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3 month update

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I know now this could mean both but when I ask the DDS rep what she used for my claim she said 11.18 TBI and 12.02 organic mental disorder. Hope that's mean first shot one kill!!! So anxious for my call tomorrow 


Benefit Application Under Review

A medical decision has been made and we are working to process your benefit application. A Social Security Representative may contact you directly if we need any additional documents or information.


The Disability Determination Service for your state started processing the medical portion of your benefit application.


We started reviewing your Disability benefit application.


Your Disability benefit application was submitted.


Your online Disability benefit application was started.


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After the first week it's spent 3 months at DDS examiner who told me to find a lawyer appeal you'll be fine she found me disabled but the SSA doctor said I could do simple two steps tasks which my neuropsych test I can't even follow two step tasks by my auditory memory. 

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I know how difficult this journey can be, i went to judge and even special counsel after the Judge denied me. Best advice i can give you is that you need everyone on board from Dr. to specialist and still pray that no one is having a bad day who your case is with. Also most importantly is for you to know when your Insurance (SSDI) expires.. yes it expires, does not last for ever.. so you can't just re do, re appeal for ever.. there is a timeline and you better know this now!.

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Vallhalla0321: Respectfully submitted:

 According to the Social Security Administration, your medical condition will be reviewed periodically. If your condition is expected to improve, the first review is typically 6 to 18 months after the date you first became disabled. If improvement is possible but unpredictable, the reviews are usually done every three years. If you’re not expected to improve, reviews are typically done every seven years.


F Y I  SSDI is based on what you paid into the system,( not an entitlement)  and is awarded based on an individual's disability - inability to work or severity of the disability. 

No expiration, per say -  unless it has been awarded on a temporary basis, such as cancer and you are in remission and have the ability to return to work.

The above reviews times  are correct, but not an absolute.  I received my award at age 56, after 39 years of continuous employment-( entered Navy age 17)  it only took 2 months for approval. 

  Here is a link for updated information. http://www.ssdrc.com/13-10.html

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Intial claim denied hired attorney filed appeal today. I know it won't be until the next appeal until it's approved but isn't there anyway to expedit a hearing once i get this next denial? I'm not looking at P and T until my exam in 2022 the VA has told me I'm not fighting anymore I'll be 36 then so I'm done fighting for PT I'm just working on my medical to have a mangable life free from anxiety. Sounds unrealistic but i need some hope. 

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