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Put in for PTSD Increase and SMC L

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Well my claim moved to Prep for Decision this morning. All you guys have posted alot of Great Info. I just wish that I understood the SMCs like you guys. I talk to alot of Vets at the VAs and they always tell me to apply for this or that, I just dont understand it all. This whole process has been so stressful. Along with the fact that I am having Surgery on Friday this week to Have an Implant put in to make my Bladder work correctly. I am SC at 40% for the Bladder issues, so I guess I will put in for Temporary 100% and a New Claim for an Increase as well. Thanks alot guys for the Support. I Love all my Fellow Vets, and God Bless!!!

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Well my claim for PTSD increase and A&A completed today on Ebenefits but I see nothing. That whole process was quick, only a few months, but very stressful. I submitted a ton of Evidence and letters along with having to go thru 2 C&Ps.  I hope that I receive the BWE next week with good news. Thanks for the support and all the info given by the positive folks on Hadit Hope you guys have a good weekend. God Bless

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Update:  I received the BBE last week. I was denied the Increase for PTSD and kept at 70%, but my VA MH Doc is completing the DBQ as we speak. The claim moved to fast to get that Completed in time. So I will see what the DBQ says and go from there As far as the A&A, weird thing is it was Denied due to it stating that I met the Guidelines but am currently listed as Having a VA Caregiver, which is my wife, and She is being paid at the Highest Tier. I am assuming that the VA is saying that they dont approve Both, either one or the other. I will look more into it. I am 100% Permanent, So I really submitted this Claim to challenge the VA and get them off my Back. They have been Reviewing the Hell out of me Since Last Year, again even though I am Permanent. So though the process and exams were brutal, I am glad to make it thru the Claim, and show the VA that I am not going to sit back and take the Crap!!!  Hell I am having yet 2 more surgeries over the next 12 days!!!  Thanks all for the support and God Bless

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That's pretty much what I said in Post #4 of this thread. You cannot pyramid remuneration for the same disabilities. SMC S (or maybe L) or.... SMC T but not both. 

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13 hours ago, Johnny Adams said:

Good Morning,

I have a few questions about SMC.  I currently receive SMC S, for I have 70% PTSD and have 50% for Sleep Apnia, 40% for Fybromyalgia, 30% Migranes, 20% for Cervical Spine, and 10% for TBI and a host of about 9 other things all listed at the 10% Disability rating.  Would they just look at new A/A that I just submitted or would they pyramid me to the SMC t?  this is so confusing.  Thanks for any help.

Make a new thread. You brought up an old one and many will think that something was posted for this thread of 2016.

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ok so this is a great thread guys,

So i have been wondering some of the same things, SO i am 100% P and T with SMC L1/2 pay grade. but my awards are k L and p im paid at a L1/2 then an extra 110 for loss of organ. with loss of use of an upper extremety.  so i always thought if i applied for my wife to be a caregiver, that i would just lose some of that extra comp and gain a little back in her account? or do i keep my rate then if she is approved its just an extra payment for her? I dont think i am an extreme tier maybe a tier 2, i require help with getting dressed, and cooking, and if i have to shave beings how my dominate arm has lack of control and movement. so do i apply for the post 911 caregiver for her? then 2nd question would be if i apply for this does it open my cases back up for re evalutation as im opening new claims again?   this is a complex subject many reps cannot even answer these questions


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