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Caregiver Program

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I was told by my neurologist to ask into the VA caregiver program when my psychiatrist at the VA she wants me to have her supervise me with things so I don't hurt myself or worse my kids. Hearing that made me feel like a burden to my wife who has enough to deal with me asking the same questions everyday and drives with me every where so I can remember where Im going and getting lost for hours with a GPS is my drawing the line now. I know she needs help she works parttime now and cares forthree kids two of which are under 3. ones under 40 se cooks for me most of the time when I try to cook I do things like leaving the gas burner on the whole night which Ive done 4 times in the last 2 months and when I used the grill I drained 3 Propane tanks leaving the burner on over night thank god we don't smoke. Everyday I struggle with remembering what and where I am going having here there to remember every place we go. The stress between two children and me when I have my outbursts away from the kids I don't know how she does it. I am looking at trying to get her some help because we are as close o house poor as they come now. My doctor told me to talk to the caregiver manager to talk about getting my wife into the program. How long does this take? Will my wife have to leave her PT job? I have heard about these tiers but not sure how they calculate the hours when my wife is literally there everyday enduring the frustration of explaining to me 4 to 5 times the same thing? I get lost walking from room to room in my own home forgetting what I was getting or where I left it. I have now been without my wallet for almost 2 months this is the third time since I moved into the new home having left it in a whole town over from oiurs.I do still drive and get frusterated because I still get lost with a GPS which leaves my wife holding the GPS an telling me where to turn. That's just the tip of the ICE berg can someone tell  me if I qualify for either A/A other then SMC S which I get or able to be apart of the Care giver program? I know the program would take care of my wife who literally is running out of ideas of what  to do since we cant afford daycare and now the doctor doesn't trust me alone with the kids as well as my wife doesn't. And she shoudnt since my daughter got into a bucket of paint stripper I left out and I was so lucky I saw it immediately and washed her skin before harm was done. I don't know how to put being a failed father and husband sucks but if I harm my children from being so impulsive and distracted I don't know whats next for me...

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@jfrei If you are eligible then by all means apply. If you served after 9/11 you can apply, unfortunately if you served before 9/11 you cannot receive it. I understand completely what you are saying I had many years like that. I have arranged my life with the help of my unpaid niece who runs interference for me so I don't become overwhelmed. She gets me to all my appointments, I see her just about everyday and she notices if I seem to be getting off track. She is a god send, I wish I could get on the caregiver program but I'm not post 9/11. Just so you know I have talked to many veterans with PTSD who has a spouse or family member doing the exact same thing for them as your wife does for you. You are not alone.


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I am writing my memoirs and would love it if you could help a shipmate out and look at it.

I've had a few challenges, perhaps the same as you. I relate them here to demonstrate that we can learn, overcome, and find purpose in life.

The stories can be harrowing to read; they were challenging to live. Remember that each story taught me something I would need once I found my purpose, and my purpose was and is HadIt.com Veterans.

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I served after 9/11 and in Afghanistan in 2009 thanks for the heads up. Why does that even matter a disabled Vets all bleed the same color. I hear you about the overwhelming feeling I do not react well  with any form of stress. i hope that rules changed soon I hear it's under investigation don't know what for. Forgot to say Happy Fathers Day to all.

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