualify, the veteran you are caring for must meet the following criteria:

Served since September 11, 2001


Been seriously injured (physically *OR* mentally, including PTSD and TBI) in the line
of duty since 9/11/01 (but this doesn't have to include injuries sustained in


Need help because they can't perform one or more activities of daily living on their
own *OR* they need supervision or protection because of their injuries.  These can
include things like: Dressing, Grooming, Bathing, Feeding, Seizures, Difficulty with
Planning or Organizing, Being at Risk for Wandering or Getting Lost, Danger of
Falling, Sleep Problems, Delusions, Hallucinations, Memory Problems, Help
Regulating Mood or Keeping Mood Stable.


Need at least 6 months of assistance from their caregiver.


Must be enrolled or enroll in the VA health services.


Be out of the military or have a date for medical discharge.

These are the basic criteria.  There are a few other questions that you will go over with
your VA Caregiver Support Coordinator (someone you'll meet in the next step!).

- See more at: http://familyofavet.com/va_caregiver_program.html#sthash.bG8qb3GY.dpuf

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  • HadIt.com Elder

If a Veteran who is 90%, IU P&T meets the requirements for SMC L Aid & Attendance for a combination of SC conditions, it appears that that route to SMC L is NOT PREDICATED on SC percentages. Is that correct? I think it is...

Assuming it is correct, and the Veteran also met the criteria for SMC K (for loss of use of creative organ), AND had SC disabilities of 90% (none of which meet schedular "loss of" sight, appendages, etc.) Wouldn't that meanL1/2 plus SMC K?

And if we assume all of the above except Veteran is 100% schedular, wouldn't that mean SMC M plus SMC K?

And last question - it appears one must be SMC, O in order to qualify for the higher level of Aid & Attendance, even though they clearly meet all of the other criteria - is that correct? Any known exceptions to that?

POSTED BY GlassRose 1500


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  • HadIt.com Elder

so if Navy04,

 applies for SMC L & is already getting SMC-S...at the 3.415.74  and applies for the SMC L

Then is up's his comp to the 3.779.09 month?

but  extra add extra per child under age 18?

Asknod mention:

To address SMC S and L, the current S amount is $3,415.74/month for a married Vet plus comp. for any rugrats. SMC L is currently $3,779.09/mo. with no children.

Maybe Navy04 should file for L,M,N. O/P at the same time..or is that pyramiding?

Asknod: N4Life's recent filing. A&A has two higher tiers (R1 &R2/T).  To be awarded L, M, N or O/P, you must qualify completely with any of their listed items. A&A, as a stand alone, is not SMC L but merely a component(one of the incredients)

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  • HadIt.com Elder

I have a 100% rating with TDIU P&T

And recently was awarded a 70%PTSD And qualified me for the SMC-S-1 H.B.

THE 3,415,74 Monthly comp

Now I am filing a new claim for sleep apnea  and if its awarded...to 50%  I still won't quailify for more SMC's because of the SMC Critiera.

but I need the Sleep Apnea Service Connected

for the DIC.

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  • 3 weeks later...

Sorry I have been gone guys, thank you so much for the support. I actually have two PTSD exams thru the VES, one tomorrow and other on thursday. Just found out today that I am having an implant put in my lower back to make my bladder work correctly. That will be installed over the next few weeks. Hard to believe that at the age of 34 my bladder or bowels are working right. Sounds like the implant alone will increase the 40% to 100%. My PTSD should be increased to 100% as well per what the Docs have been saying for the last few years. I have a bunch of issues to file for including the Sleep apnea I was diagnosed with 2 years ago. I just trying to get the VA off my back. I hate having to relive this crap every other month, and being reviewed even though I am P&T. Thanks again guys, and I will update soon. I have already submitted Wife and Buddy Letters, VA Caregiver Nurse Reports from the last 2 years Stating that I require full time care, MH VA Notes, and going to submit my SSDI award letter tomorrow stating that I am Labeled as Endangerment to socienty

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Well I went thru the PTSD review increase exam yesterday thru the VES with a civilian psych Doc.  I was very nervous, and it was hard. The Doc was very dry, and did not show much emotion good or bad. He stated that he read my wife and buddy support letters thru Ebenefits. He reviewed my MH VA notes from the last 2 years. Wanted me to read off the current psych meds and go thru a PTSD review check list. Basically yes or no answers, and then he would ask for extra info every now and then. I was in there for about 2 hours, and that was it, said good bye and he thanked me for my service. Hard to tell which way he was thinking. Glad I made it thru that exam. Sucks that we can not see those VES C&P exam reports online. Well I have another exam tomorrow, which I believe is for A&A, but I really dont know. Thank you guys for support, and pray for me tomorrow.

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